Alabama, Kansas State top Week 10 BCS Standings

By Kevin Kelley -

BCSAlabama and Kansas State top the BCS standings for Week 10. The Wildcats moved into second place after then no. 2 Florida lost to Georgia.

The Gators are now in 7th place, one spot behind Georgia which vaulted from 10th to 6th.

Notre Dame has moved up to third after their 30-13 win at Oklahoma. The Irish leapfrogged Oregon, who beat Colorado 70-14 on Saturday. The Ducks are slipping in the computer polls due to their strength of schedule.

LSU is the highest ranked one-loss team at fifth. The Tigers host no. 1 ranked Alabama this weekend.

Based on the NCAA method, LSU has the toughest future schedule of teams in the Top 10. They are tied for 10th with Stanford.

Other ratings for toughest remaining schedule include Alabama (50th), Kansas State (30th), Oregon (18th), Notre Dame (76th), Georgia (107th), Florida (27th), South Carolina (38th), Florida State (32nd), and Louisville (62nd). Note that the rankings do not include possible conference championship games.

Listed below are the current 2012 BCS rankings (complete info):

1. Alabama .9759
2. Kansas State .9400
3. Notre Dame .9147
4. Oregon .9136
5. LSU .8163
6. Georgia .7753
7. Florida .7604
8. South Carolina .5968
9. Florida State .5743
10. Louisville .5661
11. Oregon State .5559
12. Oklahoma .5454
13. Clemson .5095
14. Stanford .4863
15. Mississippi State .3913
16. Texas A&M .3593
17. USC .3509
18. Texas Tech .3242
19. Boise State .3123
20. Nebraska .2568
21. West Virginia .2512
22. Arizona .1692
23. Texas .1640
24. Oklahoma State .0893
25. Louisiana Tech .0784

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If the seaons end today, there would be the following BCS-Bowl games.

BCS-Championship: Alabama vs. Kansas State

Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. Louisville

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Nebraska

Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Florida

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Oregon State

notre dame is so overated ,hasnt played anyone at all,. anyone that is worth a shit. As for them making the championship seriously not deserving, just like k-state another overated team. SEC team to win and rightly so!!!!!!!!!!