2017 Big Ten Friday Night football schedule announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The Big Ten has officially announced their 2017 Friday Night football schedule, which kicks off with two games on September 1.

Last week, the conference announced that they would begin playing six football games per season on Friday nights beginning with the 2017 season. The games will likely be televised by an ESPN network, FOX, or FS1.

Michigan has opted out of playing on Friday’s altogether, and Penn State will only play on the road. Ohio State will also only play on the road, or at home during their autumn break.

Wisconsin and Michigan State also placed stipulations on Friday night games, saying they will only host games on Friday of Labor Day weekend.

Moving forward, the Big Ten said they will announce the Friday night schedule at least 10 months in advance.

2017 Big Ten Friday Night Football Schedule

  • Fri., Sept. 1 – Washington at Rutgers
  • Fri., Sept. 1 – Utah State at Wisconsin
  • Fri., Sept. 8 – Ohio at Purdue
  • Fri., Sept. 29 – Nebraska at Illinois
  • Fri., Oct. 13 – Northwestern at Maryland
  • Fri., Oct. 27 – Michigan State at Northwestern

Comments (16)

Michigan, one of the two supposedly good teams in the Big Ten, just lost to a team that lost to an FCS school. Amazing.

Washington, the best of the Pac-12, lost to a team that Alabama destroyed.

Starting next year if they don’t do it this year UM-OSU should be a Saturday night game which is what Fox may want

This is perhaps the dumbest idea in the history of the Big 10! Friday night is when high school games are played. That is big! Guess you didn’t know that. Are you also going to start scheduling games Sunday at 1:00? Maybe the people in the Big 10 office should come out of their offices and learn what is going on in the real world!