Florida State future football schedules nearly complete through 2015

By Kevin Kelley -
Florida State
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Florida State’s future football schedules are nearly complete through the 2015 season after the Orlando Sentinel obtained information on a few new games this afternoon.

The Seminoles will open the 2013 season at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee against the Wofford Terriers. FSU is 3-0 all-time against Wofford, but the two schools haven’t met since 1952.

The Noles will also host Nevada on Sept. 21 and travel to take on Florida on Nov. 30. The contest against Nevada has been on the schedule since 2007.

In 2014, Florida State will host The Citadel on Sept. 13 and Florida on Nov. 29. One more non-conference game is needed to complete the 2014 schedule.

Texas State, which will join the Sun Belt in 2013, will visit Tallahassee for the season-opener on Sept. 5, 2015. FSU has also recently scheduled a home game against the Chattanooga Mocs for Nov. 21. A road game at Florida on Nov. 28 closes out the non-conference slate in 2015.

With Pittsburgh and Syracuse entering the ACC in 2014, and possibly 2013, the conference will play a nine-game football schedule. That allows Florida State and other ACC schools to only play three non-conference games per year.

“As I look to the future, when we talk to this new bowl championship series, that I think is going to change, winning is going to be what gets you to the national championship,” FSU athletics director Randy Spetman said. “It always has been, but more than ever. So we have to balance our schedule that way to make sure that we’re very successful with wins.”

Florida State Future Football Schedules


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FSU schedules like they are playing in the SEC. Wofford? The Citadel?? No wonder fans are pissed at paying high prices for this dreck…
at least they play Nevada…..

one thing is different Jinzo
they are not playing Alabama and LSU in conference they play UNC and UVa
wins six straight titles like the SEC and ACC fans can talk smack

it is a given that every bcs team has a warm up game once a year so I don’t fault fsu for having a citadel game, they also play the gators every year and that leaves one more game hopefully a home game against a mid-major team like Nevada,smu , or who knows maybe throw in an okie or michigan every couple years.

For whatever reason it is hard for teams to go undefeated in the acc, part of that is the southern teams always end up with a couple of cold weather games up north, and that is why they call weather the great equalizer. I would like to see them split the divisions more north and south, easier to keep track of.

I wonder why Florida and Miami never play each other are they affraid of each other…. F.S.U. will play anyone

Every FBS team plays a cupcake every year… but don’t sleep on them. Let’s all remember App St. upsetting Michigan and James Madison upsetting Virginia Tech!

Agree with you totally Matt and even if USC does play some teams like Minnesota,Syracuse and Hawaii that might be considered “weaker”,at USC goes and plays them at their place. Will Florida State be returning a game at Nevada?

ND are you F*&% kidding me??? The service academy teams account for 2-3 of their “tougher” teams every year. Get the F#@$ out of here they don’t play cupcakes. The won’t join a conference because they suck ballsac. Their schedule is dogsh*t every year. They play the crap teams of every conference.

Its sad as there is no rule that says you have to play a D-1AA school. Hopefully they will change the way the strength of schedule is figured in the BCS because other than that, the only way we will still get big non conference games is ESPN arranging games by offering a lot of money and neutral sites.

Ucla and until last season Washington have never player a 1AA opponent either.

Florida State, all along, should be playing in the SEC. The argument by Florida and some other of the SEC schools that the SEC should only have one team per state is pure lucicrous. Are Mississippi State and Ole Miss not from the same state? Until Georgia Tech defected, were they and UG not both from the state of Georgia? Vanderbilt and the University of Tennessee ~ same state! Alabama & Auburn???? I may be mistaken, but wasn’t Tulane once in the SEC along with the Bayou Bengals…. my memory may be wrong on this one! Regardless, the argument that the state of Florida… THE MOST POPULOUS of the SEC states (Until Texas A & M joins) should only have ONE team is just off the table. Yes, the competitive level of the SEC would increase, but that’s what makes it the best conference in the country in the first place!

U dumbass gator fans act like we are not suppose to play weak games name one team that doesn’t