Big 12 Conference Unveils Concept Logo for 2014

By Kevin Kelley -

At their Media Days this morning, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby unveiled a concept logo for the conference beginning in 2014.

The logo uses the Roman numerals rather than simply “12.” The conference prefers the use of “Big 12” in typeset rather than “Big XII.”

Bowlsby told reporters at Media Days that the logo is close to completion and will be released next summer.

“We’ve about finalized the design, but we won’t roll it out until about this time next year, July 2014,” Bowlsby said.

Below is the current and soon-to-be old logo of the Big 12 Conference. What do you think of the new logo?

Big 12 Conference

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the Big 10 has 12 (14 soon) and the Big 12 has 10. so annoying lol

I wish they would just add two teams already for crying out loud…

Is there perhaps a BYU Big 12 membership in the future? Or a Northern Illinois, too? Or maybe a Louisiana Tech and BYU coming soon to a Big 12 near you?

It’s sad. 2 BCS bowls, great football team, one of the best coaches in college football and I still don’t get the satisfaction of watching my beloved Boise State Broncos play in the Big 12. 2 BCS bowl wins. Against Big 12 teams. 2. Kellen Moore. Chris Peterson.

Northern Illinois and LaTech? You’re most likely candidate is Cincinnati (travel partner for West Virginia). Although BYU would make sense, I think they value their independence. Beyond those two, I’d think Houston would be an option.

You folks are not taking academics into consideration… important factor. With new playoff format starting in 2014 Big XII will be in no hurry to add teams.

Now that you mention it, it really does. But then, when Nebraska, Colorado, A&M and Missouri left, who was left to oppose UT’s political dominance in the conference? Well, I must be fair. I am certain the conference will deny this. Just a coincidence. In other news, though:
In 2015, the logo will go from red to a dark orange. This will smooth the Big 12(10) ‘s transition to its new Austin office in 2017 in the soon to-be-built BOC (Bevo Office Complex), overlooking the Joe Jamail Filed at Darrel K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium (or JJF@DKRTMS for short). The new conference motto will be “Making Outstanding Outcomes” (or more simply- MOO). You can watch all future Big 12 (10) announcements on the Longhorn Network, sponsored by Longhorn Steakhouse. Direct all conference inquiries to 1-888-446-6536 (888-IHOOKEM).

It’s a farce when it is 10 teams. The Big 10 should give up their moniker and become the Big 14 and give Big 10 to the Big 12. You can always tell those who don’t have Math degrees.

It’s nice but for the love of God add 2 more teams please!!! Cincy n BYU are right there for the taking.

I am not sure BYU wants to join the conference. They should take Cincy and Northern Illinois, the Huskies would give them the Chicago market, the big games like Texas could be played at Soldiers Field.

The Big 12 totally dropped the ball on not inviting Louisville. Add them and BYU and you’ve got yourself a strong conference.

Cincinnati in all sports and BYU as a football-only member is certainly the way to go. Cincinnati would provide West Virginia with a travel partner, and BYU as a football-only member would not put a major travel burden on the other conference schools for sports other than football. The North Division would have three legitimate power football programs (BYU, West Virginia, Kansas State), and the South Division would have four legitimate power football programs (Texas, Oklahoma, TCU, and Oklahoma State). Cincinnati should open up recruiting in the state of Ohio as well. Hook ’em Horns!

BYU in All Sports; Find common ground that adjusts for no Sunday BYU play. And for those that think that is compromisable; It Is NOT. To us the Lord made the Sabbath to rest and worship. The art of the compromise is we can get along together with an understanding of what we all bring to the table. I say add Florida Central, and either Northern Illinois, or East Carolina. Cincinatti is a work in progress and falls short in a number of area.