College Football Playoff Rankings for Nov. 12, 2019 released

By Kevin Kelley -

The second set of College Football Playoff Rankings for the 2019 season have been released by the selection committee, and the LSU Tigers have moved into first place.

LSU supplanted the Ohio State Buckeyes in first-place after defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide 46-41 on Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Ohio State dropped one spot to No. 2.

Ohio State is followed by Clemson (3), Georgia (4), and Alabama (5). Just outside the top five are two Pac-12 teams — Oregon (6) and Utah (7). Minnesota (8), Penn State (9), and Oklahoma (10) round out the top ten.

Cincinnati (17th) is currently the highest ranked team from a Group of Five conference. Four other teams are just behind the Bearcats — Memphis (18), Boise State (21), Navy (23), and Appalachian State (25). Check out the full CFP Top 25 rankings below.

College Football Playoff Rankings (Nov. 12)

1. LSU
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Georgia
5. Alabama
6. Oregon
7. Utah
8. Minnesota
9. Penn State
10. Oklahoma
11. Florida
12. Auburn
13. Baylor
14. Wisconsin
15. Michigan
16. Notre Dame
17. Cincinnati
18. Memphis
19. Texas
20. Iowa
21. Boise State
22. Oklahoma State
23. Navy
24. Kansas State
25. Appalachian State

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee will release their Top 25 rankings each week on Tuesday through Dec. 3. Below is the schedule of dates (all times Eastern):

  • Tuesday, Nov. 19 – 7pm
  • Tuesday, Nov. 26 – 7pm
  • Tuesday, Dec. 3 – 7pm

On Sunday, Dec. 8 at Noon ET, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee will announce the Playoff Semifinal pairings and semifinal bowl assignments. Those will be followed by the pairings for the remainder of the New Year’s Six bowl games.

College Football Playoff Schedule

Comments (4)

Sure, Georgia beat Notre Dame and Florida, but they lost to South Carolina. No way they belong ahead of Alabama (and as an Auburn alum I say that even!). At least there’s still AU/UGa, UA/AU, and a SECCCG to sort them out. But if Georgia’s big wins are the big separator… why shouldn’t they be ahead of Clemson then? Clemson has zero good wins. Not sure what’s up with their eye test.

I agree. Their eye test is way off. Alabama got smoked by LSU (down 20 at half, garbage time TD to make it close) and somehow are getting credit for a good loss even though they don’t have a good win? Makes no sense to me. My eyes also see a barely above average defense (actually giving up more yds/play than Oklahoma in conference, gave up 28 & 31 pts to unranked opponents). If each team starts with a clean slate each year and we aren’t relying on past bias, it is hard to put Alabama in the top 10, let alone the top 5.

Actually, it was not a SMOKED by LSU, seemed that way but LSU had only 18 yards more of offense then Bama. It was not a garbage TD at the end, Smith (WR) out ran the defense & clearly Bama never gave up in that game. It came down to an onside kick plus with TUA being hurt, (no excuses) game was pretty close. Just because a team is down by 20pts, does not mean the game is over, just ask Auburn vs Oregon this year. LSU played lights out & congrats to them.
Bama is most certainly a top 10 team, year in & year out. No need for an eye test….may be glasses.

Clemson doesn’t have a loss and Alabama does. That’s the separator. The committee, in my opinion, thinks Georgia with one loss, no matter who that loss was to, is better than any other one loss team at this time.

It will sort itself out these last few weeks. So none of this ultimately matters.

People forget that the Georgia/South Carolina game is a rivalry game. Georgia should have won, no doubt, but it’s not like they lost to Iowa by 31 points.

Everybody seems to focus on only one criteria. Good wins, bad losses, eye test, they all factor in… It’s not just one thing the committee looks at.