College Football Playoff Rankings for Nov. 17 Released

By Kevin Kelley -

The College Football Playoff Rankings for Nov. 17 have been released by the Selection Committee, and the Clemson Tigers remained in first place.

Clemson is followed by Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. The top four teams are exactly the same as last week’s rankings. Just outside the top four are Iowa and Oklahoma State.

Three Group of Five teams are in the College Football Playoff Rankings this week. Navy is 16th, Houston is 19th, and Memphis is 21st.

College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 17)
1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Notre Dame
5. Iowa
6. Oklahoma State
7. Oklahoma
8. Florida
9. Michigan State
10. Baylor
11. Stanford
12. Michigan
13. Utah
14. Florida State
15. LSU
16. Navy
17. North Carolina
18. TCU
19. Houston
20. Northwestern
21. Memphis
22. Ole Miss
23. Oregon
24. USC
25. Wisconsin

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee will release their Top 25 rankings each week on Tuesday through Dec. 1.

On Sunday, Dec. 6 at Noon ET, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee will announce the Selection Day bowl pairings and Playoff Semifinal pairings.

CFP Rankings Release Schedules

  • Nov. 24 – 7pm ET, ESPN
  • Dec. 1 – 7pm ET, ESPN
  • Dec. 6 – Noon ET, ESPN (Selection Day and Playoff Semifinal teams announced)

2015-16 Bowl Schedule

Comments (65)

Back in the old days we separated the winners.from the losers by who won or lost it.
Your system of ranking eliminates most of the colleges from the playoffs before the
First game of the.season starts.

I agree completely, Notre Dame and Alabama have lost; Iowa, Houston, and Oklahoma State have not. The eye test is simply bias, it has no business putting teams with losses over teams without losses.

that is so stupid. if it doesnt matter who you play, just what your record is, why not make Houston #1? the truth is the opposite. certain teams who play cupcakes every week get a free pass.

May be stupid but true in your own words.
I’m sure Houston didn’t pick.their opponents. the unbeaten teams. They too didn’t get to pick who they play.

So. Houston was pre chosen to never and Alabama was pre chosen not to be a.loser.even.when.they lose.

According these.rankings work.
The top four shouldnt.have.had to play at all.
Just be there for the awards.

Please excuse.the exsecive periods. I try to fix it. My fingers have never fully recovered.from a stroke.and love.that button.

Last I checked, Alabama defeated an undefeated LSU just the week before. They also defeated an undefeated Wisconsin. We wish you the best recovery. If you have to step away for a while, we’ll understand.

But Alabama still lost. a great team but lost at home.
If all the 10/0 winners are not on top, there should be a play off. There should never be more.than with no losses at the end of the national play off.
Cant be a winner with one.loss if there are teams they never played with no losses.
yes i admit I must step away at times because of the strokes. Ive found everyone on this page to be pretty decent. And everyone having strong opinions is expected. It is foot ball

Hey, dumby,
Wisconsin and LSU both have 2 losses. Also, Wisconsin hasn’t beaten a team over .500 and LSU nearly lost to 3-loss Syracuse. Your speaking privileges have been revoked.

Reading comprehension is fun. AT THE TIME THEY PLAYED, they were undefeated. You don’t recognize sarcasm in your country, methinks.

There is some merit to the undefeated theory below (hear me out)
-It would improve All of college football after 2-3 year transition partly because
ALL Teams would play every game like it’s their last and that alone should be fun to watch(Going for it on 4th and long in the 3rd quarter…etc)
-The Entire Scheduling system would HAVE to be changed (More or Less Conf. Games?) and maybe no teams play each other more than once until Playoff (so no Conf. Championship games)
All of this is just off the top of my head and my knowledge of CFB is by no means expert. It’s so hard right now because of uneven scheduling and retro-active wins and losses + Eye Test….whatever that is.
If after 5 years or so and teams were really getting jobbed and the playoff has only 1 powerhouse team and they stomp everyone, then it might not be so good.
I’m up for anything that makes the game better

By having ESPN align with the SEC, they are using their non-stop bias to convince the committee of how great they think the SEC is. The only thing worse than this bias is the news networks political bias. ESPN’s bias begins before a single game has been played. Then they calculatingly manipulate their telecasts to make their SEC losers appear to be better than they really are. Sickening!

SEC bias? I see three BIG teams in the top ten, I see three Big-12 teams, I see two ACC teams (ND) & I see two SEC teams. Yes, Bama lost a game, so did ND, their in the top five.

