2015 Big 12 Football Schedule Announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2015 Big 12 Football Schedule has been announced. Conference play begins on Saturday, Sept. 26 with Oklahoma State at Texas and TCU at Texas Tech.

Featured non-conference match-ups for the Big 12 in 2015 include Rice at Baylor, Iowa at Iowa State, Kansas at Rutgers, Louisiana Tech at Kansas State, Oklahoma at Tennessee, Oklahoma State at Central Michigan, TCU at Minnesota, Texas at Notre Dame, Texas Tech at Arkansas, and Maryland at West Virginia.

Dates are subject to change as adjustments are expected to accommodate television partners’ requests. Television selections for the first three weeks of the season and special dates are due to the Conference by July 1.

2015 Big 12 Football Schedules

2015 Big 12 Football Schedule (Composite)

Thursday, Sept. 3
TCU at Minnesota

Saturday, Sept. 5
Akron at Oklahoma
Baylor at SMU
Georgia Southern at West Virginia
Northern Iowa at Iowa State
Oklahoma State at Central Michigan
Sam Houston State at Texas Tech
South Dakota at Kansas State
South Dakota State at Kansas
Texas at Notre Dame

Saturday, Sept. 12
Central Arkansas at Oklahoma State
Iowa at Iowa State
Kansas State at UTSA
Lamar at Baylor
Liberty at West Virginia
Memphis at Kansas
Oklahoma at Tennessee
Rice at Texas
Stephen F. Austin at TCU
UTEP at Texas Tech

Saturday, Sept. 19
California at Texas
Iowa State at Toledo
Louisiana Tech at Kansas State
Rice at Baylor
Texas Tech at Arkansas
Tulsa at Oklahoma
UTSA at Oklahoma State

Saturday, Sept. 26
Kansas at Rutgers
Maryland at West Virginia
Oklahoma State at Texas
TCU at Texas Tech

Saturday, Oct. 3
Texas Tech vs. Baylor (at Arlington)
Kansas at Iowa State
Kansas State at Oklahoma State
West Virginia at Oklahoma
Texas at TCU

Saturday, Oct. 10
Baylor at Kansas
Iowa State at Texas Tech
Oklahoma vs. Texas (at Dallas)
Oklahoma State at West Virginia
TCU at Kansas State

Saturday, Oct. 17
West Virginia at Baylor
Oklahoma at Kansas State
Texas Tech at Kansas
TCU at Iowa State

Saturday, Oct. 24
Iowa State at Baylor
Kansas at Oklahoma State
Kansas State at Texas
Texas Tech at Oklahoma

Thursday, Oct. 29
West Virginia at TCU

Saturday, Oct. 31
Oklahoma at Kansas
Oklahoma State at Texas Tech
Texas at Iowa State

Thursday, Nov. 5
Baylor at Kansas State

Saturday, Nov. 7
Iowa State at Oklahoma
Kansas at Texas
Texas Tech at West Virginia
TCU at Oklahoma State

Saturday, Nov. 14
Kansas at TCU
Kansas State at Texas Tech
Oklahoma at Baylor
Oklahoma State at Iowa State
Texas at West Virginia

Saturday, Nov. 21
Baylor at Oklahoma State
Iowa State at Kansas State
West Virginia at Kansas
TCU at Oklahoma

Thursday, Nov. 26
Texas Tech at Texas

Friday, Nov. 27
Baylor at TCU

Saturday, Nov. 28
Iowa State at West Virginia
Kansas State at Kansas
Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Saturday, Dec. 5
West Virginia at Kansas State
Texas at Baylor

Comments (18)

In 2015 59 of the 63 teams which make up the P5 teams will have one bye week. And then there is Big 12 scheduling. WVU, KSU, Texas and Baylor will be the only teams in all of the P5 teams to have two bye weeks.

Smooth move Big 12. Even within the conference WVU, KSU, Texas and Baylor have an advantage over the other six teams. Add in KSU and Baylor have no P5 OOC games and this scheduling looks even worse.

Yep and the extra bye week is a definite advantage.

The OOC is pretty much garbage. OU, TEX, and WVU are the only B12 teams that consistently play challenging OOC schedules. (I know others do sometimes but they do every year)

Because the Big12 doesn’t have a championship game, they can schedule games on the weekend when the other conferences hold their conference game, thus the extra bye week.

