College football schedule: TV selections for Nov. 27, 2021

By Kevin Kelley -

College football schedule TV selections for the weekend of November 27, 2021 (Week 13) will be made today. Selections will be made by the five power conferences, while some Group of Five games will also be set.

Some games were held under the six-day option. Those game times and/or TV were finalized on Sunday, Nov. 21.

Week 13 TV Schedule Selections
All times Eastern

UNC at NC State – 7pm, ESPN (Fri.)
Florida State at Florida – 12pm, ESPN
Georgia at Georgia Tech – 12pm, ABC
Wake Forest at Boston College – 12pm, ESPN2
Miami (FL) at Duke – 12:30pm, RSN/ESPN3
Virginia Tech at Virginia – 3:45pm, ACCN
Clemson at South Carolina – 7:30pm, SECN
Kentucky at Louisville – 7:30pm, ESPN2
Pitt at Syracuse – 7:30pm, ACCN

Off: None

Cincinnati at ECU – 3:30pm, ABC (Fri.)
USF at UCF – 3:30pm, ESPN (Fri.)
Houston at UConn – 12pm, CBSSN
Navy at Temple – 12pm, ESPNU
Tulsa at SMU – 4pm, ESPN2
Tulane at Memphis – 7:30pm, ESPNU

Off: None

Big 12
Kansas State at Texas – 12pm, FOX (Fri.)
TCU at Iowa State – 4:30pm FS1 (Fri.)
Texas Tech at Baylor – 12pm, FS1
West Virginia at Kansas – 7pm, FS1
Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. – 7:30pm, ABC

Off: None

Big Ten
Iowa at Nebraska – 1:30pm, BTN (Fri.)
Ohio State at Michigan – 12pm, FOX
Maryland at Rutgers – 12pm, BTN
Indiana at Purdue – 3:30pm, FS1
Northwestern at Illinois – 3:30pm, BTN
Penn State at Michigan State – 3:30pm, ABC
Wisconsin at Minnesota – 4pm, FOX

Off: None

Conference USA
UTEP at UAB – 2pm, ESPN+ (Fri.)
Louisiana Tech at Rice – 1pm, ESPN+
Charlotte at Old Dominion – 2pm, ESPN+
UTSA at North Texas – 2pm, ESPN+
FIU at Southern Miss – 3pm, ESPN+
WKU at Marshall – 3:30pm, CBSSN
MTSU at Florida Atlantic – 7pm, Stadium

Off: None

Army at Liberty – 12pm, ESPN+
Houston at UConn – 12pm, CBSSN
UMass at NM State – 3pm, FloFootball/CW El Paso
Notre Dame at Stanford – 8pm, FOX
BYU at USC – 10:30pm, ESPN

Off: None

Buffalo at Ball State – 7pm, ESPN+ (Tue.)
Western Michigan at NIU – 7pm, ESPNU (Tue.)
EMU at CMU – 12pm, ESPNU (Fri.)
Ohio at Bowling Green – 12pm, CBSSN (Fri.)
Akron at Toledo – 12pm, ESPN+
Miami (Ohio) at Kent State – 12pm, ESPN+

Off: None

Mountain West
Fresno St. at San Jose St. – 3:30pm FS1 (Thu.)
Boise St. at San Diego St. – 12pm, CBS (Fri.)
Utah St. at New Mexico – 1pm, FS1 (Fri.)
UNLV at Air Force – 3:30pm, CBSSN (Fri.)
Hawaii at Wyoming – 3pm, Spectrum PPV
Nevada at Colorado St. – 9pm, CBSSN


Colorado at Utah – 4pm, FOX (Fri.)
Washington St. at Washington – 8pm, FS1 (Fri.)
Oregon State at Oregon – 3:30pm, ESPN
Arizona at Arizona State – 4pm, P12N
Notre Dame at Stanford – 8pm, FOX
BYU at USC – 10:30pm, ESPN
California at UCLA – 10:30pm, FS1

