Florida Gators and USF Bulls postpone 2015 football game

By Kevin Kelley -

Florida and USF have postponed their 2015 football game, TampaBay.com has reported. A new date for the game is to be determined.

The game was part of a home-and-home series that was announced way back in 2002. The Gators and Bulls were initially scheduled to meet in 2008 and 2009 in Gainesville, but both games were later rescheduled.

The first game in the series wasn’t played until 2010, a 38-14 win for the Gators. The second game was pushed back to 2011, then 2015 and now to an undetermined date.

USF’s future schedules may see further tweaks with the addition of TCU to the Big East in 2012. The Bulls will be playing an additional conference game and may want to lessen the strength of their non-conference schedule. In 2015, USF hosts Florida A&M and travels to face Indiana.

Currently, the only non-conference game scheduled for Florida in 2015 is a home game against in-state rival Florida State.

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Comments (7)

Gators will only be 5-7 in 2011. They will never be the same and be as miserable as they were in the 70s

Have you lost your freaking mind? 5-7? LMFAO you are smoking some really good stuff. 9-3 or 8-5 at the worse!! GO GATORS!!

The Gators will be as miserable as they were in the 70’s? The Gators are going to start averaging 5 wins a year? “Anonymous” apparently doesn’t pay any attention to recruiting.. team may be down but program is not.

I believe the gators will have a good season. With the new coach the spirits of the team sould be amazing. It make take another year to be in the Championship but it will be a well worth it event. The gators don’t let us down this year. This should be a fun season:) Love the GATOR’s always a fan!

So, anyone know how well the Gators did in the 2011 season? I didn’t watch much, did they go 9-3? Maybe even 10-2? Possible Championship next season! Lol

USF finished strong going 1-7 in their last 8 games. The Big East was highly competitive last year. I guarantee that USF will be playing for the BCSNC next year!! Bulls!!!

Note that the first game in the series was played in Gainesville . . . but the return trip (all the way down to Tampa, mind you) keeps getting put off. That way, UF can blame the SEC if the second game gets cancelled. “We’ll have to play nine conference games, so SOMEbody had to get dropped,” the Gators can say. Would anyone be surprised?