BYU AD Tom Holmoe on Future Schedules: “Internet Rumors are Mainly Wrong”

By Kevin Kelley -

In a radio interview on 1280 The Zone, BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe was asked about the numerous future schedule rumors for the Cougars. Holmoe stated that the “internet rumors are mainly wrong.”

Holmoe was on The Gordon Monson show and was asked about BYU’s future schedules due to the many rumors on the Internet. Holmoe had the following to say regarding their schedules:

“Internet rumors are mainly wrong. I mean there’s a lot of them and I don’t read them but people bring them to my attention…and, uh, I think that some of them are wildly wrong…and if there’s enough people guessing some of them are gonna be right. But there’s so many out there that are wrong.”

“The process is, I have this paper in front of me right now and we have games scheduled out through 2020. Just a few in the later years, but through 2014 we’re getting very close to, you know, 3/4 of the way full on some of those…15, 16, 17 we’re talking every day right now with teams trying to fill those up.”

“Some teams that you talk to want to play you two-for-one, and it’s not in our best interest to play all BCS teams two-for-one.”

You can listen to the full interview at 1280 The Zone.

Last week we posted some scheduling rumors that had been sent to us. These rumors have hit many other sites as well. But during the radio interview, the only one shot down by Holmoe was Nebraska. Regarding the Cornhuskers, Holmoe said “…we are currently not in discussions with Nebraska.”

But his line that the rumors are “mainly wrong” could mean that some of the opponents are correct.

Stay tuned as BYU will likely make some official announcements before too long. Holmoe said they had opponents scheduled out to 2020, but a home game against Georgia Tech in 2017 is the latest we have on record.

However, Holmoe could have been referring to games against Hawaii. The Cougars and Warriors recently signed an agreement to play almost every year through 2020.

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The other rumor that BYU Ad Tom Holmoe won’t be able to dodge is the prospect of BYU being invited to the Big-12. With that league officially keeping its name, the future ambitions are obvious, and just about everyone close to the presidents of the league schools put BYU at the top of the list of perspective new member schools. Holmoe has to be very judicious with respects to what home and home contracts he signs since many analysts put a Big-12/BYU invitation as early as the 2013 season, and these 2 for 1 deals will NEVER work and hopefully will dispel the notion that BYU is an independent for the long haul. Since the Pac-12 is not interested in a religious school, being a replacement in the Big-12 is to the best mutual interest of both parties.

BYU in the Big 12….and what other team would be joining? Seems more of a natural fit if SMU/Houston rejoined then BYU.

SMU and Houston would not “re-join” the BIG 12. Remember, the BIG 12 is the original Big 8 + 4 Texas schools after the SWC dissolved. Nebraska and Colorado saw the way the conference bowed to UT and got out while they could. Missouri desperately wanted to join the Big 10, and if the Big 10 ever expands to 14 teams, look for Missouri to get out of the UT Conference and their 9 step-children.

i hope we stay indy…who wants to go join the big-12 north with KSU, KU, ISU, etc. BORING. i’ll take an Indy schedule with half of the “rumored” teams on there any day. plus going Indy on ESPN all the time fits their mission as an institution and lets their national fan base see them.

PS. BYU’s “junior day” is this week. “rumor” has it an announcement or two may be forthcoming to wow some potential players when the come this weekend. the rest are likely to be announced during their “media day” which is July 12th.

BYU and Notre Dame…those would be great additions to the North Division and not disrupt any of the rest of the college football landscape.

Notre Dame in the Big 12? That’s almost as ridiculous as TCU in the Big East, which is the most ridiculous thing ever. Conferences are based on geography. TCU is east of nothing.

well, they do call it the BIG East. East of the Rockies at least (in Hawaii, so everything is east of me).

i strongly believe, big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe, good ol Jerry Jones
(owner of Cowboys stadium) and other various influential individuals are holding fast on the grasp of expansion for now and with the perfect timing will aggressivly seek some prominent programs. One would be Norte Dame and BYU as pair. Byu will be an easier target compared to ND but with the right financial talks and moves am sure ND will join. Or BYU/Air Force Academy could work as well. If that plan somehow doesnt not seem to workout i believe they should go after South Florida and Central Florida as a pair and swiftly obtain the fertility of the state of Florida. One much needed and anticipated move is to replace Iowa State with one of these programs such as Louisville, Memphis (FedEx money),Southern Miss (Gain SEC country with these 3),San Diego State (gain the the San Diego pop), Boise State (growing football program), Either way the Big 12 is capabable of reaching and expanding north to south (Boise State, BYU, Norte Dame, etc.) or west to east (San Diego State, USF-Tampa, Fl, UCF-Orlando, Fl…..or even both and move up to 13 or 14 teams but istand in opposition in megaconfrences not good for college football

Notre Dame will NEVER join the Big 12. It may be a pipe dream for all you BIG 12 losers. NOTRE DAME would never want to enter a conference with TEXAS and their super inflated self worth.

Boise State doesnt have the balls to join the Big 12 or any other BCS conference. It would ruin their whiny reputation.

Rumor has it that Jerry Jones wants his beloved ” Arkansas” to become a member of the ”BIG 12. TexaS A&M is suppose to be on the radar of the SEC. All is not well in the BIG 12. That’s why Colorado left. The former PAC 10 wanted Texas and Colorado. The former PAC 10 commish admitted that seven years ago. I am not a BYU fan. I have a problem with 21-25 year old freshmen etc. coming back from mormon missions that’s old enough to be in the NFL. Half these guys are married men with children. I don’t think it’s fair to send a 18 -19 against full grown men!!

if it’s truly an advantage then everyone would recruit them….

one of the oldest excuses with very little thought put into it….

I envision an east-west split should BYU/ Air Force join, especially if the expansion goes to 14 with Notre Dame and another Eastern team joins (my vote is Illinois, Arkansas, or Iowa) The Oklahoma schools, Kansas schools, BYU, Air Force, and Texas Tech would make up the West, with the remaining 3 Texas schools, Missouri, Iowa State, Notre Dame and the other East school making the Eastern division. Each would have a guaranteed cross-division “rivalry” game, plus play 2 more cross-division games each year, making a total of 9 conference games and 3 Out of conference games per season, and ensure that all of the major rivalry games be played every year.