BYU to schedule Wisconsin? “Good chance” says BYU’s Bronco Mendenhall

By Kevin Kelley -

BYU CougarsSpeaking to reporters after their third spring football practice, BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall told reporters there is a “good chance” that the Cougars could schedule Wisconsin.

Last year rumors were rampant that BYU was in talks with several big name schools for future home-and-home and two-for-one games. Only one of those rumors has panned out so far, resulting in a single game at Nebraska in 2015.

Wisconsin was another name that was tossed around. Apparently there is some meat behind this one as Mendenhall mentions them as a possibility to Jay Drew of The Salt Lake Tribune. Here is the text of his discussion (video below; skip to 0:54):

Drew: The playing conditions out here, the ground’s kind of frozen, is that a worry at all?

Mendenhall: Well, let’s see, if we schedule…I’m not trying…who else would we schedule that would have ground like that? I’m not sure, so…

Drew: Wisconsin?

Mendenhall: Yeah, Wisconsin maybe. That would be good. And that, there’s a good chance that could happen. So yeah, let’s just plan on we came out here today cause we might play Wisconsin. We’ll use that as our theme.

Drew: What year is that happening?

Mendenhall: I’m not sure (laughter). Don’t try to get me like that. You tried to subtlety just get that outta me.

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BYU: only gets home & home games against the WAC. Independence = epic failure.

Maybe if you took your head outta of your ass Pa,you would have notice the WAC teams like Utah State and San Jose State gave BYU all they could handle which resulted in good games.
Speaking as a WAC/SJSU fan,I’m pretty happy BYU gave us a home and home.
And I think a BYU-Wisconsin series would be a real treat but the fan below is right,Wisconsin has a bad habit of playing a SEC type of OOC schedules and I doubt Bucky would want to battle BYU in a home and away.

Independence = a boat load of $$$, which to many programs = success especially for the future.

BYU is too big of a threat for Bucky to schedule. Wisconsin continues, year-after-year, to have one of the weakness non-conference schedule in all of the Big Ten and when they do get a test on their schedule they will make an accuse any cancel it. Coach B is a joke and the program is completely over rated.

Hey Jeff B, obviously you are a loser, sour-grapes Minnesota fan, stingingly sad because your pathetic team hasn’t won any meaningful bowl games since 1967, your last Rose Bowl, eh?

Wisconsin has owned Minnesota for the past 20 years, 18/20, and their fan base is chock full of bitter, jaundiced vermin like this guy, who really is most likely a guy we know as Ruppert Fly$hyt.

Can’t wait to have UW vs BYU, smash-mouth football game begin, while the drug addicts, felons, criminals, scofflaws, cheats and welchers from Minnesota watch their team go 4-8 again. HAHAHA. Even Mitt Romney would have to laugh at the Golden Rodents.

Wisconsin plays a game in the west pretty much every year, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State, Hawaii, Fresno State, UNLV the last 10 or so years. They would go to BYU most likely.

The problem with scheduling bylose is that if you beat them you were supposed to beat them and if you lose then it is how did you lose?
The home games are refereed by the church elders and they make sure to call it for mormons. so much for any integrity!

What a lame reporter trick. Notice the reporter is the one who said Wisconsin. So if they are scheduling them it won’t be for this year. So why would the team be preparing for conditions in Wisconsin now? Silly. Sounds like Bronco is messing with the reporter.

I would come to Provo to see the game, but beware if YOU all come to Madison to see our home games, the students show up late for games, drink too much, curse like there is no tomorrow and the visiting fans seldom like the chants. But Madison is a blast..

p.s The game would be in September, the weather ranges from 50-90 in September.

Being from Wisconsin it pains me to agree with Danny McGarrett and agree with him that our Badgers fans are rude and not the smartest of fans. Danny is correct in saying the student section will show up late and as drunk as a skunk and I guess that’s someone we’re to be proud of.

As well, our scheduling has been embarassing to say the least. We have had many of scheduled games we have pulled out of due to “it’s not the right time” and rescheduled with the likes of; Temple, Buffalo, The Citadel, Cal Poly, Wofford, and Austin Peay to name a few from the each of the last few years.

The True Facts are The Wisconsin Badger Football Program is over-rated, but we are sooooo drunk on booze and the hype of our Badgers we’re too stupid to know. Go Bucky!!!

Jeff b you r too nice I think this Danny’s a typical Sconny idiot and your badgers r overrated year end n out.

BYU would be an excellent opponent, and would enhance our SOC for an attempt to raise our BCS standing.
If Wisconsin aspires to a shot at a National Championship this is a necessary step. The only negative would
be the loss of a home game would be felt in the revenue stream.

that would be funny to see the self righteous mormons surrounded by chris farley types drinking back some cold ones at camp randall,… classic!

I give Wisky credit they usually schedule a lot of tough out of conference games, looking forward to seeing them play out west more once the pac12 big10 alliance kicks in. You bigamists young idolators are going to have a tough time scheduling independent games when that happens ~!

Look out BYU The Wisonsin Badgers could be a REAL formidable opponent for you folks out in Utah. I certainly don’t want to come across as BYU as being a push over opponent, but I do believe the score could come down to a field goal being the difference and low scoring at that also I may add. Being from Wisconsin and loving our Badgers I look forward to the NCAA competition committee pitting these two great college footballs teams together for a match up. I know by reading some of the comments by the head coach of BYU it sounds to me that he’d like to see His BYU football team to play the Wisconsin Badger football team. Please Coach Mendenhall if you want our Wisconsin Badgers we’ll be ready for you anytime. SO as the saying goes: BRING IT ON !!!