College football rankings 2017: Week 2 AP and Coaches Poll

By Kevin Kelley -

The college football rankings for week 2 have been released, and the Alabama Crimson Tide remain in first place in both the AP and Coaches Polls.

Florida State, which lost to Alabama 24-7, fell to 10th in the AP Poll and to 9th in the Coaches Poll. Michigan rose to 8th in both the AP and Coaches polls after defeating Florida 33-17 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The top four teams are the same in both Week 2 polls: Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Penn State.

Below are the full AP and Coaches Polls for Week 2 of the 2017 season:

AP Poll – Week 2

Coaches Poll – Week 2

1. Alabama (59)
2. Ohio State (2)
3. Clemson (3)
4. Penn State
5. USC
6. Oklahoma
7. Washington
8. Michigan
9. Florida State
10. Oklahoma State
11. Wisconsin
12. LSU
13. Auburn
14. Stanford
15. Georgia
16. Louisville
17. Miami, FL
18. Virginia Tech
19. Kansas State
20. USF
21. Tennessee
22. Washington State
23. Utah
24. Florida
25. Notre Dame

Comments (8)

I do not understand how Tennessee is even ranked in either poll. They were terrible and looked very low tier in that game. Yes I get it they won, and they beat Georgia Tech and ACC team in OT. Get past the score and just look at the quality of play. They did not look like a top 25 team at all. They looked like a top 50 but not 25.

That “game” between Clemson-Kent St was beyond terrible…..Kent never once even tried to compete yet somehow the Tigers moved up in the rankings. They should lose spots for scheduling such a bad team

Georgia Tech will have at least 8 wins. USC will vastly improve as the year goes on. (The USC-Stanford game will be a good tough one.) Of all the top 10 teams, Alabama and Florida played the hardest teams, USC followed them, then Washington on the road vs improved Rutgers, then maybe Michigan playing a bad Florida team… I think this year has a lot of parity in these top 8 teams. I think you will see in no particular order of for the CFP: Alabama, USC, Penn State, and either Oklahoma/Miami/Notre Dame.