Off: None

Ole Miss at Mississippi St. – 7:30pm, ESPN (Thu.)
Missouri at Arkansas – 3:30pm, CBS (Fri.)
Florida State at Florida – 12pm, ESPN
Georgia at Georgia Tech – 12pm, ABC
Alabama at Auburn – 3:30pm, CBS
Vanderbilt at Tennessee – 3:45pm, SECN
Texas A&M at LSU – 7pm, ESPN
Clemson at South Carolina – 7:30pm, SECN
Kentucky at Louisville – 7:30pm, ESPN2

Off: None

Sun Belt
CCU at South Alabama – 3:30pm, ESPN+ (Fri.)
Texas State at Arkansas State – 2pm, ESPN+
Troy at Georgia State – 2pm, ESPN+
Ga. Southern at App State – 2:30pm, ESPN+
ULM at Louisiana – 4pm, ESPNU

Off: None

Comments (19)

Starting next year, UM-OSU should be at night. It’s not so much about the ratings as it is that a night game has a much more magical atmosphere.

Never, ever, ever going to happen, so it’s useless to even talk about. Also, the Game doesn’t need gimmicks to have a magical atmosphere.

Big Noon games this year have been getting the most viewers of the week. They are averaging higher than the primetime games.

No reason to move it, not like these schools need more money….

If the Big Ten has any sense, they will break up with Fox Sports because of the character of sister company Fox News, which would be a much needed message sent in that regard. That might get Fox Corporation to divest or shut down FNC in order to keep their remaining sports rights.

ABC and CBS would be more willing to air the game at night. Any prospective TV partners in the next Big Ten contract need to stipulate that the Big Ten will play night games every week of the season, up to and including Thanksgiving Weekend. The MAC, which is in a similar footprint, plays night games throughout November, the fact that most are on weeknights notwithstanding. It’s just like how southern schools refuse to play late-season OOC games up north, which is another thing that needs to change.

I think the Big 10 doesn’t care for night games late in season due to weather. Much easier to get casuals to show up to a lower tier game or a middle of the road/bad team game when the sun is out and it’s cold.

As far as southern schools “refusing” to play late season games up north, doesn’t the Big 10 pretty much play only conference games late season ? I don’t think it’s so much southern schools refuse to play up north late season, it’s more there aren’t any open dates available to play.

Weather doesn’t stop the MAC, in a similar footprint to the B1G, from playing night games all through November, most of them being on weeknights notwithstanding. Some of the more memorable football games have been played in harsh conditions – like the Ice Bowl.

The Big Ten may not want to play night games in late November now, but potential TV partners in the next TV contract might not see it their way. If the Big Ten doesn’t commit to night games all November long, they could find themselves in a losing battle to stay on TV.

For the third straight week (all noon broadcasts) the Big Ten topped the college football TV weekend viewership. I don’t believe that is a harbinger of the conference’s downfall.

Big Noon again last week had more viewers than any game last week.

Why move this game to night to lose viewers? Clearly people rather noon games. Fox is making more money by putting big games at noon. Do you not get that?

The MAC is desperate for TV exposure and will air any place and time that networks have open. The Big Ten is not. They have the leverage to dictate to networks where and when they want to play, within reason. They also have larger, richer, more powerful alumni who still have a say in when games should take place–the MAC does not. The MAC is essentially a TV product.

Further, playing OSU-Michigan at night would be a safety issue. There have already been riots after noon games between the two–give those two fanbases a full day to get liquored up and the results are not going to be pretty. It. Isn’t. Going. To. Happen. Nor should it.

Plus, this Thanksgiving week every other P5 league has at least two night games scheduled. Another reason for the Big Ten to fall in line.

If Fox wants to air games at noon, those games should only air in the Eastern and Central Time Zones.

To make up for the lack of airing out west, more Westerly time zones would get an additional Pac-12 or MW game after the game that airs nationally in East Coast primetime.

For instance, Hawaii-Wyoming would be airing on Fox in the West after the game that airs in primetime on the East Coast under my proposal, rather than a limited audience on Spectrum PPV (it still is a limited audience, but wider than possible on Spectrum PPV). Those in the West who really want to watch OSU-UM would have to watch it on the Fox Sports app, because western affiliates would be airing Xploration Station at the time OSU-UM is airing in the East.