2016 ACC Football Schedule Announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2016 ACC Football Schedule was officially announced on Tuesday. Conference play begins on Saturday, Sept. 3 with Boston College vs. Georgia Tech.

Featured 2016 non-conference match-ups include UConn at Boston College, Clemson at Auburn, Duke at Northwestern, Florida State vs. Ole Miss (at Orlando, FL), Georgia Tech at Georgia, Louisville at Houston, Miami at Notre Dame, NC State at East Carolina, North Carolina vs. Georgia (at Atlanta, GA), Penn State at Pittsburgh, Syracuse vs Notre Dame (at E. Rutherford, NJ), Virginia at Oregon, Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee (at Bristol, TN), and Wake Forest at Indiana.

The ACC will have four Thursday night games: Clemson at Georgia Tech (Sept. 22), Miami at Virginia Tech (Oct. 20), Virginia Tech at Pitt (Oct. 27), and North Carolina at Duke (Nov. 10).

The league will also play five Friday night games: Louisville at Syracuse (Sept. 9), Clemson at Boston College (Oct. 7), Duke at Louisville (Oct. 14), Boston College at Florida State (Nov. 11), and NC State at North Carolina (Nov. 25).

The 2016 ACC Championship Game will be played on Saturday, Dec. 3 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.

2016 ACC Football Schedules

Atlantic Division

Coastal Division

2016 ACC Football Schedule (Composite)

Thursday, September 1
Charlotte at Louisville
Tulane at Wake Forest

Thurs., Sept. 1, Fri., Sept. 2 or Sat., Sept. 3
Colgate at Syracuse

Saturday, September 3
Georgia Tech at Boston College, ESPN2, 7:30 a.m.
(Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland)
Clemson at Auburn
North Carolina Central at Duke
Florida A&M at Miami
North Carolina vs. Georgia
(Chick-fil-A Kickoff, Georgia Dome, Atlanta)
William & Mary at NC State
Villanova at Pitt
Richmond at Virginia
Liberty at Virginia Tech

Monday, September 5
Florida State vs. Ole Miss, ESPN, 8 p.m.
(Orlando Citrus Bowl)

Friday, September 9
Louisville at Syracuse

Saturday, September 10
Boston College at Massachusetts
Troy at Clemson
Wake Forest at Duke
Charleston Southern at Florida State
Mercer at Georgia Tech
Florida Atlantic at Miami
North Carolina at Illinois
NC State at East Carolina
Penn State at Pitt
Virginia at Oregon
Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee
(Bristol Motor Speedway)

Saturday, September 17
Boston College at Virginia Tech
South Carolina State at Clemson
Duke at Northwestern
Florida State at Louisville
Vanderbilt at Georgia Tech
Miami at Appalachian State
James Madison at North Carolina
Old Dominion at NC State
Pitt at Oklahoma State
South Florida at Syracuse
Virginia at Connecticut
Delaware at Wake Forest

Thursday, September 22
Clemson at Georgia Tech, ESPN

Saturday, September 24
Wagner at Boston College
Duke at Notre Dame
Florida State at South Florida
Louisville at Marshall
Pitt at North Carolina
Syracuse at Connecticut
Central Michigan at Virginia
East Carolina at Virginia Tech
Wake Forest at Indiana

Saturday, October 1
Buffalo at Boston College
Louisville at Clemson
Virginia at Duke
North Carolina at Florida State
Miami at Georgia Tech
Wake Forest at NC State
Marshall at Pitt
Notre Dame at Syracuse
(MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.)

Friday, October 7
Clemson at Boston College

Saturday, October 8
Army at Duke
Florida State at Miami
Georgia Tech at Pitt
Virginia Tech at North Carolina
Notre Dame at NC State
Syracuse at Wake Forest

Friday, October 14
Duke at Louisville

Saturday October 15
NC State at Clemson
Wake Forest at Florida State
Georgia Southern at Georgia Tech
North Carolina at Miami
Pitt at Virginia
Virginia Tech at Syracuse

Thursday, October 20
Miami at Virginia Tech, ESPN

Saturday, October 22
Syracuse at Boston College
NC State at Louisville
North Carolina at Virginia

Thursday, October 27
Virginia Tech at Pitt, ESPN

Saturday, October 29
Boston College at NC State
Clemson at Florida State
Duke at Georgia Tech
Louisville at Virginia
Miami at Notre Dame
Army at Wake Forest

Saturday, November 5
Louisville at Boston College
Syracuse at Clemson
Virginia Tech at Duke
Florida State at NC State
Georgia Tech at North Carolina
Pitt at Miami
Virginia at Wake Forest

Thursday, November 10
North Carolina at Duke, ESPN

Friday, November 11
Boston College at Florida State

Saturday, November 12
Pitt at Clemson
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech
Wake Forest at Louisville
Miami at Virginia
NC State at Syracuse

Thursday, Nov. 17
Louisville at Houston

Saturday, November 19
Connecticut at Boston College
Clemson at Wake Forest
Duke at Pitt
Florida State at Syracuse
Virginia at Georgia Tech
Miami at NC State
The Citadel at North Carolina
Virginia Tech at Notre Dame

Friday, November 25
NC State at North Carolina

Saturday, November 26
Boston College at Wake Forest
South Carolina at Clemson
Duke at Miami
Florida at Florida State
Georgia Tech at Georgia
Kentucky at Louisville
Syracuse at Pitt
Virginia at Virginia Tech

Saturday, December 3
Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship Game
(Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, N.C.)

