BYU announces 2013 football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -
LaVell Edwards Stadium
BYU has announced their 2013 football schedule. Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The BYU Cougars have announced their 2013 football schedule, which features games against Boise State, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

BYU announced their schedule this evening on BYUtv. The 2013 season will be the third for Brigham Young as an independent in football.

Due to the Mountain West Conference expending to 12 teams and adding a championship game, BYU and Hawaii have canceled their 2013 contest which was scheduled for Dec. 7.

BYU opens the 2013 season at Virginia on Aug. 31 and then returns to Provo for their home-opener against Texas on Sept. 7. Following an open date, the Cougars host in-state rival Utah (Sept. 21) and Middle Tennessee (Fri., Sept. 27) at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

The following week, the Cougars will play their second consecutive Friday game when they travel to face Utah State on Oct. 4. Eight days later, Georgia Tech visits Provo on Oct. 12, which is the final game of a two-game series.

BYU then travels to face Houston on Oct. 19, likely at Reliant Stadium. Houston’s on-campus home, Robertson Stadium, was recently demolished and a new stadium will be built on the same site.

Boise State visits LaVell Edwards Stadium on Oct 26. It will be the first visit to Provo for the Broncos since 2003.

After their second open week, BYU travels to face Wisconsin (Nov. 9) and then returns home to host Idaho State (Nov. 16).

BYU closes out the 2013 regular-season with back-to-back road games at Notre Dame (Nov. 23) and at Nevada (Nov. 30). The Nevada game is part of a 3-game series that was announced earlier today.

“I really like the way this schedule came together,” said BYU director of athletics Tom Holmoe. “I like the balance of home and away games and the opportunity to play in different regions of the country. It’s one of the best schedules in program history.”

Future Schedule Updates

On BYUtv tonight, BYU director of athletics Tom Holmoe stated that the series with Hawaii has been cancelled. The two schools were set to play almost every season through 2020.

In addition, Holmoe indicated that the Cougars will open the 2017 season at home vs. Wisconsin. That date will likely be Sept. 2, 2017.

2013 BYU Football Schedule

  • 08/31 – at Virginia
  • 09/07 – Texas
  • 09/14 – Open Date
  • 09/21 – Utah
  • 09/27 – Middle Tennessee (Fri.)
  • 10/04 – at Utah State (Fri.)
  • 10/12 – Georgia Tech
  • 10/19 – at Houston
  • 10/26 – Boise State
  • 11/02 – Open Date
  • 11/09 – at Wisconsin
  • 11/16 – Idaho State
  • 11/23 – at Notre Dame
  • 11/30 – at Nevada

Comments (24)

That’s a good looking schedule. Well balanced. I’m wondering what happened with the rumored games with PSU and Mizzou..

Thanks for the quick post Kevin. I had some buffering issues but the main update from the later Q&A was an indication from TH that Hawaii games 2013 through 2020 are all off.

I get this. With BYU unable to schedule the one week in December most years, seasons other than fifteen week seasons in 2013, 2014 and 2019 would mean 13 consecutive games if a Hawaii exemption is used. Actually, with most conferences having a title game, Hawaii may have trouble scheduling non-conference in general now. Who wants to eat their only bye week?

It will also be interesting to see what becomes of the series announced with Southern Mississippi (2014-2015), since USM wants out of the deal.

The rumors are starting to swirl that BYU will either return to the MWC in 2016 when a new TV deal kicks in (not the reneogtiated one that brought Boise State & San Diego State back), or the possibility BYU will be included in a Big 12 expansion for 2014 that could bring Florida State and an odd number of other ACC schools…BYU evening that number. ESPN/FOX have reportedly mentioned that BYU in a larger than ten Big 12 would work with their strict “no Sunday play” policy. Other than ACC schools poached BYU is the only other school that will keep the Big 12 at the bottom line.

The Nevadas and USMs that want to fund their athletic budget with road games may make Indy for BYU. 2 for 1s with Nevada and 2 for nones (potentially) with USM offset the 2 for 1s with Notre Dames and Texases and not a lot of SOS-killing games are needed.

It’s not as bad as it could have been, but still, only six home games? Was it really worth it to go independent for six home games?

The move to Independence was never about getting 7 home games. It has always been about increased acess and exposure for the fans and traveling to regions that BYU hasn’t been before or hasn’t been in years. This schedule certainly accomplishes both.

