BYU, Virginia schedule 2013-14 Home-and-home Football Series

By Kevin Kelley -

BYU-VirginiaThe BYU Cougars and the Virginia Cavaliers have scheduled a home-and-home football series for 2013 and 2014, the two schools announced today.

BYU will travel to face Virginia at Scott Stadium in Charlottesville on Aug. 31, 2013. The Cougars will then host the Cavaliers at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo on Sept. 20, 2014.

“I really like this series with Virginia,” said BYU director of athletics Tom Holmoe. “It’s been more than a decade since we played at Virginia. It should be a great game for BYU fans in that part of the country and will provide a unique travel experience for both teams.”

In their last meeting in 2000, BYU defeated Virginia 38-35 in Charlottesville. The Cavaliers were victorious in the other two meetings, 22-16 in the 1987 All-American Bowl and 45-40 in Provo in 1999.

“We feel fortunate that we were able to schedule a series with BYU, a school with a strong football tradition, on such short notice,” Virginia Executive Associate Director of Athletics Jon Oliver said. “Historically the games have been very competitive and we look forward to opening the season against them in 2013 in Scott Stadium.”

The addition of BYU completes Virginia’s 2013 and 2014 non-conference football schedules. The Cavaliers also face Penn State, VMI, and Ball State in 2013 and UCLA, Richmond, and Kent State in 2014.

BYU now has 12 games scheduled for 2013, although one or two teams reportedly backed out. The Cougars have yet to announce who those teams are.

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So we add two road games (Michigan UVA) and one home game (UVA) and have two teams on next season’s schedule about to back out? Plus the ND series will probably end with them joining the ACC. Sorry, but where all are the wonders of independence you promised us Holmoe? Because I’m not seeing it. We should’ve begged our way into the B12 or joined the Big East when we had a chance. As a fan, I’m very disappointed.

Michigan road game and VA road game aren’t in the same year. Can’t you just be happy for a H-H with an ACC team?

I don’t think it matters that the road games are in different years. We keep stacking an away game to home game imbalance and the only way to rectify that is with FCS games and the bottom rung FBS teams we can afford to bring to Provo for a 1 & done. Basically, every time we play a Michigan on the road without a return home game we have to schedule an Idaho State in Provo. And we’ve been scheduling a lot of these bodybag type games since going Indy.

UVA is fine, but we need like 6 of these series a year. In a little less than 3 years of Indy schedule making we’ve landed AQ home & home series with UVA, GT, Cincy & Utah. Utah is killing off the multi year home & home series. And our 2 for 2 with GT has already been cut to a 1 for 1. We’ve got to do better than this.

It’s even more depressing when you consider that SunBelt FIU got a home & home with Maryland and we’re setting up home & home games with Sun Belt Middle Tennessee State.

So no, I’m not happy.

Give it a few years, man. BYU has to win before they can home/home. They will but it’ll be a few years.

FIU got a home and home (and other small teams do too) because it’s a shorter trip and a win at home or away. W’s matter, and since BYU is ocmpetitive, and because it’s far away from most BCS schools, it’s tougher for us to get a H-H like other little schools do.

The Michigan and Nebraska games are fine – Holmoe appears to have leads on multigame series so the optimistic outcome will be 2 for 1s as with Notre Dame and Wisconsin.

That is fine. There needs to be 2 for 1s with top teams balanced with 2 for 1s with Utah States. This will go along with a bunch of home and homes with Georgia Tech, Virginia, Cincinnati, etc. that are the bulk of the schedule.

We all know games versus the best are needed to impress pollsters. Remember, the absolute worst scenario is a #5 or #6 finish with an upbeaten team just missing a 4 team playoff. Boise, TCU and Utah have all been good enough to get a pat on the back but no chance to play for the title. Holmoe is giving the team a chance. And the fans some must-see games.

Good work Tom. Thank you.

I’m also very happy with the effort and results with our future FB schedule as it begins to develope into what I as an absolute die hard fan of the Cougars have been dreaming of. Keep up what your currently doing Mr. Holmoe, for it speaks, and echoes what the majority desire! MH

From 2013 to 2018 we currently have 20 home games scheduled and 19 road games.

The only FBS/WAC/Sun Belt/MAC/CUSA/MWC team on the schedule is Utah St, which is a great game for us.

No doubt we’ll pick up some creampuff filling (here’s hoping that’s game 12 for 2013).

TrueBlue’s whining above about our scheduling struggles is completely off base. Independent schedules are looking outstanding! Great work Tom.

I agree that the schedule is great and Holmoe has done great but Utah State is not the only FBS/WAC/Sun Belt/MAC/CUSA/MWC team 2013 to 2018, there is also Hawaii x 6 games (MWC), MTSU x 2 (Sun Belt), Southern Mississippi x 2 (CUSA) and East Carolina x 2 (CUSA.)