Clemson adds Akron to 2020 Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Clemson Tigers have added the Akron Zips to their 2020 football schedule, has learned via an open records request.

Clemson will host Akron at Memorial Stadium on Sept. 19, 2020. The Zips will receive a $1.1 million guarantee for the game, which will be their first ever matchup with the Tigers.

Clemson now has three non-conference games lined up for the 2020 season. The Tigers are also slated to host South Carolina on Nov. 28 and Notre Dame on a date to be announced.

In ACC play in 2020, Clemson is set to host Louisville, NC State, Syracuse, and Virginia and travel to Boston College, Florida State, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech.

A contract for the previously announced 2019 Charlotte at Clemson game was also obtained. The game is scheduled for Sept. 21 and the 49ers will receive a guarantee of $1 million.

Clemson opens the 2015 season on Saturday, Sept. 5 at home against the Wofford Terriers.

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Comments (12)

Just another game to light up the score board as well as get some younger backups some much deserved playing time. Sure am glad we are playing South Carolina and Notre Dame that year. I would much rather be playing a Pac12, Big12 or Big10 team, hopefully that will come in the near future.

I like how Clemson schedules their non-conference games. They have both Auburn and USC in’16&’17 and then USC and Texas A&M in ’18 and ’19. And they just finished up a series with Georgia. There are very few P5 schools that schedule two top P5 teams almost every year. Until it is required that all conferences play nine conference games and two P5 schools in non conference, both fans and the playoff committee really have no subjective resume to which to judge who are really the best teams.

I would rather see a 10-2 that has run a gauntlet of a schedule, than a 11-1 or 12-0 squad with two difficult games and 10 cupcakes in the playoff.

Gus, Clemson plays an in state FCS team every year and has stated they will continue to do so to help support those teams. BTW FCS teams are division 1, but they only have 63 scholarships compared to 85 for FBS teams,

All some people care about is a label. I personally wouldn’t care if we were playing App St. Prolly no different in competition and level of play but a different label. Bowden isnt nor never was Dabo. I do respect Bowden though, Dabo is who he is partly because of Tommy. Sure am glad Dabo believes Clemson is a final destination job, he’s the best young coach in the business.

Agreed, PR. I would surmise that if many P5 schools had scheduled East Carolina, UCF and Marshall back to back to back as all three of their non-conference games last year there would be a few slashes in the L column.

We also play Georgia Southern in 2018 which can be a very difficult game. I would love to see us play three tough OOC games yearly. Not too sure I’m happy about playing two good triple option teams in the same year, but hopefully by then we will be in the hunt for a national title and with the lack of respect the ACC gets as a whole we will need an even tougher OOC Schedule to get into the playoff. Go Tigers Baby.