2015 SEC Football Helmet Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2015 SEC Football Helmet Schedule is now available. The PDF schedule features the team helmets, date, and opponent for each SEC team.

The 2015 season gets underway on Thursday, Sept. 3 when the South Carolina Gamecocks face off against the North Carolina Tar Heels at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

SEC play begins on Saturday, Sept. 12 with three games: Georgia at Vanderbilt, Kentucky at South Carolina, and LSU at Mississippi State.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can save the schedule to your device by using the iBooks application. Simply open the PDF schedule and then press the button that says “Open in iBooks.” The app will automatically save the document to your PDF library.

Helmet Schedules

Comments (15)

Wow! Charleston Southern, MTS and ULM at home. And Wisconsin with a new head coach, and without Gordon, on a “neutral” field which significantly favors Alabama. A relatively weak below average non-conference schedule.

So with that non-conference schedule, Alabama should be thankful that Georgia is in the rotation this season, and is playing in the stronger SEC West. If Alabama had been positioned in the SEC East the Tide’s overall schedule would be relatively weak.

But you knew that already.

have u been huffing chemicals? its pretty well agreed that BAMA has the toughest schedule in the country. Not only do we pull UGA and UT out of the east, but we play twice as many teams coming off of bye weeks as anyone in the country including 3 sec teams in a row…but im sure you knew that already right?? lol

Tide was behind at half in the Arkansas game last week. You won’t get many Tide fans to agree with your analogy.

Only two games outside of the SEC footprint – South Carolina and North Carolina in Charlotte NC, and LSU at Syracuse. Only two P5 road games – LSU at Syracuse and Georgia at Georgia Tech.

Only five true non-conference challenges (North Carolina, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Louisville, and Arizona State) before the end of season rivalry games (Florida State, at Georgia Tech, Louisville, Clemson). Outside of these nine you have Texas Tech, at Syracuse, and BYU that can be considered major opponents (though the SEC has already decided that BYU does not qualify).

So only 12 out of 56 non-conference games that a decent team would consider a challenge.

As a football fan, I want to see good games. The SEC is not cooperating, preferring to schedule guarantee games. They can have seven home games each year – simply schedule two P5 home-and-home series along with two guarantee games.


Power 5 is a stretch when looking at most leagues. Pac-12 has less than half that compete on a regular basis. BIG 10 has 4 or 5 decent or better teams. SEC has 7 Teams in the West that can beat you any game and the East (while down) has 5 teams that are at least decent (with the exception of Kentucky and Vandy). Thats why SEC schedules non-conference patsies. We cant fill our schedule with Indiana’s, Iowa’s, Washington’s, UCLA’s (Until recently).

Almost every SEC team plays 3 patsy teams every year! Wow their schedules are pathetic. Only 8 conference games. The days of giving the SEC titles are over now. They might have to schedule up now.

i understand teams with weaker conference schedules needing to “schedule up”.
but if going undefeated through your conference schedule and winning the conference championship is enough to make the playoffs, why would you want to “schedule up”?
i would like to see somewhere strictly conference schedules ranked by strength.
i can find the top toughest non-conference schedules or overall schedules, but not strictly conference schedules.
im not familiar with this side but they have Alabama’s schedule as the toughest. wouldnt it be foolish to try to make it even tougher?
for full disclosure, i am an Alabama fan.
just dont understand why EVERY conference needs to “schedule up” on their non conference.
(even though bama does try to always have 1 good non-conference opponent)

oh i cant wait to find out who you pull for. show me ONE team in the country that doesnt have “cupcake” games, OSU plays ONE ranked opponent and TCU plays 2…the SEC has half the conference ranked and rightfully so

total morons for anyone to talk smack about non conference schedules…… when everyone has the weakest non conference anyway… and oh for the moron who posted Alabama had 4 cupcakes take a look at where we are ranked on toughest schedule….

jim so who is your team. just like everyone else diahhrea mouth before you think about what you actually said.