Alabama, Florida State Top First BCS Standings of 2013

By Kevin Kelley -

Alabama (.9841) and Florida State (.9348) top the first BCS standings of 2013, which were officially released Sunday evening on ESPN.

Oregon, the 2nd ranked team in the the Coaches Poll and the Harris Poll, comes in at third with a .9320 score. Ohio State (.8553) is fourth followed by Missouri (.8219) in fifth.

The Stanford Cardinal are in sixth place and lead all one loss teams with a .7414 score. Miami (FL), Baylor, Clemson, and Texas Tech round out the Top 10.

The BCS rankings consist of two human elements, the USA TODAY Sports Coaches Poll and the Harris Interactive Poll, and a computer element. The computer element consists of rankings by Anderson & Hester, Richard Billingsley, Colley Matrix, Kenneth Massey, Jeff Sagarin, and Peter Wolfe. For an explanation of how the rankings are calculated, check out

Based on the NCAA method, Oregon and Texas Tech have the toughest future schedule of teams in the Top 10. Both schools are tied for first.

Other ratings for toughest remaining schedule include Baylor (14th), Stanford (15th), Alabama (21st), Miami, FL (23rd), Clemson (54th), Missouri (60th), Florida State (75th), and Ohio State (78th). Note that the rankings do not include possible conference championship games.

The top two teams in the final BCS standings will meet in the BCS National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014.

Listed below are the current 2013 BCS rankings (complete info):

1. Alabama .9841
2. Florida State .9348
3. Oregon .9320
4. Ohio State .8553
5. Missouri .8219
6. Stanford .7414
7. Miami (FL) .7200
8. Baylor .7120
9. Clemson .6249
10. Texas Tech .6220
11. Auburn .5058
12. UCLA .4807
13. LSU .4552
14. Virginia Tech .4408
15. Oklahoma .4204
16. Texas A&M .3666
17. Fresno State .3379
18. Northern Illinois .3032
19. Oklahoma State .2687
20. Louisville .2556
21. South Carolina .2161
22. Michigan .1637
23. UCF .1394
24. Nebraska .1354
25. Oregon State .1042

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BCS Projections based on the BCS Standings 10/20/2013:

BCS Championship Game (BCS #1 vs. BCS #2):
Alabama vs. Florida State

Rose Bowl Game (Pac-12 vs. Big Ten):
Oregon vs. Ohio State

Fiesta Bowl (Big 12 vs. American Athletic):
Baylor vs. Louisville

Orange Bowl (ACC vs. At large):
Miami (Fla.) vs. Texas Tech

Sugar Bowl (SEC vs. At large):
Missouri vs. Stanford

I’m a Alabama fan!!’ And I say osu should have never been
Ranked where they were. And auburn came from nowhere to be #2
So if its not Auburn vs fsu then it should be auburn vs alabama because
The only jumping should be alabama over fsu!!!!!! Roll Tide
But ill show tiger pride and crimson class if it comes to auburn vs fsu
In the BCS!!!!!