In regards to these teams having an advantage because they are the only teams with two byes. WVU, KSU, Texas and Baylor. I haven’t looked at the rest of the P5 schedules but these 4 teams play on a Thursday and have the Saturday before off as you cant play Saturday, Thursday, Saturday. WVU has a bye in week three which was a result of joining the Big12 and had to cancel a game that week and then plays at Baylor, gets the next week off and then goes at TCU on Thursday night and since they travel more than any other team in all of college football for conference games (maybe besides Hawaii) this was also a factor for fairness.

They need to all play the first weekend in December. This can really hurt them and waste a bye week.

The OOC schedules for Baylor, Oklahoma St and Kansas St are a disgrace. That’s why these programs will never earn a playoff berth. Those weak schedules weaken the overall XII strength of schedule, negative impacting the XII programs who dare to schedule stronger opponents. Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia and TCU should be pressing their fellow brethren to get their ship into shape.

Also without a conference championship, the XII will forever remain behind the Pac-12 which plays 9-game schedule AND a conference championship. The B1G will be going to a 9-game conference schedule in 2016.

The XII needs to be true to their name and get back to 12. But if not suffer the consequences.

No XII championship game is the rason for the bye.

But looking at the disgraceful OOC schedules for Baylor, Oklahoma St and Kansas St. those three programs effectively have more then two byes. And each are playing for nothing more than a bowl game. Potential recruits be aware!

Most other P5 schools should look at Texas’ OCC schedules and do their best to emulate them. 2 P5 OCC games a year AND a nine game conference slate. Very impressive.

This will be the first year in a very long time that Texas will play two OOC teams that are in P5 (or BCS conferences). Texas felt pressure to change how they scheduled in 2009 when they had four OOC games and none were with any teams from a BCS conference.

In fact the Texas 2009 team and the OU 2000 teams are the only teams which made an appearance in a BCSNCG while going 0-0 in OOC games with BCS teams. Even the SEC teams which made the BCSNCG never did that.

So let’s hold off praising Texas for doing what other teams have been doing for years.

Yes we know that no CCG is the reason for the bye. It shouldn’t be though. If they don’t want a CCG, they shouldn’t be able to schedule games on CCG (postseason) weekend.

Other conferences have to fit their 12 game regular season schedule in a 13 or 14 week period (depending on the season) and the B12 has to fit their 12 game regular season schedule in a 14 or 15 week period (cause of no CCG)

I think this is an unfair advantage that shouldn’t be allowed. CCG weekend should be allowed for CCG’s only and teams that are playing an extra 13th, non-regular season game.

Agree with Travis.

Should not boast about Texas schedule as they play no CCG, and get an extra bye week to rest, recover and prepare, unlike programs from other P5 conference programs.

The XII cannot fulfill its bowl commitments this season, with OK St, Texas Tech, Kansas
and Iowa St not playing in a bowl. And Baylor’s lightweight OOC schedule should keep them out of a major bowl.

If the XII is not motivated to bring in two more programs, maybe its time for the XII to split up, with half going to the four other P5 conferences and and the other half to G5 conferences. And if Texas doesn’t want to share TV revenue then they can go independent, like Notre Dame.

A couple of examples of the absurdity of the Big 12 schedule.
Texas Tech will play 11 games with out a bye week. After the bye week Texas Tech will play their last game of the season in week 13.
Kansas will have a bye week in week 3, then play 10 consecutive weeks, ending their season in week 13.
Baylor will have bye weeks in week 3 and again on week 9, ending their season on week 14
KSU will have bye weeks4 and again on week 9, ending their season on week 14.
Well it is funny to see Oklahoma get screwed too. One bye week on week 4 and then play nine consecutive weeks and finish their season week 13.

I think the two bye weeks for Baylor and KSU are even more absurd as they are two of three Big 12 teams not playing any OOC games with P5 teams.

The Big 12, where, they all play with each other, it is just some Big 12 teams a more equal than others.

I am hoping that the Big 12 can get some more good college football teams in like the Big 10 did. I would enjoy seeing the playoff games again with the Big 12 name on it. Does anyone have a team or two that would like to join the Big 12. Maybe a team from California or another Texas team.