Big East announces addition of five schools for 2013

By Kevin Kelley -

The Big East has officially announced that Boise State, Houston, San Diego State, SMU and UCF will join the conference in 2013.

The addition of these five schools gives the Big East a total of ten football schools. Boise State and San Diego State will be football-only members, while Houston, SMU and UCF will join in all sports.

Although no specifics have been offered yet, the Big East will split into Eastern and Western Divisions. The conference also desires to stage a football championship game. Currently, NCAA rules stipulate that conferences need 12 schools for a championship game, but the Big East can petition to allow 10.

From the Big East release:

“Over the last 32 years, the BIG EAST Conference has constantly evolved along with the landscape of college athletics,” said BIG EAST Commissioner John Marinatto. “The inclusion of these five great Universities, which bring a unique blend of premier academics, top markets, strong athletics brands and outstanding competitive quality, marks the beginning of a new chapter in that evolution. We are proud to welcome these schools to the BIG EAST family.

“Much like the conference as a whole, the BIG EAST name — though derived 32 years ago based on the geography of our founding members — has evolved into a highly respected brand that transcends borders, boundaries or regions. It’s national. Our membership makeup is now reflective of that.”

“Over its history, the BIG EAST has changed and adapted as needed to maintain its place and leadership in the world of college athletics. And it has always done so with great respect and reverence for its heritage and legacy,” said Judy Genshaft, University of South Florida President and Chair of the Conference Board of Directors. “And so it is today. Boise State, Houston, San Diego State, SMU and UCF are all fine schools that will enhance every aspect of the BIG EAST.”

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EWWWWWWWWWW what a trash confrence , wvu is the only decent school they have left and once there gone this confrence is useless football wise !! strip the aq after 2013 !!

To Hell with the AQ and Non-AQ clause and enough of BCS,
Associated Press,Harris,CBS,ESPN,and USA Today ELITIST ass play.
It’s time for an 8-team playoff,#1 vs. #8 have at it at the rose bowl,
winner plays #4 vs. #5 winner,and #2 vs. #7 in Atlanta or New Orleans
winner plays #3 vs. #6 winner and the national championship
after that,at least they can keep that mediocre bowl

Senseless…..This is a mid-major conference by any measure. Connecticut was a 1-AA school in the early 00’s. Same with USF and Cincy. So what advantage do SDSU and Boise have once the Big East has its barely there AQ status revoked? UConn and Rutgers will move on to the ACC, Louisville might go Big 10. Big East goes with Memphis and ECU at that point? So for the new western state Big East schools this means simply more travel? I’ll laugh when the power balance moves back out west once BYU, UTEP, Montana and Utah State join the MWC.

Good rivalries of interest are hard to develope. It takes many years for border states with rabid fans. Good luck with this.

Lets see how this works….Houston 13-1 easily wins its bowl over Big 10 co champ, Bose 13-1 easily wins its bowl over Pac 10 school, SMU 7-5 going to a bowl, Cincy wins its bowl, on and on….ACC schools getting trounced…Big 12 Texas has a 7-6, AM 7-6 …..So where does one come off critical of the new Big East….sorry Mr. Finger and holly whoever

I think Tcu should stay mwc Fresno state,Hawaii, and Nevada should join MWC. Boise State, and SandiegoState should stay MWC. And BYU, Utah state,and Idaho join MWC so there can be a Mwc championship.

When will you have the rest of the 2012 schedule published for SDSU football?