They have 6 home and 6 road games and have lined up the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl if they emerge bowl eligible. I like the schedule.

Indy status continues to look bleak. Two years of terrible home schedules, followed by this season which isn’t bad. The home schedule is still too front loaded. Followed by more years of terrible home schedules. The more I look the more I think BYU made a terrible mistake.

Virginia, Utah State, Houston, Nevada, UNLV, and possibly Southern Miss is the home schedule in 2014. That is as good or better than any than any home schedule they would have as a member of the MWC. As an independent they’ll either have awesome home schedules like 2013 or good home schedules like 2014. And that’s not even going into how their road schedule stacks up. When you combine that with the huge revenue and exposure increases they have as an independent its hard to effectively argue that they made a mistake leaving the MWC.

Keep in mind the WCC deal for Basketball & Olympic Sports is renewable after 5 years (2016), which is why the speculation surronding BYU is that if the Big 12 doesn’t come through for them, they will return to the MWC.

Are you sure? I have never understood BYU to be anything but a permanant member of the WCC. Heck, the WCC just added Pacific to enable travel partners.

I’m hearing rumors of big ten in talks to add 2 more teams of Virginia and either unc or georgia tech. If this happens I can’t help but think the big 12 makes their move to add more teams. Say BYU and cincy to get to 12 then possible clemson and Florida State to get to 14.

Florida State, Clemson, BYU and Cincinnati are good moves. You get in SEC territory, Western expansion, and a Mid-west close to West Virginia. Also good attendance for all 4, and UC is updating their stadium. If they wanted to go to 16, Boise State and UConn would be good additions also.

If the Big Ten adds Georgia Tech and UVA (and possibly UNC and Duke to go to 18,…seriously), then the door will open for the Big 12 to take more than just Florida State and Clemson from the ACC. And Florida State will want more than just Clemson and West Virginia (900 miles away!) to balance out the Eastern flank of the Big 12. I imagine the Big 12 would look to add FSU, Clemson, and two of the following: Virginia Tech (if the SEC doesn’t take them), North Carolina and Duke (if available), NC State, Miami, Louisville, or Cincinnati.

Honestly though, I think the Big Ten will add Virginia, UNC, Duke, and Georgia Tech. May be even Florida State and go after Kansas or Missouri in the West. 18-20 teams definitely makes it a superconference, but also substantially increases cable TV subscribers and $$$!

The SEC will seek to pick up Virginia Tech and perhaps Florida State or NC State. The Big 12 will be looking at ACC leftovers and perhaps BYU and Boise State as a Plan C contingency if the ACC stays in tact or if Florida State bolts for the SEC or Big Ten and the Big 12 doesn’t see the value in moving so far East.

The ACC will take on whatever is available from the Big East and it will become a dog fight for survival. The Big 12 grant of rights doesn’t last forever and isn’t an insurmountable obstacle. The PAC 12 would go hard after Texas and Oklahoma.

Well, if you look back in time… today’s MWC is essentially yesteryear’s WAC. (Same way, today’s Big East is essentially yesteryear’s C-USA.)

Hawaii had to drop the game this year due to the new MWC conference championship game which would fall on that date. They were unable to find an alternative date. And it would essentially eliminate a BYE week in the schedule–which most teams are not willing to give up for another road game to Hawaii. They may end up adding some games back as scheduling allows but the almost every year series isn’t going to work with the conference championship game.

So here’s how I look at it…if any of these conferences decide to go to 16, then the conference will have to be divided into 4 divisions (4×4). Each team will have to play it’s divisions 3 opponents (mandatory). Now, the next part depends how many conference games will be played. If 9, then 2 opponents from each other conference (permanent cross optional). However, it should be taken into account how to crown a champion. Two games needed at least (1 for division champions, (A vs. D; B vs. C) and a championship game.

Looking at these options, a team is most likely looking at least a 12-13 game regular season, not to mention 2 more games for the BCS.

Those executives better get their asses in gear to figure out a reasonable procedure and not wait until last minute or half-ass it.

2 divisions could also work, and would not require conference semifinals.

7 divisional games + 2 rotating cross-divisional opponents for a total of 9 games. No permanent cross. Cross-divisional opponents are rotated so that everyone plays everyone else once every four years, allowing each individual player to play games against every other member of the conference.