Colonial Athletic Association changes name to Coastal Athletic Association

By Kevin Kelley -

The Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) has changed their official conference name to Coastal Athletic Association, according to an announcement on Thursday.

The league will still be referred to as the CAA and will continue to use the same CAA logo.

Per the conference release, the name was changed to reflect “…the CAA’s recent expansion, with members spanning the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to South Carolina.”

“The Conference’s new name represents a culmination of its efforts over the past three years to expand  its membership, solidify its geographic footprint and affirm its long-standing mission through a new vision statement which emphasizes that CAA institutions work together to advance nationally competitive college athletic programs – coupled with outstanding academic programs – that empower student athletes as whole persons who strive at the highest level in every aspect of their lives,” said CAA Commissioner Joe D’Antonio. “Our new name is reflective of the Conference’s continuity and unity, as well as each institutions’ commitment to be United in Excellence.”

With the addition of two teams from the Big South Conference — Campbell and North Carolina A&T — the CAA will officially expand to 15 football-playing members in 2023. Campbell and North Carolina A&T will join Delaware, Elon, Hampton, Maine, Monmouth, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Richmond, Stony Brook, Towson, UAlbany, Villanova, and William & Mary.

UAlbany will be the first CAA team in action this fall when they host the Fordham Rams in a Week Zero matchup on Saturday, Aug. 26. The game will be streamed live by FloSports at 7:00pm ET.

CAA Football Schedule

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Comments (9)

15 football playing members is a joke. Split into a seven and eight-team conference, get one more auto bid.

There is validity to your comment. I don’t get why teams want to be in mega conferences.

“Colonial” still makes sense – all full and football-only members are located in states that were among the Thirteen Colonies.

It may be more a political rather than geographic statement. Witness George Washington changing from Colonials to Revolutionaries.

Glenn Petrucci,
If Colonial is being used in an IgnorantSpeak Way; those of us who know US History need to stand up & not use Critical Race Theories to define Colonial.

US University & Associations, Conferences are products, Descendants of Colonies.

The Indians, who had been here for uncounted Centuries, All different Indian Groups w/ DNAs related to the Middle East, East Asia, Africa, Central Asia were never culturally dominant over each other in any unified Socio-cultural Ways.

No written Language, no recorded History extending back to ?_______ unknown. No advanced Science, Medicine, Technology to advance over all the other Tribes they competed with / subjugated for Power.

George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin were colonial Americans, living in the 18th & early 19th Century Colonial Period in North America.

This ain’t Africa. Middle east, South, Southeast, East Asia. This ain’t Eastern, Southeastern west asian Europe Regions.
Never was nor is U.K., France, Portugal, Russia, Spains’ Context.

“…the CAA’s recent expansion, with members spanning the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to South Carolina.” There is no member from Massachusetts. Maine, yes but not Mass.