Hawaii may add 13th game to 2012 Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

Hawaii WarriorsLast week, the Hawaii Warriors announced their 2012 football schedule. But UH athletic director Jim Donovan says they may add a 13th game to their slate.

Hawaii, which opens the season at USC on Sept. 1, has six home games and six road games. They have two open dates, Sept. 8 and Oct. 20.

The Warriors are allowed to schedule 13 regular-season games each year due to the Hawaii Exemption. The NCAA rule states that Hawaii and teams that play at Hawaii may schedule a 13th game to offset travel costs.

“Now that the Mountain West schedule is out, we’ll see if there are any teams interested in coming to Hawaii on either of our two open dates,” Donovan said. “We’ll schedule them as long as we can reach a reasonable deal, but if not, we’ll play a 12-game schedule. I don’t want to play a seventh road game.”

Teams that currently need games are listed below, courtesy of MattSarzSports.com:

  • Boise State – 13th game available; already plays at Hawaii.
  • Connecticut
  • Cincinnati – 1 game
  • Louisville
  • Nevada – 13th game available; already plays at Hawaii.
  • Pittsburgh – 1 game
  • Rutgers
  • Syracuse
  • Temple – 1 game
  • USF

We should note that if the Big East successfully adds Temple for the 2012 season, the following teams will likely drop off of the above list: Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers, Syracuse and USF. Each of those Big East schools already have five non-conference games scheduled.

Since Boise State and Nevada already play at Hawaii, that could leave only Cincinnati, Pittsburgh or an FCS team. Cincinnati has Sept. 8 open while Pitt has both Sept. 8 and Oct. 20 open. Of course, those dates could be filled when the Big East schedule is released.

Hawaii may not want to schedule another FCS team as they already host Lamar on Sept. 15. FBS teams are only allowed to count one win over FCS teams towards bowl eligibility.

Comments (9)

Schools that play in Hawaii get to play an extra game, so plenty of schools that already have 12 games set could conceivably visit Hawaii. They’d just have to be willing to fit in a 13th game in an open slot & make the trip to Hawaii.

You’re right in that schools that play at Hawaii get to play a 13th game. But if they are already playing Hawaii, they can’t play them again. The only available schools are listed above.

I don’t see why Navy (just to give one example) isn’t available to play @Hawaii on 9/8. They may not want to, but it is possible.

Dublin on 9/1 and Honolulu on 9/8. That would be an awesome roadtrip for Navy fans.

I believe schools can only add a 13th game if they are already playing at Hawaii. I don’t think they can add Hawaii as the 13th game after their 12-game schedule is set. But I may be wrong.

??? I don’t see why the NCAA would care when a school’s schedule is “set”. Just that a school that plays 13 games has a game in Hawaii.

In reality, it’s unlikely that a school would amend their schedule in order to play a 13th game in Hawaii after they’ve already announced to the world that they plan on playing a 12 game schedule, but I certainly can’t imagine that there is anything in the rules preventing such a thing.

I don’t know for sure. But historically, I can’t remember anyone adding Hawaii after they already had 12 games. But that’s just using my fuzzy memory.