Clemson may cancel 2013-14 Football Series with Georgia

By Kevin Kelley -

Clemson and Georgia are scheduled to play a home-and-home football series in 2013 and 2014. But due to expansion in the ACC, the series may have to be canceled.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the Georgia-Clemson football series could be in jeopardy. Due to the addition of Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC, likely in 2013, the conference will play a nine-game football schedule.

That means ACC teams will only play three non-conference games per season. The Clemson Tigers have four lined up for both the 2013 and 2014 seasons. One game for each season will have to be canceled or postponed.

Today both athletic directors commented on the situation. Clemson athletics director Terry Don Phillips seemed the most negative about the future series taking place, as he told the following:

“We would like to be able to work it out. They would like to be able to work it out with us. They understand the situation that we’re in. It’s a game that we were pleased to get back on the schedule, and we’d really hate to lose them. But I don’t know. I simply don’t know. Maybe there’s an alternative. It’s only fair to them to move with some urgency, and we need to know what direction we’re going in as well.”

Phillips sounds as if the series is likely to be canceled unless “there’s an alternative”, meaning postponement. And Clemson needs to “move with some urgency” because Georgia’s 2013 and 2014 non-conference schedules are complete. The Bulldogs would like to have ample time to line up replacement opponents.

Canceling Georgia would leave Clemson with Kent State, The Citadel and South Carolina (away) in 2013 and Coastal Carolina, Central Michigan and South Carolina in 2014. Of course, the Tigers aren’t likely to cancel South Carolina and they want to keep their home non-conference games for revenue purposes.

Speaking to about the predicament, Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said today that there is “no resolution or final determination yet.”

If Clemson does cancel the series at the behest of Georgia, the Tigers will owe the Dawgs $500,000.

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why not cancel Kent and CMU? Fans would much rather see Uga and after the payoff how much more will Clemson really make?

you can bet georgia will help this cancellation along. heaven forbid they place somebody decent. year in year out they have the easist schedule in the SEC. for some reason they never ever play alabama, lsu and arkansas and with the new schedule rotation beginning in 2013 they continue to avoid those teams. 2012 was a chance for the SEC to even things out and force georgia to play one of the top teams that theyve missed for years but of course they get to play ole miss instead of bama. amazing.

Not to defend Georgia, the word hate is not strong enough the explain how I feel about them but
they play Tech every year and most years another strong out of conference foe. In the past few years Colorado and Oklahoma State come to mind. The rotation of the SEC is being tweaked and just 6 years ago the SEC east was far better than the West. Last year the 3rd (Arkansas) and 4th (Auburn) place West teams could have won the East. It goes in cycles.

You must be a South Carolina fan.

“year in year out they have the easist schedule in the SEC.”

That’s simply not true. They play Auburn, Florida and Tennessee every year and a South Carolina team that has finally come around. They also play ALL the West teams based on the SEC rotation. In non-conference, they play Ga. Tech every year and have played Arizona State, Colorado, Oklahoma State and Boise State all in the last five years or so.

“they never ever play alabama, lsu and arkansas.”


“and with the new schedule rotation beginning in 2013 they continue to avoid those teams”

The new rotation hasn’t been settled yet. You can bet that Alabama, Arkansas or LSU, or two of them, will be on there.

“2012 was a chance for the SEC to even things out and force georgia to play one of the top teams that theyve missed for years but of course they get to play ole miss instead of bama. amazing.”

2010 Georgia hosted Arkansas after playing there in 2009. In 2011, they didn’t play any of the three because that’s the way the SEC schedule rotation works and has since 1992.

The 2012 schedule was done by the SEC office FOR ONE SEASON ONLY. Alabama was removed from Georgia’s schedule to add Missouri and then finish the home-and-home with Ole Miss.

time the sec teams play 9 conference games like everyone else. they all schedule 4 naia teams in their non-con

really Pa?
last season Auburn played Clemson, LSU played Oregon, Georgia played Boise and Ga Tech, Alabama played Penn State, Florida played Florida State, Tennessee played Cincinnati, etc. etc.
Know what you are talking about before you type….

As for 9 games, sure sounds good to me too but like everyone else?
Big 10 plays 8, Big East plays 7, ACC plays 8 (will start 9 in 2013 or 2014) Big 12 just started last year. So don’t come all high any mighty like everyone else has always played 9 conference games. That is just not true

Auburn plays Clemson
Alabama plays Michigan
Arkansas plays Rutgers
South Carolina plays Clemson
Missouri plays Syracuse and Arizona State
Florida plays Florida State
Kentucky plays Louisville
LSU plays Washington
Vandy plays Wake Forest and Northwestern
Tennessee plays NC State
Ole Miss plays Texas (OK I give you Texas should be NAIA)

@pnb, good facts I think we all like to see the bcs teams play other bcs teams in the non-conf. I get having one ‘scrimmage game’ against a div1aa, get that tune-up and extra home game in.

Now if Florida someday would play a non conf game outside of the state that would be something, lol i don’t think they have ever let the
state! Look at what Oklahoma is doing this year.

Clemson shouldn’t worry that by losing to Georgia, they’ll lose their National Championship chances. They’d probably end up losing to a conference foe that they are heavy favorites against

Well this sucks! I was really looking forward to playing UGA. Both schools have a great amount of respect for one another and this used to be one of the best rivalries in College football. What a bummer.

God forbid someone cancel the D-1AA annual game as no one has the guts to stop playing these games. Get rid of The Citadel and Coastal Carolina.

Should cancel the Citadel and Central Michigan and keep Georgia.
Taking georgia off the schedule makes clemson look weak.

Dawg fan here. Great to get back to playing Clemson. Wish that we could keep them in the series. Always a good rivalry. Would rather play a meaningful game against the Tigers that some cupcake every year.

Cancel Coastal Carolina or Wofford keep Georgia,South Carolina, and South Carolina State these teams bring the most revenue plus Georgia top ten team South Carolina top ten team and SCSU are usually meac champions or make deep runs at the ncaa division 1AA Title year in and year out so come on Clemson lets go undefeated with Georgia on schedule it just gives us the proper argument too get into the national championship discussion because anything less will be uncivilized !!!! GO TIGERS!!!

hey that’s how it goes. Clemson should keep Georgia on the schedule 4 now. y not, rank teams, people, fans would always love watching games like that.

I don’t like playing “the weak sisters”. Sure it helps them, but it doesn’t help CLEMSON. Keep Georgia on the schedule. Let’s win another national championship. That’s what I want. I want
to play the best and beat them. Go TIGERS!