2013 Boise State at Washington football game moved to August 31

By Kevin Kelley -
Washington will host Boise State on Aug. 31, 2013. (Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE)

The 2013 Boise State at Washington football game has been moved to August 31, both schools announced today.

We first reported on the likelihood of the move on Friday after UT Martin moved their game against Boise State to September 7, which was the date that Boise State and Washington were scheduled to play.

Washington’s release stated that the game was moved because “Aug. 31 was deemed a more advantageous date for both programs. The match-up will be Washington’s first home game in Husky Stadium following its $250 million renovation.”

In announcing the move, Boise State also officially confirmed that they will host the UT Martin Skyhawks on September 7. The Broncos also travel to BYU on Sept. 21 and host Southern Miss on Sept. 28.

“The 2013 schedule is going to be one of the toughest, if not the toughest, schedule in school history,” Bronco Head Coach Chris Petersen commented.  “I think fans know how tough it is to play on the road at Washington and BYU.  Add a game against an always-talented Southern Miss team and a very competitive Big East schedule with some teams we’ve never faced before, and you have the makings of one of the strongest schedules in school history.”

Boise State and Washington agreed to a home-and-home series back in January 2011. The Huskies are currently slated to play at Boise State on Sept. 19, 2015.

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Comments (11)

Boise State, like BYU, seem to grab opponents when they can and worry about conflicts later.

Good for both. If these schools leave conferences and take on tough road matchups and 2 for 1s and are still left out of a 4-team playoff 2014 and beyond if 12-0 then the future system is as screwed up as the current one.

Boise needs to stop scheduling FCS trash. I understand their schedule is usually tougher then it appears (considering that only 3 of Coach Petersen’s 8 losses have been to BCS schools), but the least they could do is schedule Idaho or something. Put yourselves above FCS scheduling.

Do you do any research before you make comments? The last time Boise played an FCS team was San Jose State in 2010, that is three years ago. SJ State is now an FBS team, 11-2 in the WAC last year, and will be a Mt. West Conference opponent for Boise next year. Boise was still D1-AA less than 20 years ago. But I agree with you, I would rather see the Broncos play USC or Stanford. Bring ’em on.

SJSU was a WAC team n 2010. UC-Davis in 2009 would have been the last FCS opponent for BSU.

Oops, my bad on SJ State, they have been D1A for a long time. But for BSU throw in an FCS opponent in their nonconference schedule isn’t exactly unusual. Washington played Portland State last year, and I think they have Georgia State this year? Even Alabama sprinkles their nonconference schedule with a few FCS cupcakes. In a way it is a favor to the smaller schools, it boosts their profile to be able to say they play against the big boys.

If the Michigan States will only do 2 for 1s with Boise, FCS 1 for nones are needed to balance the scheule between home and road games.

Because they played a lot of away games last year due to their stadium being under renovation, so they were forced to play at Qwest, which is rather difficult with the Seahawks playing at the same time. So as part of deal to play more away games last year, they got more home games for this year