College football rankings: Week 11, 2017

By Kevin Kelley -

College football rankings for week 11 have been released, and Michigan State made the biggest jump in both polls.

Mark Dantonio’s Spartans defeated the Penn State Nittany Lions 27-24 after a lenghty weather-delay Saturday afternoon. The Spartans moved up 11 spots to 13th in the AP Poll and up 10 spots to 16th in the Coaches Poll.

The top five teams in the AP and Coaches are different. The AP is Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Oklahoma, while the Coaches is Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin, Clemson, and Notre Dame.

Below are the full AP and Coaches Polls for Week 11 of the 2017 season. The second set of College Football Playoff ranking will be released this Tuesday, Nov. 7.

AP Poll – Week 11

1. Alabama (56)
2. Georgia (5)
3. Notre Dame
4. Clemson
5. Oklahoma
6. Wisconsin
7. Miami, FL
8. TCU
9. Washington
10. Auburn
11. Ohio State
12. Oklahoma State
13. Michigan State
14. UCF
15. USC
16. Penn State
17. Virginia Tech
18. Mississippi State
19. Washington State
20. Memphis
21. Michigan
22. USF
23. West Virginia
24. Iowa State
25. Iowa

Coaches Poll – Week 11

1. Alabama (64)
2. Georgia (1)
3. Wisconsin
4. Clemson
5. Notre Dame
6. Miami, FL
7. Oklahoma
8. Washington
9. TCU
10. Auburn
11. Ohio State
12. UCF
13. Penn State
14. USC
15. Oklahoma State
16. Michigan State
17. Virginia Tech
18. Mississippi State
19. Memphis
20. Washington State
21. USF
22. Michigan
23. Iowa State
24. NC State
25. LSU

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Comments (3)

No joke, but how is Auburn ranked in the top 10? They haven’t beaten anyone good. These subjective polls are a joke. Thank God for the CFP committee.

So sick of everyone giving poll love to Ohio State every year. They are so overrated. They lost to two teams (one ranked, the other not ranked) by a combined total of 46 points! Penn State lost to two ranked teams by a combined total of four points! Penn State, especially after OSU’s loss to Iowa, should be ranked ahead of OSU.