College Football Playoff Top 25 Rankings – Nov. 4

By Kevin Kelley -

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee released their second set of Top 25 rankings tonight and the Mississippi State Bulldogs remained number one.

Mississippi State is followed by Florida State, Auburn, and Oregon. Just outside the top four are Alabama (5th), TCU (6th), Kansas State (7th), and Michigan State (8th).

“As we said last time, our meeting this week would begin with a clean sheet of paper, and it did,” said selection chairman Jeff Long. “We firmly believe this is one of the strengths of the committee. We have twelve individuals who work each week to decide who the best teams are in college football. We are not bound by last week’s results and we watch the games with a fresh perspective each week.”

College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 4)

1. Mississippi State
2. Florida State
3. Auburn
4. Oregon
5. Alabama
6. TCU
7. Kansas State
8. Michigan State
9. Arizona State
10. Notre Dame
11. Ole Miss
12. Baylor
13. Nebraska
14. Ohio State
15. Oklahoma
16. LSU
17. Utah
18. UCLA
19. Arizona
20. Georgia
21. Clemson
22. Duke
23. West Virginia
24. Georgia Tech
25. Wisconsin

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee will release their Top 25 rankings each week on Tuesday through Dec. 2.

On Sunday, Dec. 7, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee will announce the Playoff Semifinal pairings and semifinal bowl assignments at 12:45pm ET on ESPN.

At 2:45pm ET on Dec. 7, the committee will announce the Cotton, Fiesta and Peach Bowl pairings, as well as the final top 25 rankings. They will also announce the pairing for the Orange Bowl.

CFP Rankings Release Schedule

  • Nov. 11 – 7:30pm ET, ESPN
  • Nov. 18 – 7pm ET, ESPN2
  • Nov. 25 – 7pm ET, ESPN
  • Dec. 2 – 7pm ET, ESPN
  • Dec. 7 – 12:45pm ET on ESPN (Selection Sunday and Playoff Semifinal teams announced)

Comments (18)

To get it started. Id take #Alabama at this point from what I have seen over Oregon any day the wk. And not a fan of Alabama or SEC but they r the best conference. Pretty disappointed in the committee. Think they are influenced by the polls and think the preseason rankings directly influence the the entire season unfairly. The #PAC12 is a direct example of this. How does Utah not move? Duke should probably be in front of them and Clemson definitely should be. I could also argue that GT should be since they won last week and Utah didn’t. Don’t think we should leave it up to just this small group of people, too many games to watch. I’d take the eye test of more college football analysts like Kirk Herbstreit, etc. Use a combination of people and the computers. FSU also isn’t getting any credit. They should definitely be #1. They beat a legit Clemson team and Louisville (#1 D in nation) on the road on Thursday night and ND who is underrated as well. Why isn’t FSU #1? Do you think the entire committee actually watched the entire game Thursday night? Doubt it. Bet they watched the highlights and took someone else’s advice. Lame. The best we got. Hope we keep improving. I do like a few people on the committee. Go tigers baby.

I sense a lot of love for football back East in this post. Why is Oregon above Alabama? Because Oregon has better wins and they pass the eye test with flying colors, Alabama has not looked great vs great competition, the jury is still out on them.

Originally from the east coast, my dad was a college football coach all over the east. I have lived in California for the last 12 yrs tho. And just think they r a more complete football team. Oregon does pass the eye test with an exciting offense and qb with a big name. I’d still take jameis on the field over Marriota any day of the wk. And at this point it doesn’t matter who has beaten who. Alabama has the toughest end of yr schedule. Not even really close. Also don’t think MSU is such a quality win as most think. Also think the PAC12 got set up pretty nice with the generous preseason rankings. It’s the only difference btw them and the ACC (preseason rankings) I just hope my tigers face a great apponent in the Orange bowl so everyone can see who will the national championship and Heisman next yr. Clmeson and Deshaun Watson. Calling it early. For those of you who don’t know who he is just wait. Been hurt for the last month.

The rankings at this point really don’t matter. I see every team in the top 10 losing at least 1 game. I see FSU getting beat by Miami. FSU has no Defense. Defense wins titles. If Alabama or Auburn, LSU can win out they deserve the top spot. My Huskers can only play spoiler for Michigan St. TCU is another team that if winning out they deserve the top spot. But to me Alabama has the best defense in the country behind Wisconsin and that means a lot. But winning big games on the road isn’t easy. College football is just getting started.