Comments (14)

Two inter-divisional matchups on the last day of the season, looks like the ACC is banking against contrived results from Cuse-Pitt and NC St-UNC that would affect potential ACC CG participants.

If you’re going to play only 8 conference games, this is how you do it. Take note, SEC.

Insert SEC apologists.

Did you have fun seeing your team lose it’s meaningless bowl, Maverick??? 9-game conference schedules didn’t help your USC team or Oklahoma State win their bowls now did it???

No. My team sucked. But we’re also still recovering from unjustified sanctions. That said, that has nothing to do with my argument. It has everything to do with everyone playing the same amount of Power 5 teams. Why is that so hard to agree with? By playing 9 conference games rather than 8, your risk of losing a game increases greatly. What don’t you get about that?

I thought Alabama played great. They were a fun team to watch. I’m a fan of Saban. Saban also agrees with me that the SEC should play 9 conference games. If the best coach in your conference agrees, why won’t you agree?

I agree with Maverick and i am a SEC fan. The SEC should get rid of the FCS games and add a 9th conference game or require 2 games against teams from power 5 conferences. All the power 5 should do this.

As a season ticket holder. I’m not very excited to see Tennessee Tech on the schedule for the Volunteers. Those games never make me feel as if i’m getting much bang for my buck. What a BORE those games are!

My wish would be to see all power 5 schools play 8 conference games, 2 against other power 5 leagues and 2 against the group of 5 leagues.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see all Power 5 schools play a true out of conference road game each season?

FBS vs FCS games would be the same thing as high school teams scheduling another schools JV team.

And if the FCS schools really need the FBS games for the budget, let em play against the group of 5 leagues. At least you would have more competitive match-ups.

Poor Maverick, he can not figure out that it is not the number of conference games you play, IT IS THE QUALITY of the teams.

Poor Cobra, he cannot (Note: it’s one word) figure out that they both matter. If each SEC team plays 10+ Power 5 games, and they dominate the bowl games like this past year, then they absolutely deserve the praise.

There’s a reason I’ve said Alabama was outstanding this year — the CFP lets teams prove they are the best. There’s also a reason I’ve said that most of the bowl matchups this year clearly favored the SEC teams. If a Power 5 team has 10 wins, I want them to play another Power 5 10 win team. It’s common sense.

I want very fair and great matchups at the end of the season. Unfortunately, we have not gotten that the last two years, and I believe it is because of the SEC voter/early season polls/espn bias and the lack of 10 power 5 games.

Why are you so afraid of playing 9 conference games and 1-2 power nonconference P5 games or 8 conference games and 1-2 nonconference P5 games???

Tired of every post being filled with the same discussion that will result in nothing changing.

With that being said, Alabama, etc. are in the business of making the most money they can. They want and need 7 home games per year. That’s the bottom line. It doesn’t matter if they schedule Mercer or Eastern Michigan. Alabama isn’t losing to any of those teams. It’s all about the money.

Nothing is going to change cause there is nothing wrong with the system, all conferences are not created equal. If someone wants to complain about the same thing over & over & over about absolutely nothing, let them. Complaining about a 9 game conference, cupcakes, OOC games, calling the SEC cowards, afraid & a joke seems to be his life. I find it interesting that its coming from a USC Trojan fan that has nothing to do with the SEC, he is an SEC mark. All teams are out for the money, that’s why USC is playing Bama at a neutral site, BIG MONEY there. USC also made a multiyear deal with ESPN radio 4 years ago, isn’t that a USC/ESPN bias of some sort? I did not find anything wrong with the match-ups in bowls, one year the SEC went 7-5 & this year they went 9-2, they seem great & fair match-ups to me. USC was also preseason #6 in the polls so did an SEC voter vote for the Trojans as well? How about The Ohio State that was preseason #1? Oregon? Stanford? All teams ahead of the SEC when the season started. It’s just blowing hot air cause he has nothing else to say. Clemson went 14-0 & of course NOT ONE WORD about their schedule, at least we found out who Common Sense really was.

Yes, the constant bickering and conference smashing has gotten old whether I agree or disagree with the comments. 98% of the time it doesn’t even have to do with the topic at hand. I stopped coming to the comment section over a month ago because of that.

Ok back to the topic at hand…. I wonder why the ACC switched up the end-of-the-year games. The past few years it’s been Miami-Pitt, BC-Syracuse, and Wake-Duke. Now it’s BC-Wake, Duke-Miami, and Pitt-Syracuse. While I like the Pitt-Syracuse matchup there, the other two don’t make any sense. Ideally, Notre Dame joins full time and brings UConn along. Then it could be Pitt-Syracuse, BC-UConn, Wake-Duke, and Miami-Notre Dame.

After having done some research, I’ll answer my own question. Seems that the end-of-season switch is a one time deal. It was done because of a scheduling quirk, so that Duke and Wake didn’t have to take their BYE in Week 2 and then play 11 straight weeks.