2023 Big Ten football schedule on NBC set, per report

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2023 Big Ten football schedule on NBC has been set, per a report by Brett McMurphy of The Action Network.

The Big Ten on NBC football schedule in 2023 kicks off on Saturday, Sept. 2 with the Penn State Nittany Lions hosting the West Virginia Mountaineers, which was previously announced. The game will air on NBC at 7:30pm ET.

Other Big Ten football games set for primetime on NBC that were previously announced include Charlotte at Maryland (Saturday, Sept. 9), Syracuse at Purdue (Saturday, Sept. 16), Ohio State at Notre Dame (Saturday, Sept. 23), Michigan State at Ohio State (Saturday, Oct. 14), and Penn State vs. Michigan State (Friday, Nov. 24; at Ford Field in Detroit, Mich.).

Brett McMurphy’s report on Wednesday revealed 11 additional Big Ten football games on NBC this season, including Maryland at Michigan State on Saturday, Sept. 23, Iowa at Wisconsin on Saturday, Oct. 14, Michigan at Michigan State on Saturday, Oct. 21, and Ohio State at Wisconsin on Saturday, Oct. 28.

Per the report, there will be three Big Ten on NBC doubleheaders in 2023. Check out the complete list of games below, which is subject to change.

2023 Big Ten Football Schedule on NBC

All times Eastern.
* Previously announced.

Saturday, Sept. 2
*West Virginia at Penn State – 7:30pm

Saturday, Sept. 9
*Charlotte at Maryland – 7:30pm

Saturday, Sept. 16
*Syracuse at Purdue – 7:30pm

Saturday, Sept. 23
Maryland at Michigan State – 3:30pm
*Ohio State at Notre Dame – 7:30pm

Saturday, Sept. 30
Illinois at Purdue – 7:30pm

Saturday, Oct. 7
Purdue at Iowa – 7:30pm

Saturday, Oct. 14
Iowa at Wisconsin – 3:30pm

Saturday, Oct. 21
Minnesota at Iowa – 3:30pm
Michigan at Michigan State – 7:30pm

Saturday, Oct. 28
Ohio State at Wisconsin – 7:30pm

Saturday, Nov. 4
Purdue at Michigan – 7:30pm

Saturday, Nov. 11
Maryland at Nebraska – 3:30pm
*Michigan State at Ohio State – 7:30pm

Saturday, Nov. 18
Nebraska at Wisconsin – 7:30pm

Friday, Nov. 24
*Penn State vs. Michigan State (in Detroit) – 7:30pm

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Comments (23)

Charlotte/Maryland is an interesting choice for Week 2. Maybe there were no other good options.
Why is Penn State/Michigan State in Detroit? I guess the students aren’t on campus then, plus it avoids potential bad weather being in a dome.

The Big Ten have long been cowards about playing outdoor night games in late November. Starting next year, all Big Ten teams should be eligible to host night games all November long. Giving that privilege to just UCLA and USC would be grossly unfair. The NFL plays night games in cold weather all the way up through Conference Championship weekend. It’s time the Big Ten take a page from the NFL.

Yes. It’s at night and the bigger B10 teams traditionally didn’t like playing late Nov night games because of logistic and weather issues.

Also, week 2 (and at least 1 other week), NBC chose to put the better B10 game they had rights to on Peacock instead of over the air on NBC.

A lot of the bigger B10 programs had to give leeway for the TV money. Wisconsin has to host a late Nov night game. Both UMich and OSU have to host a Nov night game (though UMich’s isn’t that late in Nov). PSU has to play away on a Friday night (OK, not that huge of a sacrifice).

The smaller B10 programs may have to contribute by playing games on Friday nights.

There needs to be a game on November 25. Notre Dame is on the road that week and NBC needs to counter-program ABC and Fox. Even if it means playing in very cold temperatures.

And starting in 2024. UM-OSU should be on NBC at night, especially in the event it is 1 VS. 2 like it was in 2006.

Hate long drives home at night after tailgating all day and watching a game in colder weather end past 11 pm. All about the TV money, not the fans who buy tickets to go to games. Generally, takes over an hour at least just to get out of the parking lots. Love day games.

The text says 4 double headers, while the list only shows 3 double headers. Unless I’m missing something, which is possible.

I noticed the text of the story was modified, changing four doubleheaders to three. If USC-Notre Dame is **not** a Big Ten game, does that also make Ohio State-Notre Dame **not** a Big Ten game thus reducing the doubleheaders further from three to two??

I mistakenly believed that Notre Dame home games fell under their TV package and the road games under the conference of the team they are playing at. Notre Dame is shown as the home team against Ohio State. In previous years when Notre Dame went on the road to ACC schools, those were ACC TV package games (ESPN/ABC) and when ACC teams played in South Bend, those were under the Notre Dame TV deal and on NBC. What did the home/road TV arrangement change?

My last post should have read: When did the home/road TV arrangement change? Further research has revealed the Notre Dame road games at NC State and Clemson are being carried by the ACC’s TV partner and will be on ABC. So how is Ohio State at Notre Dame considered part of the Big Ten TV package (for it to be a Big Ten doubleheader) and not part of Notre Dame’s TV package?

Z-Man please be fair to College Football Fans in L.A. as well as great Northwestern both Washington & Oregon too.

Here are three NBC Evening Big Ten Football games that I would like Big Ten & Peacock Network(NBC) to schedule in 2024. 9/7 Texas at Michigan 11/2 UCLA at Nebraska 11/29 Washington at Oregon(Fri.)