Florida announces 2011 football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Florida Gators have announced their 2011 football schedule, which features a non-conference game against the Florida State Seminoles.

Florida will open the 2011 season with two straight non-conference home games, Florida Atlantic (09/03) and UAB.

Other non-conference games include Furman (11/19) and the regular-season finale against Florida State (11/26). Both games are in The Swamp.

SEC games for the Gators in 2011 are, in order, Tennessee, at Kentucky, Alabama, at LSU, at Auburn, Georgia (at Jacksonville, FL), Vanderbilt and at South Carolina.

Listed below are links to the 2011 Florida Gators football schedule and future schedules:

Comments (13)

Hell,they already will be 3-0 before SEC play…..losing respect for Meyer in that he isn’t trying to schedule any strong out of state non conf. games…..

You don’t really need tough OOC games when you play a conference schedule like that. There are already 6 potential losses in conference with Tennessee and Kentucky as possible trap games.

I dunno,Kevin,you know how those SEC fans are….we don’t call it the Schedule Easy Cupcakes conference for nothing….

and to Florida: Seriously? Furman??

I don’t think we should look at that schedule so far as non-confrence games,we have enough problems in-conference. We should just lookforward to producing a offense that will murder every one of those opponets on the schedule.

Turds schedule cupcakes before they play the Seminoles. Worked this year for ya huh Gators? LOL

How is this an easy schedule?! Alabama, @LSU, @Auburn, Georgia, @South Carolina, Florida State. All 6 of those teams should be ranked by the time Florida plays them. You can’t say this schedule is easy just because they play FAU, UAB, and Furman. They need the easy wins when they play a conference schedule this ridiculous. Anyone who seriously thinks this schedule is easy is an idiot.

albama lsu suck. georgia and south caolina arent not really good teams ever year. albama has problems, lsu is goin to to get ass kick by OREGON. the has some good in the sec r, my top five would have to be 1. florida 2. lsu 3.alabama 4.not great but a good team auburn 5. South car. But to me to be a good/great conference play the tough SCHOOL. Go play the PAC-10 but the sec wont beside lsu having balls to innto eugene and lossing.FIGHT ON USC

This is a pathetic schedule. The Gators hide behind that SEC excuse every year. Almost all of the SEC schedules cupcakes out of conference. Of course your conference looks good when you beat up on UAB, FAU, and Furman. Not too mention, they essentially play 8 home games (if you consider Jacksonville an away or neutral game than UM has no home games because Dolphin Stadium takes just as long to get to from the Miami campus as Jacksonville does from Gainesville). Alabama is the only SEC team on that schedule that is a strong opponent and they lose McElroy and Jones, so even they are going to have some big shoes to fill. If Jefferson doesn’t make big improvements, LSU will continue to have a weak offense. Auburn loses a lot of players. Georgia lost to UCF, so I don’t see Georgia as a very good team. In my opinion, FSU is by far and away their toughest game. If this schedule was their 2010 schedule, then I’d say it is a tough schedule (not crazy tough, but tough). But this is their 2011 schedule and anyone that thinks it is that brutal of schedule is clearly thinking of these teams during 2010 and not next season. This is a great schedule if your the Gators. The names of the teams they are playing sound good, but, with the exception of FSU, every one of those teams is not going to be as good as they were in 2010. It’s a weak schedule.