College Football Playoff rankings for Nov. 15 released

By Kevin Kelley -

The College Football Playoff Rankings for Nov. 15 have been released by the Selection Committee, and the Alabama Crimson Tide remained in first place.

Alabama is followed by Ohio State in 2nd, Michigan in 3rd, and Clemson in 4th. Just outside the top four are fifth-ranked Louisville, sixth-ranked Washington, and seventh-ranked Wisconsin.

College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 15)

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan
4. Clemson
5. Louisville
6. Washington
7. Wisconsin
8. Penn State
9. Oklahoma
10. Colorado
11. Oklahoma State
12. Utah
13. USC
14. West Virginia
15. Auburn
16. LSU
17. Florida State
18. Nebraska
19. Tennessee
20. Boise State
21. Western Michigan
22. Washington State
23. Florida
24. Stanford
25. Texas A&M

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee will release their Top 25 rankings each week on Tuesday through Nov. 29.

On Sunday, Dec. 4 at Noon ET, the selection committee will announce their final rankings, Playoff Semifinal matchups, and the New Year’s bowl pairings.

CFP Rankings Release Schedule

  • November 22 – 7pm ET
  • November 29 – 7pm ET
  • December 4 (Selection Day and Playoff Semifinal teams announced) – Noon ET

2016-17 Bowl Schedule

Comments (9)

Hah, hah! Hah.
Well they’ll have beaten two B1Gs, Northwestern and Illinois, FCS HBCU NC Central, Georgia (Southern|State), and every MAC team they play and Ohio if they win out in the MAC Daddy Chumpionshipper. That’s 13-0. The only poll that’ll matter is the last one.

Western Michigan is probably not one of the top 4 teams in the country and due to their schedule it’s really tough to assess and we won’t get a chance to see this year. That said, I like the idea of an 8-team playoff, where each of the Power 5 conference champs get in, the next 3 highest ranked teams (conference affiliation does not matte) as wild cards. That system might allow a team like Western Michigan or Boise State the opportunity to get in the field if they went undefeated.
Anyone else have a take on this?

Michigan lost to Iowa who lost to North Dakota State. Why ist Michigan ranked 3rd?
Western Michigan should remain unbeaten, which leads to a controversy.
The CFP is a sponsored ESPN-EVENT.

New College Football Playoff requirement. Losing to Iowa or Iowa State automatically disqualifies you from playoff consideration. Sorry Michigan…Iowa is really bad this year!

Much more fun, would it be, if Washington State who lost to Eastern Washington would win the PAC-12.

With 4 B10 teams in the top 8 and only 1 SEC team (who happens to be the best team in the country) in the top 14, this appears to be the official changing of the guard when it comes to who ranks as the top conference in the country this year. It doesn’t seem logical to argue otherwise.