Big Ten to play Nine Game Conference Football Schedule beginning in 2017

By Kevin Kelley -

Big TenThe Big Ten announced today that they will play a nine game conference football schedule beginning in the 2017 season.

During odd-numbered years, three teams from both the Legends Division and Leaders Division will have five conference home games. The remaining three schools from each division will have five conference home games in even years.

Five B1G home games in 2017 (four away games):

Five B1G away games in 2017 (four home games):

Five B1G home games in 2018 (four away games):

Five B1G away games in 2018 (four home games):

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I think its a good idea for the big ten to do this it will send in more action to the confrence and make it more interesting Go Hawks in Big ten esspessially against rival Nebraska:)

This is going to not relevant in the year or two, once the Big Ten expands to 14 or 16 schools. It may still end up being a nine game intraconference schedule, but the formulas will change with six intradivision games, one interdivision designated rivalry game, and two at large interdivision games. It will take six years for all schools to play each other home and away with a 14 school alignment, and likely 8 years if the Big Ten goes to 16 schools.