Notre Dame lost to the current #1 ranked team in the country. On the road. Alabama lost to a fringe top-25 Ole Miss. At home.

That being said, Alabama still has one of the toughest schedules to date. However, after this week, it should take big fat dive. All thanks to miss little vanilla cupcake with sprinkles.

That miss little vanilla cupcake with sprinkles is 9-1 & one of the best teams in FCS, never the less it should be an easy win.

Once again, SEC homers defend playing FCS teams, as if they are worth comparing to a bottom P5 team and AAC. FCS teams can’t even compare to teams in MW or MAC. O even C-USA… The only conference worthy of comparison is the Sunbelt.

But you go on ahead and play your FCS game. Enjoy sitting in the stands or watching ESPN’s SEC network and listen to how great your team is for beating an FCS team without a real scholarship player 50-3.

The big boys will play real games.

Are you kidding me? Plenty of FCS teams can go head to head against the bottom half of the Group of 5 except maybe the AAC.

And since you are in to spreading your agenda across several websites, who is your “big boy” team and “big boy” conference?

What’s the difference in Bama beating Charleston Southern 45-7 & OSU beating Rutgers 49-7? How about OSU beating Illinois 55-14? Oklahoma beats Kansas 62-7 & beats KSU 55-0? You call these real games? Yes they are, just like an ACC, BIG, Big-12 & Pac-12 play real games against FCS, they all do it so what big boys will play real games are you talking about? I just think it disrespects the game when people talk down about other teams opponents, I don’t care who they are playing. I know, I get it, teams like Kansas & Illinois & Rutgers are P5 teams with 85 scholarships, yes, that ole song & dance but at the end of the year if USC is going to beat ASU 42-14 then why not put an FCS on the schedule, basically it’s the same outcome.

The University of Southern California.

In our history, we’ve never played an FCS team.

We play ND every year, alternating home games.

We travel 5 games a year (sometimes 6), except for this year when Texas A&M canceled a H&H against us.

We play 9 conference games a year plus a conference championship.

On average, we play 11 Power 5 games a year.

Future P5 games in the next six years outside of ND include: Alabama, Texas, & BYU.

Meanwhile, the little boys down south play FCS, Sunbelt and C-USA teams.

Texas A&M didn’t cancel a series with USC. The series was never scheduled, only agreed to by each school’s previous AD. Both AD’s left/retired before sealing a deal.

I know. Did you not read what I just said? Texas A&M canceled on us when they moved from Big12 to SEC…. You SEC people are something else. I always thought I liked the south, but now I just see ignorance.

USC also played ND and 9 conference games. That’s 10 Power 5 games. IN A DOWN YEAR! To see the SEC play a schedule anywhere close to that, you’d have to buy NCAA Football 2013, change the future opponents in franchise mode, and tinker with the system… I pray that one day, you SEC people change your thought process from getting to the CFP with the easiest schedule to just being playing a tough schedule and earning the right to call yourself the best.

But I guess that’s wishful thinking. You go on ahead and play your 3-4 cupcake games. Mmmmm. Don’t those taste good. Meanwhile, the rest of us know that most of your BCS titles weren’t even warranted. And before you call me delusional, I suggest you open your eyes and understand the whole computer system, which favored teams that played more games (extra SEC championship game) and winning despite who the opponent was against.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry that your conference is the most overrated, glorified conference. There’s a reason you went 2-5 in the great SEC West last year.

Thank you and good night.

Common Sense

Yes, I read it, that’s how I found out you mentioned how the SEC played cupcakes in the Sunbelt meanwhile so does USC, hypocrite? Or just another way you can blame an team from the SEC that also has a home n home with ASU which is also Pac-12. Ignorance? This coming from someone that bashes, berates & insults the SEC. That’s being ignorant, I find it fascinating that you call the SEC overrated, all teams in the SEC sucks but wasn’t USC preseason #8? Would you say the USC was over rated as well? Yes, Oregon lost their quarterback & is making a comeback but have lost three games, were they over rated as well? I mean OSU lost two quarterbacks last year & still one a national championship on a third string. I don’t like to use the word OVERRATED cause you just don’t know what goes on within a team, Arkansas & Tennessee to me are not overrated, they are great teams but have not been able to win the big games yet. People that use OVERRATED don’t seem to have much to say & luv to just throw insults, the only person(s) on here the glorify the SEC is you. It’s really great that USC plays in a 9 games conference because the victory over ASU 42-14 was so meaningful, especially after you have called ASU a bottom feeder of the PAC-12. hell, USC should of just scheduled North Dakota St & would of been the same outcome & State would’ve gone home with a nice little paycheck. plus they are an outstanding FCS team, but that’s right, the Trojans have never played FCS schools. But they do play Sunbelt schools, like the BIG, SEC, ACC & Big-12 do. The SEC went 7-5 in bowls last year, as a conference, not just nit-picking one division but if you knew how divisions worked then you would know you have to play everyone in your division, the West had great teams last year that ALL had to play each other, not a cop-out, A FACT! The west went 2-5 in bowls cause they got beat by better teams, it happens, not because they were (as you would say) overrated but that is all you can say, so be it.

