2013 Boise State at BYU Game moved to Friday, October 25

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2013 Boise State at BYU football game has been moved up one day to Friday, October 25 and it will be televised by ESPN at 8 p.m. ET.

The move means BYU will be hosting Boise State on six days rest after an away game. The Cougars play at Houston on Oct. 19.

Boise State’s 2013 MWC schedule has not yet been released, and they don’t have a non-conference opponent scheduled for Oct. 19. So the Broncos will either play a conference foe or have an off week prior to traveling to Provo.

Boise State and BYU are scheduled to play 12 games through 2023. Last year’s contest was the first in the series, and the Broncos escaped with a 7-6 victory on the blue turf at Bronco Stadium.

Boise State leads the overall series against BYU 3-0.

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Don’t like the short weeks, but I think we can take Boise down since we’re at home. Should be a great game though.

Almost a done deal but not yet released – ESPN will be moving BYU vs Utah from Saturday, September 21st to their Prime Time Thursday Night Game on September 19th.

This is the same matchup that was moved to a Thursday ESPN game last year and the same weekend as a made-for-TV BYU-TCU game in 2011. I wonder if ESPN will influence BYU and BYU to make this a last week of October Thursday or Friday fixture as the BYU-USU first Friday of October and BYU-Various last Friday of September games have become. (I do know BYU’s willingness to move off Saturdays these two weekends has church ties but there is now football precedent)

Espn loves this match-up and so do I. BYU & BSU are two brands that have a strong national following despite their relatively small markets. It’s this type of exposure and income potential that keeps BYU independent and gave BSU the leverage needed to strike such a sweet deal to stay in the Mountain West. All that to say this season’s game shapes up to be an epic one now that both teams have better offenses to complement their stalwart defenses. Not to mention the fact that this game could have national implications being smack in the middle of the season. Looking forward to watching this game, I can taste the finger steaks and (whatever they eat in Provo) already!

I haven’t been to Provo in a few years but at that time the hotel restaurants and chain restaurants had alcohol as one would expect. None at the stadium and none at the tailgate parties. Call ahead to locally managed eateries to check before visiting. If you call ahead, it won’t be different than a trip to Notre Dame or Boston College aside from dry tailgate parties in the stadium lots.

How do the HS coaches and AD’s around Utah feel about having to compete with BYU on TV?

If you have ever been to the state of Tennessee then you will understand this.
The University of Tennessee is the top dog in the state, The biggest fan base, the biggest stadium and the most tradition.
There are other programs in the state, but no matter how the Volunteers do, it is the story that people follow.
I lived in Salt Lake from 2008 till January of this year. It is just like my time in Tennessee, there are other smaller schools that have great fans and cozy stadiums (The University of Utah Olympic Stadium is very clean and seats around 40k) But it is all about BYU, its all anyone cares about out there. They have the biggest fan base, biggest stadium and most tradition. Growing up in Nashville they called it the “Big Brother complex” Didn’t matter what Vandy did, they could win 10 games and the Vols win 6. All anyone would talk about is why The Vols only won 6 games.
So to answer your question, the HS Coaches and AD’s will all be ok with it, Because BYU is the “Big Brother” out there and 90% of them are rooting for BYU anyways.
Good luck Bill and get out to Rocky Top if you ever get the chance!

I have been to Rocky Top, but unfortunately for me it was in July. I did stop by Neyland and was pleased to see one gate open and fans (of all colors) were permitted into the stands.
Sure the orange and white checkerboard had faded since the last game 8 months prior, but it was still visible, and with a little imagination I could hear the band.

FWIW On the days I have tried this at another of stadiums and found Nebraska, UTEP, tOSU,and Arizona open to the public and I was able to go look around.

I also found WVU, Florida, Georgia, clemson, Mississippi St.,Texas and Marshall to be locked up.

Kentucky was closed to, but as some workmen had one gate unlocked, I walked in and tried to look like I belonged. I fit in so well, they finished up and went home; locking me in the stadium. I actually had to break out.

As a BSU fan, when would you ideally like to see this game played each season? (I belive most BYU fans such as myself would say the later, the better) Thanks.

“The Later the Better”. Said by a BYU fan.

I’d love to see this be a late November game.

Good question. All things considered, later in the season is just more fun. The stakes are higher, the temperature is lower and the football is better.

And Boise is focused on the MWC race. When you choose to take your football team off the grid and go Independent for your prosletyzing TV network, yopu take what ever schedule you can get.

“When you choose to take your football team off the grid and go Independent for your prosletyzing TV network, yopu take what ever schedule you can get.”

