Clear Your Schedule – Another Year Over…

By Brian Wilmer -

Well, friends, it’s been a wild year. We’ve had everything from a Saturday night game played in a torrential downpour to a (virtual) torrential downpour of 5-7 teams going to bowl games.

We also went from two conference-related editions of Clear Your Schedule each week — again, my decision — to one. That may change again next year, depending on a number of things. Your thoughts are, quite obviously, the most important of those things.

Along with those changes, we unveiled a new weekly spin around six national games, with a contest attached. The Sixer came onto the scene this year, and though it was not sanctioned by, a part of or really anything else associated with the site, it added a fun element of competition each week. (Competition’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?)

Let’s see how that competition finished.

Rank Selection Name W-L Pts
1 StadiumJourney 58-26 58
2 dukeallstar 55-29 55
3 Brian 52-32 52
4 HuskerNation14 51-33 51
5 jerryw 50-34 50
6 Jeffbell57 48-36 48
7 RebelLandShark 46-38 46
8 Commish 43-41 43
9 no_clue97 39-45 39
10 Msstate_Texan 15-69 15
11 JoeCle 12-72 12
12 mbettenco 6-78 6


Of course it ended that way. Our friend Paul from Stadium Journey so kindly volunteers to help us with the contest, then wins the thing. Perhaps he can award himself a prize. (In all seriousness, congratulations, Paul!) Thanks to all of you for playing this year, and we’ll hope to see you competing again in 2016.

We don’t currently plan to break down the ACC bowls, so this may be the last time we speak in 2015. If it is, I guess it’s time for me to Clear My Schedule for a while.

To Kevin (especially), Eric and the rest of our staff here, it’s been another great year here at FBSchedules. I’m pretty proud to be a part of all of this. To all of you, you make it possible for us to continue to write about the game we love and have fun doing it. We don’t always agree on things, but isn’t that the point? Different opinions make the world circle.

Enjoy the bowls and the College Football Playoff, everyone. Just as importantly, enjoy the fellowship of the season. Memories of our favorite team’s successes are pretty important, but so are memories of those we love. Before we know it, pitchers and catchers will be reporting, and we’ll be thinking of how we miss this game and spending every Saturday watching it.

So, to you all, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, joyous December 25th, or whatever you may celebrate this season. May your 2016 be a blessed one and bring you tidings of great joy.

Until we meet again, be well.

Comments (4)

I love Clear Your Schedule. Thanks again, Brian.

I know this is very pie-in-the-sky, but it would be absolutely nuts if someday this site did a Clear Your Schedule for every conference. I know that would require a lot of work and more staffers, but I am a fan of all of college football and I’d read on average most of it every week.

I enjoyed The Sixer this season, but I don’t think a slate of six games on a Saturday does college football justice. Maybe next season do a “Baker’s Dozen” or something along those lines? 10-14 games talked about would be even better.

Just suggestions, my raging college football fandom is emerging right now. Anything you put out I will heartily read.

Thank you guys for all you do! You’ve provided content that can be found nowhere else, and collected a tremendous amount of information that would require surfing hundreds of university athletics sites! Your site is my first stop before going over to check Bravo!
My wishlist would actually be some sort of expansion into FCS schedules… at least as a reference… not the same level of details. If anything, just a text listing of known scheduled games for each FCS school.
As to current and past content… I’ve always enjoyed the “who needs a game” type content, and analysis of schedules.
As to something that could be dropped… well, the NFL? That schedule information backward and forward in time is always found on Wikipedia. You guys have expertise in FBS though that Wikipedia is lacking. Needless to say though… thank you again, and Merry Christmas!

Thanks a lot Brian.We appreciate all of your time and expertise in doing this week after week.Also,the sixer provides a lot of enjoyment and good hearted fun during the year.
Thanks so much for all that you do.

Jerry Wilmer if you would like any help with doing more extensive writing on games for each conference next year I would like to help you with that ;-) my email is [email protected] if you need to contact me