I admire your relentlessness. It’s truly amazing.

First off, I think USC was tremendously overrated. That’s a fact. I think, right now, this season, they suck. Sure, they can play a great game and dominate an opponent, but can they do that consistently? No, because they are not that good. Do I think they can beat anyone in the country if they actually play a good game? Yes. Do I think they will? Absolutely not, because they are not good… Am I being biased? No. I am using my brain.

I just said USC played 2 Sunbelt games. It was a disgrace. Granted, they were scheduled when unruly sanctions hit us. Idaho was scheduled to help out a former USC coach. Arkansas State was scheduled when Texas A&M switched conferences. Was it ever officially put on paper? No. But was it a handshake deal that A&M reneged on? Yes. We also knew we were going to blow those two opponents out. It was a guaranteed win, and if we somehow lost one, we would put bags on our heads, because it’s a Sunbelt opponent.

Every conference beats up on one another. What makes a conference easier is when you do it less than the others. The Pac 12 plays the toughest schedule each year. The Big 10 is joining their layout in 2016. The Big 12 also plays a similar schedule, yet they are crushed for their best teams not being able to play 1 more game (championship game). The SEC and ACC (I don’t like to mention the ACC because frankly they are the SEC’s little brother) play the easiest schedules. Imagine if the SEC played 9 conference games. What do you think their records would be? Imagine if Florida played more than just 2 opponents in the West. Or what if Tennessee played LSU?

Arizona State did not play a home and home. They played a one game, neutral site location, with Texas A&M. However, we all know it wasn’t really a neutral site game. It was in Houston, a one hour drive from A&M. Just because it’s classified as a neutral site game doesn’t mean it is one. You should know better than that… For it to be a fair neutral site location, it would have been played at the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.

Comparing ASU to North Dakota State? Smh. Not even worth arguing.

Finally, overrated means being ranked higher than your team ends up being. USC may have the talent to be a Top 5, Top 10, Top 25 team, but do they play like it every single game? No. They don’t. That’s why they don’t deserve to be a Top 25 team. It’s also why many people say the SEC as a whole is overrated. They only play 8 conference games. They only play 4 road games. They hardly ever travel west of Texas or north of the Mason-Dixon Line. About half of them play a Power 5 team each year. They also play 3 easy nonconference games against Sunbelt/C-USA/FCS… Yes, USC played 2 Sunbelt games this year. For the first time. Because of a cancelation. However, they also played ND @Notre Dame. Which teams played away games in the SEC? LSU-Syracuse. Ark-TxTech. USC also played 10 Power 5 teams in a down year scheduling-wise. Comparing an SEC’s scheduling to USC’s… just stop.

The fact of the matter is, the Top 6 Rankings should be:
1.) Clemson
2.) Ohio State
3.) Iowa
4.) Oklahoma State
5.) Notre Dame
6.) Alabama
7.) Michigan State
8.) Oklahoma
9.) Baylor
10.) Florida
11.) TCU
12.) Houston
13.) North Carolina
14.) Navy
15.) Michigan – top 2 loss team

It’s not about how good your recruiting classes are, how much ESPN talks you up, how whatever… It’s about your record first and foremost, then how badly you beat them, then

Also, until the Power 5 conferences play the same type of schedule: 9 conference games, minimum 1 P5 OOC opponent, and a championship game, this will cause a whole bunch of anger… But I guess the liberal media loves to divide people up and create hate. Thanks Alinsky!

your premise is ass backqards. the B10 and ACC are significantly weaker than the other P5 conferences. when ohio state adds another conference game to its schedule it is most likely just another cupcake.

