2015 Preseason AP Poll Released; Ohio State No. 1

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2015 Preseason AP Poll has been released and the Ohio State Buckeyes are the consensus number one team. Ohio State received all 61 first place votes and 1,525 total points.

Ohio State is also ranked first in the Amway Coaches Poll that was released on July 30.

TCU comes in at number two in the AP Poll. The Horned Frogs received 1,428 points overall. Alabama, Baylor, and Michigan State round out the preseason AP Top 5.

The SEC leads all conferences with eight teams in the AP Top 25 poll. The Pac-12 is second with six teams, followed by the ACC, Big Ten, and ACC with three each. Listed below is the full conference breakdown:

  • SEC – 8
  • Pac-12 – 6
  • ACC – 3
  • Big Ten – 3
  • Big 12 – 3
  • MWC – 1
  • Indep. – 1

The complete 2015 Preseason AP Poll is listed below:

1. Ohio State (61)
2. TCU
3. Alabama
4. Baylor
5. Michigan State
6. Auburn
7. Oregon
8. USC
9. Georgia
10. Florida State
11. Notre Dame
12. Clemson
13. UCLA
14. LSU
15. Arizona State
16. Georgia Tech
17. Ole Miss
18. Arkansas
19. Oklahoma
20. Wisconsin
21. Stanford
22. Arizona
23. Boise State
24. Missouri
25. Tennessee

Others Receiving Votes

Mississippi State (0-0) 100; Texas A&M (0-0) 61; Oklahoma State (0-0) 46; Virginia Tech (0-0) 42; Utah (0-0) 36; Penn State (0-0) 20; Louisville (0-0) 12; Cincinnati (0-0) 8; Nebraska (0-0) 6; Kansas State (0-0) 5; NC State (0-0) 4; Florida (0-0) 4; Texas (0-0) 3; Michigan (0-0) 2; Northern Illinois (0-0) 2; Brigham Young (0-0) 2; West Virginia (0-0) 1; California (0-0) 1; Western Kentucky (0-0) 1

What do you think of the poll? Is your team ranked? Let us know in the comments below.

Comments (9)

Nice to see The Ohio St starting off the season as they ended it, at one. If they get through Va. Tech they really don’t have any big challenges till Michigan St & of course Michigan always plays hard against them. I don’t think it will be that easy for TCU & Baylor this year so they may drop sooner or later. Alabama is still searching for a QB but they were last year to & got to the Playoffs. Good luck to all the other programs.

Besides Arky and Tennessee being a little questionable to me, I think the rankings are pretty good just for a simple preseason one. Also think USC is a little too high but what can ya do?

7-6 with only two SEC wins and two wins over average UT and TTU teams. 4 SEC wins in the last 3 years.

Yeah I think 18 is a bit too high. I like em and think they might be on the way up but I don’t think that warrants a ranking yet.

Can’t wait for the season to start and see how off the rankings are. Ohio state and TCU I’m ok with, they deserve their ranks for the simple fact of what they did last season, who they have returning, and the momentum they have building towards this new season. Baylor without Bryce Petty has no business in the top 5 until they prove they deserve it, and Arkansas shouldn’t be ranked ahead of Missouri. In fact, Arkansas if anything should be just outside the top 25 with Tennessee. No disrespect to those programs but they still have a lot of work to do.

Hard to say about bama and aburn. Bama could be 15_0 or 10_3..auburn could be 14_1 or 7-5