2013 Nebraska-Southern Miss game could move to Superdome in New Orleans

By Kevin Kelley -

Nebraska and Southern Miss begin a three-game series in 2012 in Lincoln. The 2013 game is scheduled for Hattiesburg, but could be moved to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, the Hattiesburg American has reported.

Southern Miss interim athletic director Jeff Hammond said that moving the game to New Orleans could give the Golden Eagles a payday between “$1.2 and $1.5 million after expenses.”

The last time the Cornhuskers visited Hattiesburg was in 2003. USM netted approximately $400,000 from that game.

Moving the game to the Superdome would allow the schools to net more money from ticket sales. USM’s stadium holds 36,000 while the Mercedes-Benz Superdome seats 69,703.

“We’re scheduled to play Nebraska in Hattiesburg in 2013,” Hammond said. “We’re exploring our options to see where we can make the most in terms of revenue relative to expenditures. It’s good business. We’re not going to sit back. It’s good business and we’re going to create some options.”

Southern Miss is currently slated to host Nebraska at M.M. Roberts Stadium in Hattiesburg on September 7, 2013.The game will be the second of a three-game series that was announced back in 2008. Nebraska opens the 2012 season against Southern Miss on Sept. 1 and hosts them again on Sept. 26, 2015.

Update (4/27/12): Randy York, a writer for Huskers.com, posted yesterday that Nebraska and Southern Miss are close to finalizing the deal to play at the Superdome on Sept. 7, 2013.

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PLUS … they can sell alcohol and make major coin off the concessions.
As an added bonus … French Quarter!!
Sounds like a win-win weekend to me!

I think stadiums can only sell alcohol during bowl games.

We go to the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville frequently and they can’t sell alcohol. They also didn’t sell it at Georgia vs. Boise State at the Georgia Dome last year.

yes they did sell it at the Boise/UGA game last year. I saw ppl with Bud Light in their seat. The UGA/FLA game IDK because I was too involved in the game, but some man was passed out in his seat with a Bud Light in his hand. I got a picture.


There is no rule against selling alcohol and college games except NCAA championship events, most schools simply choose not to sell alcohol on campus. West Virginia, for example, sells beer at their on-campus stadium, and more schools like Iowa sell beer in the club/luxury suites.

Usm students get into the USM home games for free if this is switched I still want to be able to get in free, otherwise don’t switch it

What they dont say is that Nebraska writes a check to Southern Miss when they play in Lincoln but Southern Miss does not pay Nebraska anything when they show up. Nebraska fans should stay home and watch it on tv and deny Southern Miss the Payday. If Nebraska wants to improve someones program they should have been playing UNO or shedual UNK for some games.

Well the SEC typically does not allow alcohol to be sold at games. Tiger stadium does not. But
I’m a tulane fan and they sell beer at the dome all the time dice benson owns it. What will be interesting is how much will benson get. That’s what matters. I’d probably go to the game because USM is in C-USA and so is tulane but otherwise I’d have no itch to go. Have fun with a bunch of empty seats.