At this point it doesn’t matter all that much. Alabama is ranked based on who they played, not who they’re going to play. If they win out, they’ll be #2 at worst since they’re entering the hard part of their schedule now. Oregon is just exiting their toughest stretch. Either team will be in the top 4 if they win the rest of their games.

True that. Totally agree. I just think they look better overall. If I had to pick who would win. My money is with Alabama. I think Oregon deserves a bid if they win out but not if they loose again. Their schedule isn’t close to as tough as Alabama’s or most teams that are in the SEC.
Unfortunately for Nebraska head to head matchups mean the most. I personally dont really care who beats who where. But since they got beat they are without a doubt behind MSU and quite few others. Hope Nebraska wins out though. That should make things real interesting. However Clemson at the end of the year will be as good as any team, lead by the future Heisman trophy winner in Deshaun Watson.

Of course this ranking system has a long way to go. I think Miss St is ahead of FSU due to who they are playing & have to played. FSU should win the next four games (should) but they are not playing anyone ranked. Miss St has already beaten Auburn, LSU, (at the time) a good Kentucky, Texas A&M & tough Arkansas team. I can understand Oregon in front of Bama, both teams have do not have a fun schedule in front of them. Bama plays @ LSU, Miss St & Auburn, Oregon is @ Utah & @ Oregon St & yes I agree that Oregon passes the eye test. Oregon & TCU seem to be the hottest teams for now while Miss St, FSU, Bama & Auburn are keeping a low profile. If the SEC keeps beating each other up like this if would not surprise me if only one team gets in or may be no SEC teams get in.

The rankings are just a way for these idiots to manipulate How they want things to go. The Big Ten gets knocked but after the bowl games are over mark my words the big ten teams will win most of the games. They currently have 5 teams in the top ten best defenses. We all know defense wins titles. My Huskers are a prime example of getting screwed in these polls. 1 lost to the 7th ranked team Michigan St in East Lancsing by 5 points and the Huskers missed a fied goal had 2 crucial turnovers and Michigan St had a 95 yard punt return, and they are ranked 7th and the Huskers 13th. Makes no sense. GO Big Red!

The top four teams that I want to be in the playoffs are the Oregon ducks , Texas Christian University ( T CU Golden Hornets Frogs , Kansas state Wildcats and the Michigan State Spartans.

Respected but I highly doubt The Big-12 will get two teams in let a lone one, TCU plays K-State this week which means the winner will have to win out the rest of the season in order to get one Big-12 team in. Michigan St will need to win the rest of its games plus the BIG Championship & hope some teams in front of them lose, which of course will happen being that most of the teams in front of them are SEC. Oregon just has to win out, their in but don’t underestimate Utah & Oregon St, will not be easy wins. I don’t really know if the television ranking system would care to much to see these four teams in anyway, not sure if the bowls will be sold out either.

the only way to accurately assess the national champion is for winners of their respective conferences compete for the semi-finals, etc. ranking early when the SEC doesn’t schedule worthy OOC opponents is a joke..

SEC scheduled, Wisconsin, W.Virginia, Boise St, Oklahoma, Louisville, Clemson, K-State, Texas Tech. Clearly not worthy OOC opponents. Not to mention FSU, & Clemson again as rivals.

Unfortunately you just never know. Some of the comments I read are just pathetic. Good to know. Getting ready for a great day of college football.

I agree about the comments being pathetic, people love coming on & bashing the SEC OOC but fail to mention P5 teams they do play. Good luck to your Clemson Tigers, & USC will not be easy. I know USC is down this year but a rival game is a rival game, anything can happen.

Thanks I appreciate it. Yeah I think they will be fairly tough games. Don’t think we have come close to playing the way we are capable on offense. I think Deshaun Watson will be the difference. He’s like a Jameis Winston or Johnny Manzeil but Watson is only a true freshman. Wish we would have had the chance to see him all year. Glad we have him for a few more. He is going to be special with all the young talent we have and with Chad Morris as play caller. But your right about USC. People are hating on them and Texas A&M not their fault they wer over hyped. They are still legit tough teams to beat. Especially in a rivalry game. Dabo has to beat USC. I love and appreciate all Tahj did for Clemson, but some people say all Tahj is remembered for is not beating Clemson. It’s a must win for Dabo in the state of SC.