2013 Boise State at BYU football game changes dates again

By Kevin Kelley -

Boise State-BYUThe 2013 Boise State at BYU football game has changed dates again. The Broncos will now travel to face the Cougars on September 21, 2013.

Boise State and BYU were initially set to meet in Provo on Sept. 7, 2013. But after Boise State signed a home-and-home series with Washington in January 2011, the game was moved to Sept. 21.

Then 8 months later, BYU and Boise State announced a 12-year series with the 2013 game listed as October 26.

Yesterday, Boise State announced a date change for their 2013 game at Washington. In that release, Boise stated that they were set to travel to BYU on Sept. 21.

The September 21 date, which the game had been set for previously, was confirmed today by Max Corbet, Boise State Assistant Athletic Director of Media Relations. Corbet said that the date was changed from Oct. 26 to Sept. 21 “…a couple of months following the original announcement.”

Boise State currently lists the 2014 game as Oct. 25 and the 2015 game as Sept. 12 on their official website. Those dates mirror the original 12-year series announcement. The Broncos don’t list any dates for BYU beyond the 2015 season.

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The music started again.

With BYU’s dearth of late season home games in 2013, this one could have tentatively been moved to 10/26 when Chris Hill (Utah AD) first mentioned 9/21 months ago. I like that date. BYU doesn’t need both MTSU and a twelvth opponent iN November, one can move to September.