2013 NFL preseason schedule announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2013 NFL preseason schedule was released today and kicks off with Dallas vs. Miami in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio on Sunday, Aug. 4 (8 p.m. ET, NBC).

Eleven other preseason games have already been scheduled for national television broadcasts, including Cincinnati at Atlanta, San Diego at Chicago, Tampa Bay at New England, Indianapolis at NY Giants, Pittsburgh at Washington, Carolina at Baltimore, Seattle at Green Bay, St. Louis at Denver, New Orleans at Houston, and Minnesota at San Francisco.

The full 2013 NFL Schedule with dates was is expected to be released on April 16. Opponents for every team have already been announced and are listed on each team’s 2013 schedule.

Listed below is the complete 2013 NFL preseason schedule. For games listed as “Local,” check your team’s 2013 schedule page for channel listings.


DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
Sun., Aug. 4Dallas vs. Miami (at Canton, OH)8:00 p.m.NBC

Week 1 (Aug. 8-11)

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
Thu., Aug. 8Baltimore at Tampa Bay7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 8Cincinnati at Atlanta8:00 p.m.ESPN
Thu., Aug. 8St. Louis at Cleveland8:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 8Washington at Tennessee8:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 8Denver at San Francisco9:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 8Seattle at San Diego10:00 p.m.Local/NFLN (JIP)
Fri., Aug. 9Miami at Jacksonville7:30 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 9New England at Philadelphia7:30 p.m.NFLN/Local
Fri., Aug. 9NY Jets at Detroit7:30 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 9Arizona at Green Bay8:00 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 9Chicago at Carolina8:00 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 9Houston at Minnesota8:00 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 9Kansas City at New Orleans8:00 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 9Dallas at Oakland10:00 p.m.Local/NFLN (JIP)
Sat., Aug. 10NY Giants at Pittsburgh7:30 p.m.NFLN/Local
Sun. Aug. 11Buffalo at Indianapolis1:30 p.m.NFLN/Local

Week 2 (Aug. 15-19)

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
Thu., Aug. 15Carolina at Philadelphia7:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 15Atlanta at Baltimore7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 15Detroit at Cleveland7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 15San Diego at Chicago8:00 p.m.ESPN
Fri., Aug. 16Minnesota at Buffalo7:00 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 16Oakland at New Orleans8:00 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 16San Francisco at Kansas City8:00 p.m.Local
Fri., Aug. 16Tampa Bay at New England8:00 p.m.FOX
Sat., Aug. 17Dallas at Arizona4:30 p.m.NFLN/ Local
Sat., Aug. 17Tennessee at Cincinnati7:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 17Jacksonville at NY Jets7:30 p.m.NFLN/ Local
Sat., Aug. 17Green Bay at St. Louis8:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 17Miami at Houston8:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 17Denver at Seattle10:00 p.m.NFLN (JIP)/Local
Sun., Aug. 18Indianapolis at NY Giants7:00 p.m.FOX
Mon., Aug. 19Pittsburgh at Washington8:00 p.m.ESPN

Week 3 (Aug. 22-25)

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
Thu., Aug. 22New England at Detroit7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 22Carolina at Baltimore8:00 p.m.ESPN
Fri., Aug. 23Seattle at Green Bay8:00 p.m.CBS
Fri., Aug. 23Chicago at Oakland10:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 24Buffalo at Washington4:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 24Cleveland at Indianapolis7:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 24NY Jets at NY Giants7:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 24Kansas City at Pittsburgh7:30 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 24Philadelphia at Jacksonville7:30 p.m.Local
Sat. Aug. 24Tampa Bay at Miami7:30 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 24Atlanta at Tennessee8:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 24Cincinnati at Dallas8:00 p.m.Local
Sat., Aug. 24St. Louis at Denver8:00 p.m.CBS
Sat., Aug. 24San Diego at Arizona10:00 p.m.Local
Sun., Aug. 25New Orleans at Houston3:00 p.m.FOX
Sun., Aug. 25Minnesota at San Francisco8:00 p.m.NBC

Week 4 (Aug. 29-30)

