2015 Pac-12 Football Schedule Announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2015 Pac-12 Football Schedule has been officially announced. Conference play begins on Saturday, Sept. 19 when USC hosts Stanford.

All games played at Pac-12 sites will be televised by either an ESPN network, ABC, FOX, FOX Sports 1 or the Pac-12 Networks.

Due to existing contractual obligations that has Notre Dame at Stanford on Nov. 28, Arizona State will play at California on the same weekend.

Prominent non-conference games in 2015 include Arizona State vs. Texas A&M (at Houston, TX), Arizona at Nevada, California at Texas, Colorado vs. Colorado State (at Denver, CO), Oregon at Michigan State, Oregon State at Michigan, Notre Dame at Stanford, BYU at UCLA, USC at Notre Dame, Michigan at Utah, Washington at Boise State, and Washington State at Rutgers.

The 2015 Pac-12 Championship Game will be played on Saturday, Dec. 5 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.

2015 Pac-12 Football Schedules (composite schedule below)

North Division

South Division

2015 Pac-12 Football Schedule (Composite)

Thursday, Sept. 3

  • UTSA at Arizona
  • Michigan at Utah

Saturday, Sept. 5

  • Arizona State vs Texas A&M, NRG Stadium, Houston
  • Arkansas State at USC
  • Virginia at UCLA
  • Colorado at Hawaii
  • Eastern Washington at Oregon
  • Weber State at Oregon State
  • Washington at Boise State
  • Portland State at Washington State
  • Grambling State at California
  • Stanford at Northwestern

Saturday, Sept. 12

  • Arizona at Nevada
  • Cal Poly at Arizona State
  • Idaho at USC
  • UCLA at UNLV
  • UMass at Colorado
  • Utah State at Utah
  • Oregon at Michigan State
  • Oregon State at Michigan
  • Sacramento State at Washington
  • Washington State at Rutgers
  • San Diego State at California
  • UCF at Stanford

Saturday, Sept. 19

  • Northern Arizona at Arizona
  • New Mexico at Arizona State
  • Stanford at USC
  • BYU at UCLA
  • Colorado vs. Colorado State (at Denver, CO)
  • Utah at Fresno State
  • Georgia State at Oregon
  • San Jose State at Oregon State
  • Utah State at Washington
  • Wyoming at Washington State
  • California at Texas

Friday, Sept. 25

  • Stanford at Oregon State

Saturday, Sept. 26

  • UCLA at Arizona
  • USC at Arizona State
  • Nicholls State at Colorado
  • Utah at Oregon
  • California at Washington

Saturday, Oct. 3

  • Arizona at Stanford
  • Arizona State at UCLA
  • Oregon at Colorado
  • Washington State at California

Thursday, Oct. 8

  • Washington at USC

Saturday, Oct. 10

  • Oregon State at Arizona
  • Colorado at Arizona State
  • California at Utah
  • Washington State at Oregon

Thursday, Oct. 15

  • UCLA at Stanford

Saturday, Oct. 17

  • Arizona at Colorado
  • Arizona State at Utah
  • USC at Notre Dame
  • Oregon at Washington
  • Oregon State at Washington State

Thursday, Oct. 22

  • California at UCLA

Saturday, Oct. 24

  • Washington State at Arizona
  • Utah at USC
  • Colorado at Oregon State
  • Washington at Stanford

Thursday, Oct. 29

  • Oregon at Arizona State

Saturday, Oct. 31

  • Arizona at Washington
  • USC at California
  • Colorado at UCLA
  • Oregon State at Utah
  • Stanford at Washington State

Saturday, Nov. 7

  • Arizona at USC
  • Arizona State at Washington State
  • UCLA at Oregon State
  • Stanford at Colorado
  • Utah at Washington
  • California at Oregon

Friday, Nov. 13

  • USC at Colorado

Saturday, Nov. 14

  • Utah at Arizona
  • Washington at Arizona State
  • Washington State at UCLA
  • Oregon at Stanford
  • Oregon State at California

Saturday, Nov. 21

  • Arizona at Arizona State
  • USC at Oregon
  • UCLA at Utah
  • Colorado at Washington State
  • California at Stanford
  • Washington at Oregon State

Friday, Nov. 27

  • Oregon State at Oregon
  • Washington State at Washington

Saturday, Nov. 28

  • Arizona State at California
  • UCLA at USC
  • Colorado at Utah
  • Notre Dame at Stanford

Saturday, Dec. 5

  • Pac-12 Championship Game (at Santa Clara, CA)

Comments (10)

Boy, the USC Trojans sure dumbed down their non-conference schedule. Arkansas St. and Idaho. That’ll bring fans into the Coliseum for sure.

Most all schools play one fcs school, a lower mid major and then one high profile game. The SEC and ACC with only 8 conference games will throw in an extra game against the MAC or Sunbelt. 2015 is not USC’s most ambitious schedule but they are coming off all these years of sanctions with reduced scholarships, they still play Notre Dame along with 9 conference games.

Yeah, Oregon plays Michigan State (a potential top 10 team) on the road. You’re a joke, Oregon has consistently played home and home games with Big 5 conference teams for years. Stanford has overrated Notre Dame to hang their hat on, other than that, they play NOBODY outside of the conference you buffoon.

Really wish that the PAC-12 would crack down and not let USC or Stanford play Notre Dame on the last weekend. UW-WSU, UO-OSU, UA-ASU, Cal-Stanford, UCLA-USC should all be on the last weekend. If they insist on allowing USC and Stanford to play Notre Dame on the last weekend, then displace the Colorado-Utah rivalry from the last weekend to accommodate this.

The Pac-12 should adopt the SEC rule that says teams must play a game on the weekend before the championship game. Instead of having Cal play ASU, have Cal play UCLA, which would force Stanford and USC to find opponents to play when the ND game isn’t that week.

USC and ND have closed the season at the Coliseum every other year for over 85 years and that’s never going to change, and the Stanford/ND series will undoubtedly be extended after the final scheduled contest (as of now) in 2019, which means that ND’s annual visits to Palo Alto at the end of the season will undoubtedly continue for years to come, certainly for recruiting purposes for both schools among many other reasons.

Oregon’s game at MSU will undoubtedly be THE non-conference game of the year in 2016 just as the recent matchup was.

Agreed, USC vs Notre Dame and Stanford vs Notre Dame are a great high profile series and in particular the USC vs Notre Dame series has long traditional dates every year. Not sure why the one not playing ND the last weekend can’t play their traditional rival if not have that team play CU or Utah.

I don’t know why the Pac12 doesn’t follow the SEC and some of the other conferences and spread their non conference games thru out the season. This would create more inventory during the season instead of 12 games each week early in September and only 4 games on some weekends later in the season.

Due to the fact that the SEC has lots of underwhelming games with no national interest in October & November on top of the tons of them they have every September, the Pac-12’s long-running practice of restricting OOC games to Sept. excluding the USC/ND traditional matchup makes plenty of sense. It certainly allows Pac-12 schools to snag some very high-profile timeslots for some of their showdowns, such as the UCLA/Oregon contest getting that 7PM (EDT) timeslot on ESPN, last year, a timeslot which would almost always involve at least one SEC team.

For at least the past three seasons, every Pac-12 school has played the week before the conference title game just as the SEC has done for ages.