Big 12 announces 2013 Weekday Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Big 12 announced their 2013 weekday football schedule today. The slate features four games on Thursday and one on Friday.

Kickoff times and television will be announced at a later date. All games will appear on FOX Sports or an ESPN network, with the exception of North Dakota State at Kansas State which is set for Fox Sports 1.

2013 Big 12 Weekday Football Schedule

Friday, August 30
North Dakota State at K-State (FOX Sports 1)

Thursday, September 12
TCU at Texas Tech

Thursday, October 3
Texas at Iowa State

Thursday, November 7
Oklahoma at Baylor

Thursday, November 28
Texas Tech at Texas

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Comments (16)

Horns will win all three of their Thursday games, but will lose when they play at BYU.

This is a schedule of games that have been moved to weeknights. Texas/ TCU was announced as a Thanksgiving Day game from the get go.

Interesting that they say Fox when Fox Sports 1 is the network that announced a Thursday night package. I bet it should say Fox Sports 1 or ESPN.

Tantalizing midweek selection. Very surprised that UT agreed to play at Iowa State on a Thursday. Even though it’s early October, the Longhorns whined and moaned every time they had to come to Nebraska and play in a little sleet. And after Okie State lost at ISU on a Friday, why would risk ISU pulling the upset on a week night?

UT-TTech is a great Thanksgiving night choice today, as good as UT-TCU.

Texas is overrated. Now they fell behind A@M ang their fans are in a panic. The Big 12 is unwatchable.

Its funny to see Aggie fans fall all over themselves to jump on the bandwagon when they are up and Texas is down. This happened before during the 80’s and early 90’s. Texas is not infallible, the run they were just on was amazing but it was going to stop eventually. Kudos to you guys finally making the right coaching hire, that more than the move to the SEC is why Texas A&M is up right now. But don’t act like you guys are the Kings of Texas, you’ll just be fooling yourselves again. The Horns will be back, and you will be second fiddle again.