College football rankings: 2023 preseason Coaches Poll released

By Kevin Kelley -

College football rankings for the upcoming season begin with the release of the 2023 preseason Coaches Poll, and the Georgia Bulldogs top the rankings. Georgia received 61 of the 66 first place votes and 1,643 total points.

Georgia is followed by the Michigan Wolverines, Alabama Crimson Tide (four first-place votes), Ohio State Buckeyes (one first-place vote), and LSU Tigers.

Rounding out the top ten are USC (6), Penn State (7), Florida State (8), Clemson (9), and Tennessee (10).

The SEC leads all conferences with six teams in the Top 25 poll. The Big 12 and Pac-12 follow with five ranked teams each. Listed below is the full conference breakdown:

  • SEC – 6
  • Big 12 – 5
  • Pac-12 – 5
  • Big Ten – 4
  • ACC – 3
  • AAC – 1
  • IND – 1

The complete 2023 Preseason Coaches Poll is listed below (first place votes in parentheses):

1. Georgia (61)
2. Michigan
3. Alabama (4)
4. Ohio State (1)
5. LSU
6. USC
7. Penn State
8. FSU
9. Clemson
10. Tennessee
11. Washington
12. Texas
13. Notre Dame
14. Utah
15. Oregon
16. TCU
17. Kansas State
18. Oregon State
19. Oklahoma
20. UNC
21. Wisconsin
22. Ole Miss
23. Tulane
24. Texas Tech
25. Texas A&M

Others receiving votes: Iowa 169, South Carolina 89, Florida 63, Texas-San Antonio 59, Pittsburgh 52, UCLA 42, Kentucky 34, Baylor 28, Troy 25, Arkansas 20, NC State 19, Fresno State 19, Boise State 18, Auburn 18, Minnesota 16, Miami 16, Mississippi State 13, Oklahoma State 12, Missouri 11, Maryland 10, Southern Methodist 8, South Alabama 8, Illinois 7, Wake Forest 6, Air Force 6, Toledo 5, Washington State 4, Houston 3, Duke 2, Brigham Young 2, Arizona 2, Memphis 1, Kansas 1, James Madison 1

2023 College Football Schedule

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Comments (3)

Respectfully disagree. ‘P6’ will be a thing and the AAC will have more than 1 ranked team, and people are sleeping on what the BIG12 will be, it has almost every opportunity to, if not be the number 1 overall conference, at least the second overall conference with the saving of Kansas, K-State and addition of Arizona and Houston, which are fine replacements for UT and Oklahoma (as far as basketball goes), and football with Utah, BYU, the aforementioned Houston and what this user thinks will be an improved Colorado! They’d be smart to gimmick and pump up a Utah-BYU rivalry and a ‘sea-to-shining-sea’-like rivalry between Colorado and WVU (perhaps with a trophy to go along with it with a mini-mountain or boulder made up with material from BOTH major mountain ranges, the Blue Ridge/Appalachian range and Rockies)! Perhaps a pick-axe?! =)

The SEC additions COULD backfire into a PAC-12 situation where they cannibalize each other come playoff time! Think the ACC will suffer an overall conference drop-off in the coming couple of years based on current talent.

One year into the future, IMHO, it’ll look something like: BIG10, SEC, BIG12, AAC, ACC, PAC-whatever, then the Independents, because this user just can’t see ND winning the title in the coming two years with their new coach, BYU isn’t independent, Army has more of a chance of being a ranked independent, along with UConn, which could make a comeback.

I find it highly ironic that 5 PAC 12 schools are ranked this year in their swansong year (in substance if not in name). I usually cheer for other teams, but I will be cheering for those PAC 12 teams this year, and not in 24.