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
Thu., Aug. 29Detroit at Buffalo7:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Indianapolis at Cincinnati7:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Philadelphia at NY Jets7:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Jacksonville at Atlanta7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29New Orleans at Miami7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29NY Giants at New England7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Pittsburgh at Carolina7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Washington at Tampa Bay7:30 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Baltimore at St. Louis8:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Cleveland at Chicago8:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Green Bay at Kansas City8:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Houston at Dallas8:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Tennessee at Minnesota8:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Arizona at Denver9:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29Oakland at Seattle10:00 p.m.Local
Thu., Aug. 29San Francisco at San Diego10:00 p.m.Local

Comments (38)

I hope the league (and networks?) do a better job with balancing these games. Meaning: I’ve seen in past years a team go 10 days between games, then just a 4 day turnaround to the next one……if you play on a Monday, next game should be Sunday. if you play on Thursday, your next game should be on a Friday, etc…..

Ridiculous that the NFL makes you wait clear into mid April to announce the games for the upcoming season. It makes it hard to plan an away trip. If they already know way in advance then why make the public wait? Can anyone shed some light on to the waiting game?

The NFL always releases the schedule in mid-April. I believe setting the games for television is what takes so long. Plus NFL teams try to schedule around other events, such as MLB games or other events at their home venues.

I agree. I’m sure that they already know the schedules, so why don’t they let the fans know

Sam for those that live in igloo land (Canada) and travel over the boarder to catch an NFL game, it very much matters as to the dates of the games. Dah; obviously anybody travelling to catch a game appreciates the schedules — the sooner the better.

I am a HUGE Seattle Seahawk fan, and I am ready to see their schedule. I am so excited at the momentum we had going last year and I have a good feeling this year will be even better. It is always great to see the schedule as far in advance as possible to plan going to a game or weekend get together’s themed to the game. Go Seattle!

Sam even though these games don’t matter for Season Ticket holders, Every game matters. =)
I have to wait way to long for NFL season to start, so i am happy with any game I get to see.

I’m a 65-year old handicapped woman and football is my passion!! I go into withdrawals after the pro-bowl and only begin to come out in July when more and more news begins to come out about football. August and pre-season doesn’t come soon enough. I follow games using redzone, the most fun way to watch and keep up with all the games on Sunday. College football feeds me on Saturday. I’m from Georgia but love me some gators and Boise State!

Hi everyone , i’m from MOROCCO and i’m a huge fan of the san francisco 49ers, as u know all games are scheduled to be played at about 7,8 or 9 pm ET , ( 4 hours of difference , Casablanca Time) can u please help me out to find a link on which i can watch the recorded games ??? tnks

It will be soooo good to have something good to watch on TV for a change. TV has become a vast wasteland! Can’t hardly wait for football to start!

My husband and I can’t wait for football to start. We use to have season tickets tonDolphins before old age grounded us! Hooray for the big screen the kids gave us.

Can’t wait!!! Cure for those Monday mornings at work Monday night football!!! BABY!!!

Everyone thinks san fran again Seattle texas Atlanta .saints will be better but watch out for …….

I can see making the last game on a Thursday night. First they have to make their final cuts to fifty three guys or whatever the roster limit is. Then, Monday, they have to begin game-planning for the first regular-season opponent. And the two teams playing Thusday night have to begin that game-planning that much sooner.

There is almost no game-planning in the preseason, so ‘unbalancing’ the schedule is more acceptable.

My husband is an Eagles fan and I, a Jets fan. Preseason or not…we are ready for some football.

Football feeds my husbands and I’s soul….. pre season and regular season hall of fame drills…. its all good. Just lets us know that our Commrads r Ready for Tailgatin gatherin bettin laughs screaming….. R u Ready For Sum Football? Bring it on, let da Rivalry begin all in good fun….. Get ur Game Face on Peeps ….

I’ve never been to a Bengals game. Been a fan for over 30 yrs. Glad when they come on Tv here. Doesn’t happen often living in Colts country

I love football glad to see the season get starte up its been a long time coming as long as we got the real referees let’s play football

Im luvin it games galore….. we r feelin footballish. R U READY FOR SUM FOOTBALL ? Friends! NFL, COLLEGE and HIGH SKOL….. OK lets break out the Pit the chairs the Big Screen the tikkets the…… Um, u know what I mean ….. All we need now is the cooler weather to get in full swing….. Oh and drinks and party food… Dont forget ur Team Jerseys….. God Bless everyone ….. Gods watchin