College football schedule: TV selections for November 30, 2019

By Kevin Kelley -

College football schedule TV selections for the weekend of November 30, 2019 (Week 14) were announced today. Selections were made by the ACC, American, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12, and SEC.

Some selections were also announced by Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West, and Sun Belt.

Some games were held under the six-day option. Those game times and/or TV will be finalized on Sunday, Nov. 24.

Week 14 TV Schedule Selections
All times Eastern

Virginia Tech at Virginia – 12pm, ABC (Fri.)
Clemson at South Carolina – 12pm, ESPN
Georgia at Georgia Tech – 12pm, ABC
Louisville at Kentucky – 12pm, SECN
Wake Forest at Syracuse – 12:30pm, RSN
Boston College at Pitt – 3:30pm, ACCN
Miami at Duke – 3:30pm, ESPN2
North Carolina at NC State – 7pm, ACCN
Florida State at Florida – 7:30pm, SECN

Off: None

Cincinnati at Memphis – 3:30pm, ABC (Fri.)
USF at UCF – 8pm, ESPN (Fri.)
Tulsa at East Carolina – 12pm, ESPNU
UConn at Temple – 3pm, CBSSN
Tulane at SMU – 4pm, ESPNU
Navy at Houston – 7pm, ESPN2

Off: None

Big 12
Texas Tech at Texas – 12pm, FOX (Fri.)
West Virginia at TCU – 4:15pm, ESPN (Fri.)
Baylor at Kansas – 3:30pm, ESPN
Iowa St. at Kansas St. – 7pm, FS1
Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. – 8pm, FOX

Off: None

Big Ten
Iowa at Nebraska – 2:30pm, BTN (Fri.)
Indiana at Purdue – 12pm, ESPN2
Northwestern at Illinois – 12pm, FS1
Ohio State at Michigan – 12pm, FOX
Maryland at Michigan State – 3:30pm, FS1
Rutgers at Penn State – 3:30pm, BTN
Wisconsin at Minnesota – 3:30pm, ABC

Off: None

Conference USA
FIU at Marshall – 12pm, CBSSN
Charlotte at Old Dominion – 2pm, ESPN+
Middle Tennessee at WKU – 2pm, ESPN+
Rice at UTEP – 3pm, ESPN3
Southern Miss at Florida Atlantic – 3:30pm, NFLN
UTSA at Louisiana Tech – 3:30pm, ESPN+
UAB at North Texas – 4pm, Stadium

Off: None

New Mexico State at Liberty – 2pm, ESPN+
Notre Dame at Stanford – 4pm, FOX
BYU at San Diego State – 9pm, CBSSN
Army at Hawaii – 12:30am, CBSSN

Off: UMass

Ohio at Akron – 6pm, ESPN+ (Tues.)
WMU at NIU – 7pm, ESPNU (Tues.)
BGSU at Buffalo – 12pm, ESPN+ (Fri.)
Kent St. at EMU – 12pm, ESPN+ (Fri.)
Miami (Ohio) at Ball St. – 12pm, CBSSN (Fri.)
Toledo at CMU – 12pm, ESPNU (Fri.)

Off: None

Mountain West
Boise St. at Colorado St. – 3:30pm, CBSSN
Wyoming at Air Force – 2pm, Facebook
UNLV at Nevada – 3pm, ATTSN
Utah State at New Mexico – 4pm, Facebook
BYU at San Diego St. – 9pm, CBSSN
Fresno St. at San Jose St. – 10:30pm, ESPN2
Army at Hawaii – 12:30am, CBSSN

Off: None

Washington St. at Washington – 4pm, FOX (Fri.)
Notre Dame at Stanford – 4pm, FOX
Oregon State at Oregon – 4pm, Pac-12N
Colorado at Utah – 7:30pm, ABC
Arizona at Arizona St. – 10pm, ESPN
California at UCLA – 10:30pm, FS1

Off: USC

Ole Miss at Mississippi St. – 7:30pm, ESPN (Thurs.)
Missouri at Arkansas – 2:30pm, CBS (Fri.)
Louisville at Kentucky – 12pm, SECN
Clemson at South Carolina – 12pm, ESPN
Georgia at Georgia Tech – 12pm, ABC
Alabama at Auburn – 3:30pm, CBS
Vanderbilt at Tennessee – 4pm, SECN
Texas A&M at LSU – 7pm, ESPN
Florida State at Florida – 7:30pm, SECN

Off: None

Sun Belt
Arkansas St. at South Alabama – 5pm, ESPN+ (Fri.)
App State at Troy – 6pm, ESPN+ (Fri.)
Texas St. at Coastal Carolina – 12pm, ESPN+
Georgia St. at Georgia Southern – 6pm, ESPN+
ULM at Louisiana – 7:30pm, ESPNU

Off: None

Comments (12)

UM-OSU needs to be at night

1. The NCAA should have a rule requiring FBS conferences to have one night game a week

2. The B1G not playing at night late November is the exact same thing as Southern teams not wanting to play up North late in the season that has garnered much criticism

Didn’t see this comment coming, lol.
How about the tv stations cater to what the home team wants, instead of a bunch of lazy people on their couches.

It’s the highest or second-highest rated regular season game each year right where it is. Usually by a comfortable margin, as it was last year.

LOL at the idea of the NCAA dictating television terms to the conferences. There was an entire Supreme Court decision regarding that in the early ’80s that led to the mega-TV deals for conferences we have today.

Because the MAC is desperate for any exposure they can get. OSU and Michigan have networks coming to and fighting over *them.* They don’t need gimmicks like playing on Tuesday night to draw viewers.

Here we go again, please don’t bring the SEC into this, The Ohio State & Michigan have always been & will also be at HIGH NOON! It is a tradition.

Augusta National not letting women was tradition too. Now it is no longer practiced.

This shows that traditions can and will be altered.

Z Man – Why don’t we settle it by having an SEC team come play a B10 team at night in November. B10 will return the favor the following year playing an SEC team at their place in early September.

I would imagine Colorado/Utah will be at 1 PM PT on P12 Network.
ND/Stanford will probably be at 4:30 PM on ABC, and Oregon/OSU will be at 1 PM on FOX.
Just predictions.
Also, I think that UW/WSU game is on Friday.