2 Clemson
3 Bama
4 ND
5 Oklahoma St
College football has everything to do with recruiting, plus the committee is adding in the injuries to teams as well, you look at the over all picture. All conference should not have to play the same type of schedule, that’t what makes college football so great, the BIG is not the SEC, the ACC is not like the Pac-12, the Big-12 is not like AAC. It all balances out in the end, it sounds like you are trying to turn college football into a socialist sport. It’s not like the NFL, all teams or conferences are not created equal.

2 Clemson
3 Bama
4 ND
5 Oklahoma St
Recruiting has everything to do with college football & so do injuries in which the committee brings to the front. All conferences are not the same, Pac-12 is different than the ACC, SEC is not the BIG, Big-12 is not the AAC so stop making it seem that all have to play the same type of schedule, they don’t! That’s what makes college football great, it is not equal. Bringing liberal media into the conversation is a cop-out, it is meaningless.

So, ummm. who exactly has Ohio State beaten? Do tell?
Clemson’s beaten Notre Dame, Florida State, Georgia Tech, etc.
Alabama’s beaten Wisconsin, LSU, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Georgia
Notre Dame’s beaten Florida State, Navy, Temple, Pitt, Georgia Tech, and barely lost to Clemson.
Iowa has a better SOS than Ohio State so far. I wouldn’t even put OSU ahead of Iowa right now until OSU beats any of MSU, Michigan, or Iowa.

David, when you look deeper into the schedules, you will find teams like Miss State haven’t beaten anyone of significance. They played 4 of the easiest games in this country. Now, do that with the rest of the evaluations of the SEC, and you will find that teams like Georgia, Miss State, Ole Miss and Texas A&M are closer to .500 teams than Top 25 teams. You have to eliminate any weak FBS games from non power 5 conferences from the schedules. That’s the fairest way to judge teams from different conferences. Hence the calls for balanced Power 5 schedules.

With 64 Power 5 teams and more hoping to join, there will never be “balanced” schedules. Sure they could play the same number of P5 games, but with that many teams, each year some teams would get the middle or tougher teams will some get the bottom teams.

Go home until you answer the question. Who has Ohio State beaten?
The answer: not a single ranked team.
Alabama beat teams that were RANKED when the games were played. 6 of them. More than half their schedule.

David is correct, the only reason I have Buckeyes ranked one is out of respect but no, they have not played any top 25 teams, next two games will be critical though. As for the Hawkeyes, if they had to play any of the other nine teams in the top ten, they would be underdogs, in some cases they would be double digit underdogs, Vegas has them ranked 14th, that why I don’t see Iowa getting to far but the best of luck to them.

I agree with common sense except 5-8 can be any order…1-4 is 100% correct. Strong SEC bias in the polls and a strong push for Notre Dame because of viewing power, I saw them at Temple not impressive.

Of course the committee would like to see power houses in the top five, I think anybody would rather watch a traditional ND in the playoffs then Houston, not sure if the Cougars would even make it into the playoffs if they go undefeated

Alabama and crimson shouldnt all.season. they take a risk of injuring the.players.
The names.alone make them winners.

You are delusional. Alabama’s schedule has not been that hard this year. Why are they in the top 5 ?

They beat the pants of Wisconsin. They only game they lost… they beat themselves with 5 turnovers and still were only a touchdown down. Alabama has a solid team, and this is coming from the mouth of an Auburn graduate. Bama passes the eye test… and if they win out, beating Auburn IN JORDAN-HARE, and beating Florida in Atlanta in the SEC CCG, they’re worthy of being in the top 4, period.

You can all say what you want about bama but there the best team out there guit being jealous of a great football team

LOL…UNC lost to a horrible S Carolina team that is 3-7 and will finish 4-8(win over Citadel this week and a loss to Clemson to finish.

I am ver bullish on Houston and Navy. They both have 3 great teams left to play. I think Houston has an outside chance of getting in, subject to Louisville going to 8-4 and them beating Navy and Temple. I think Navy winning out gets them to #6 or #7 in the polls, and that’s with ND winning out. Unfortunately, the ND costs them the head-to-head. However, if Navy dominates Temple in the AAC, then you could be looking at some chaos and calls for 8 team CFP.

It’s called “The American”. And there will be no calls for an 8-team CFP by university presidents, the only opinions that matter. The new insistence on P5 OOC’s and the CCG’s are providing the necessary “quarterfinals”. What is much more likely is expansion of the XII to 12 teams and a CCG.

Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State would join the Pac-12 before letting 2 “American/AAC” teams join the conference. It’s only a matter of time before they make the move. The reason for conference realignment was because of the Pac12 superconference that wasn’t.

Hell no I am not delusional, its not WHO they play, its HOW they play,,,,,,,,,and they some damn good football.

No one thinks you’re delusional. A simple look at the schedule shows how Bama played 6 ranked teams so far. The SEC championship will make it 7. They’ve got the top SOR of their schedule right now. No one’s schedule compares. Even the FCS they’re playing, Charleston Southern, is a high-ranked FCS school headed to playoffs. It’s not like they played no ranked schools (hello tOSU).

And Ohio state yeah they are good but…..look who they have played and who Bama has played. This is coming from a mouth that lives in OHIO.

Does that mean Memphis is better then Bama since they beat Ole MIss? And Navy beat Memphis so does that mean Navy is better then Bama as well? Football does not work this way. If Bama can beat Auburn which will not be easy, then we will see on Dec 5th if Florida is better then Bama.

I hear a lot of bantering about individual teams strengths but I would just like to discuss the system. Do I feel that ESPN pushes the SEC forward? Well of course. They want better TV viewership and more money. Do i believe that Notre Dame is over-ranked? Well yes because I can watch every game and they capture the interest of the entire country. Are they likely to get into the playoff when maybe they shouldn’t, yes. They are good for the playoff because they can guarantee viewership. Is this fair? I do not know but I believe these things are just human nature. As far as beating some team when they are ranked and the idea this is a quality loss I think this is foolish. If I beat a team my first game that is ranked in the top 10 my first week but they lose all of their remaining games then I beat a poor team not a top 10. I do not totally understand this idea of quality loss because people push their team forward because of some team that beat but meanwhile push that conference down. We all have a prejudice for teams and conferences, that’s what makes the selection committee’s job so difficult and this so much fun to talk about.

Don’t ya’ll know that the Southern Ego Conference is the best in the world, just ask them. How they rationalize with phrases like “teams that were RANKED when the games were played” and “they beat themselves with 5 turnovers”. After all, it couldn’t make sense to judge a team by how well they played (losing because they fumbled 5 times) or how their opponnents actually are and not how they were OVER-RANKED. For example, the only reason South Carolina is 3-7 is because they beat themselves by letting the other teams score 90 more points. So it makes sense that they just have to play amongst themselves to determine the National Champion. Remember when LSU lost to TWO unranked teams (and played no BCS teams) and still went to the championship game! What a joke–Arkansas was so bad that even after beating No.1 LSU the last game of the regular season, they still weren’t rated. Happy to see the 4 team playoff last year, so we don’t have another LSU-Bama playoff fiasco. Fortunately, both undefeated OSUs mostly likely have their own fate where it should be and is most interesting, in their own hands and on the field.

SEC Homer’s “Best of” phrases: “Cannibalize,” “They were ranked when we beat them,”
“We fumbled x amount of times and still won,” “A tough FCS opponent,” “An inspired Sunbelt opponent,” “SEC,” “ESPN’s FPI says…,” “ESPN’s SOS metric says…,” “Let’s see your team play in the SEC,” “You’re just jealous,” “Cannibalization,” “Who needs to pass?” … Everyone, insert your favorites.

There is some merit to the undefeated theory above ….(hear me out)
-It would improve All of college football after 2-3 year transition partly because
ALL Teams would play every game like it’s their last and that alone should be fun to watch(Going for it on 4th and long in the 3rd quarter…etc)
-The Entire Scheduling system would HAVE to be changed (More or Less Conf. Games?) and maybe no teams play each other more than once until Playoff (so no Conf. Championship games)
All of this is just off the top of my head and my knowledge of CFB is by no means expert. It’s so hard right now because of uneven scheduling and retro-active wins and losses + Eye Test….whatever that is.
If after 5 years or so and teams were really getting jobbed and the playoff has only 1 powerhouse team and they stomp everyone, then it might not be so good.
I’m up for anything that makes the game better

You beat an FCS team with 65 scholarship players, no D-1 players, and at home. Congratulations.

Well, considering three of the top five, Iowa, ND & Clemson played WF, BC & Purdue that only combines for seven wins & Bama played a 9-1 FCS team, I say we call it even.

Comparing an undefeated FCS team to any Power 5 team is an absolute joke. Go home. You’re drunk.

This is coming from a Bama fan. We played a lot of mediocre to good teams, but no great teams. Our best win was against 9-3 Wisconsin.

Roll Tide.