Georgia Southern completes 2014 Non-Conference Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Georgia Southern Eagles have completed their 2014 non-conference football schedule, has confirmed through an open records request.

Yesterday we wrote that Georgia Southern had scheduled Navy and were close to adding games at Georgia Tech and NC State. All of that was based on a report from the Savannah Morning News.

Today we verified that Georgia Southern has completed contracts for all four non-conference games in 2014.

Georgia Southern will open the 2014 season at NC State on Aug. 30. The Eagles will receive a guarantee of $700,000 from the Wolfpack.

On Sept. 13, the Eagles will travel to Atlanta to face Georgia Tech at Bobby Dodd Stadium. GSU will also receive a $700,000 guarantee for this game.

Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern were previously contracted to play on Sept. 5, 2015, but that game was moved up one season to 2014.

Georgia Southern has never faced Georgia Tech or NC State. The Eagles are 0-1 all-time against teams in the ACC at the time of the game (lost to North Carolina 42-12 in 2009; UNC later vacated win).

Georgia Southern’s third non-conference game of 2014 is at home against Duquesne on Sept. 20. The two schools were previously scheduled to meet on Aug. 30, but the game was moved so the Eagles could open at NC State. The Eagles will pay Duquesne a $150,000 guarantee.

The final non-conference game for Georgia Southern is a trip to Annapolis to face Navy on Nov. 15, 2014. The Eagles will receive a $500,000 guarantee from the Midshipmen.

Georgia Southern was scheduled to visit LSU on Sept. 13, 2014, but that contest has been moved to a date to be announced in 2017, LSU Senior Associate Athletics Director Verge Ausberry confirmed to LSU will pay Georgia Southern a $925,000 guarantee for the game.

A previously listed game against Hampton (Sept. 6, 2014) was removed from Georgia Southern’s 2014 schedule. A contract for the game was initiated by the Eagles back in 2011, but Hampton never signed off on the agreement.

Georgia Southern is set to join the Sun Belt Conference on July 1, 2014. They will be eligible to compete for the Sun Belt Championship in 2014 and can accept invitations to bowl games after the 2015 regular season.

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Well GaSo, Here is the first of many losing seasons to come. No matter how high you try to pull up those britches, your never gonna be ready for big boy pants!

Big boy football = Lambuth. The good news about ga state being so bad is no one actually comes to the games to see it.

Says a fan of the team who has had as many losing seasons in the last 2 years as Georgia Southern has had in it’s modern history.

Envy is a powerful emotion. Good luck with it.

hahaha hey GaState should put together a 4 win season before talking this much sh t.

OK Gene? Does anyone at FBS care about FCS titles done years ago? Or even last year? NO

There still will be no doubt who the real GSU is and that is Georgia Southern University!

I just hope they do OK. I think they will be at the middle of the conference, it is the Sun Belt (SEC Junior).

No matter if you are undefeated, you’ll end up in a no-name bowl and ultimately win nothing of any significance. That goes for Southern & State. You’re gonna be envied about as much as memphis and Southern Miss.

dirty birds is nuts if he thinks the eagles are knocking off Navy. The middies are gonna know your offense well enough to shut it down for long enough to win. they play against the same offense, with better players, everyday in practice. also, they compete with teams like notre dame, air force, pitt, and bc on a regular basis that can run the ball effectively (ok, bc not so much recently) and that play hard nosed defense. I’m glad to see they’re taking on a tough schedule – you only get better by playing better competition. They’re gonna see better competition right off the bat.

Don’t even compare Georgia State and Southern. Georgia State has an all time record of 10-23. Georgia Southern has an all time record of 275-101-1 with 6
National Championships. App St and Southern are already the best two teams in the Sun Belt. The only team that will be able to compete with them is Arkansas State. Mark my words, starting 2014, the winner of the Sun Belt will be either App St or Georgia Southern for a long time.

Ok, that’s just ridiculous. The comment about “big boy pants” above is just as ridiculous, in the other direction. Western Kentucky played almost even ball at Alabama for 3 quarters before the tide took control. Middle Tennessee has 4 – 8+ win seasons in the past 6 years. At least you gave Arkansas State some credit. App State & GeoSou are solid programs, but they’re gonna have their work cut out for them. On the other hand, the fool with the big boy pants comment isn’t informed enough to realize that Boise State, Marshall, and Nevada all played in bowl games in their first eligible season.

“Evidently you didn’t hear last year the ULM beat Arkansas and almost Auburn, or that WKU beat Kentucky, or that the Cajuns have won back to back bowl games.”

To all Georgia Southern Fans, rise above the haters and focus on supporting the school. Ga Southern is an awesome school with an awesome football program, and this is the first step toward greatness. Go Eagles!

the jealousy and envy of georgia southern is notible considering the eagles will be taking your breath away, let us not forget alot of these teams georgia southern will play have been beaten by georgia southern. know this the eagles are going to wear down the best opponents and will be leaving your bones frail and feeling like fire. Eagles practice in hot and intense conditions. These guys are already men, men of honor, men of steel, and you others well the men at georgia southern are a special opps team. Trust me you will have alot to worry about georgia southern is not just worried about winning , they get after youre azz GATA this is serious to georgia southern while humble be sure to know Geeorgia southern adds more players more eagles from the south. this aint no panzy azz arguement. Eagle creek truly runs deep when they hit they hit. When your crowd says ooh !!!! AWWW youve been hit by an eagle. These guys are trained well , while old school fundementals are in place . they are head hunters. soilders of honor, and victims of peoples un- knowledge of tradition. you have alot to worry about. Georgia southern will move in and take over your lands like navy seals. and appalachin state is the same we rival but missions stay the same , get ready for some azz whippins your mamma will have to nuture for you. GATA we take it seriously

You folks will enjoy ‘bigtime’ football In time Ga state will be good. They are only in their 4th year of football. Be patient children. Barry/ Ark State Alum in Atlanta.

What no update? Not suprised at all….Atlanta_Mafia had to go to bed early for not cleaning his room…