Look, Haters are gonna hate. Catholics come home, Mormons Come home. Methodists come home, I think it is great, this is what college football is all about!
As a longtime fan of Notre Dame, I think its cool when NBC talks about all the great things that make Notre Dame, well Notre Dame. A lot of these things are religious and promote The Catholic faith, From Touchdown Jesus to The Grotto. I am sure BYU shows off what they have to offer, as does Saint Joes, Saint Johns and SMU. I am sure NBC and ESPN are contacting Texas and USC daily offering them to be indy and get tons of exposure for their Universities to promote a conference or try to convince young people to enroll at their schools. Some schools skip that, Instead we have Lou Holtz, I assume BYU has Lavell Edwards reminding people of the benefits of going to church. Teams like Notre Dame and BYU have huge followings because of Religion, they get national TV contracts and go Independent because they are trying to promote something bigger than football or a conference. If you don’t like it, You don’t have to turn your life to Catholicism, you can just turn the channel ;)

Not sure why Bill says you take whatever schedule you can get. BYU is playing a home and home with a team that has proven they can actually WIN in the PAC12 (not just be a participant in that league) and they get a neutral game in an area that is drivable from their stadium and they already have a fan base of 40k that live within 60 minutes of the neutral site NFL stadium. This isn’t schedule whatever you can, this is schedule like a MAN. It’s a great move for BYU and Tom Holmoe, well done.


If you are not sure why I say that look at their 2014 schedule. They play some decent teams in September, but as the conferences start they play Utah St; Nevada, UNLV. MTSU and S. Miss. They also have 2 TBA’s; left to fill. I will grant you tough games against Texas and Boise; but when the 3rd toughest team on the schedule is a choice between UConn or Houston, I will stick with “you take whatever schedule you can get”.


NBC is a real TV network that happens to show Notre Dame Football. BYUTV from what I have seen (which was one basketball game v BYU) uses every media timeout for Mormon Propaganda. In fact the Mormon message is pretty much the reason BYUTV exists. It’s their school and their network and they can put out any message they want–it’s a free country of course.

But that’s a lot difference than showing the Touchdown Jesus mosaic, and showing the normal 60 second PSA each team gets. And while spreading the Mormon faith that way is far less annoying than having young men on bicycles show up at my door; but that strategy is going to hurt the football team in the long run.

I agree with Bill that comparing BYUTV and NBC is not a fair comparison.
They, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints doesn’t exist to promote the football team, They look at sports as another missionary tool, much like they view their TV network,
a great way to let people watching the game or the TV shows learn more about their values. I think a comparison that rings more true for me is how Texas uses the Longhorn Network to promote their mission of The University of Texas. BYU likewise uses BYUTV to promote their mission of the Church.
The funny thing about BYU Football, is its never been about football. They have a coach that requires his players grades to be higher than the NCAA requirements and says that football should be FIFTH on his players list of priorities. They ask their players to sign an honor code that they will keep the commandments and won’t drink, smoke or have sex during their 4 years @ BYU. When you think about “No sex, no booze and football is your 5th priority and you won’t even see the field unless you have good grades” as a recruiting pitch to an 17 year old athlete these days, it is a miracle they can even field a team ;)

I’m not certain that discussing BYU-TV in relation to BYU football is entirely plausible. BYU-TV only gets one BYU home game live, and that so far has been against an FCS opponent. All the other football games aired by BYU-TV are rebroadcasts. Most BYU football games appear on the ESPN Networks, primarily ESPN and ESPN 2.

If that is true it is crazy. They have their own TV network and they have a contract with ESPN? Both? That is pretty impressive if true, that has got to help with recruiting. If BC could show their games on ESPN and then rebroadcast throughout the year it would be a 24 / 7 recruiting tool for BYU. Is that all they show on there is just sports?

PS – I would only want us to rebroadcast the wins ;)

I am glad to see this game being televised for these smaller market teams and it should be a good one.

I agree, I would just like to see the Utes get some love too when it comes to being on TV! Yes, BYU got Heismans, Outlands, and a national championship and Boise has the Fiesta Bowl vs Oklahoma and a blue field. But from 2004 to 2010 the Utes were dominant and beat Pittsburgh and Alabama in bowl games. Lets get the Utes on TV to show their stuff!

Salt Lake City is the #33 TV market in the country. Compared the Big ten they are larger than Illinois (Champaign 83) Wisconsin (Madison 85) Iowa (Cedar Rapids 90) Penn State (102-Johnstown – Altoona); Nebraska (Lincoln 105). MSU (Lansing 115) and Purdue (Lafayette 189).

They are also in much larger markets than Syracuse (84) Texas A &M (88) LSU (94) Notre Dame (95) Florida State (106); Auburn (127) Oregon (128), Mississippi St (133) Missouri (138) Florida (163) and Virginia (183).

How is it all these teams are on TV every week>. It must be something other than market size right? My guess is that these are interesting teams; that are in interesting conferences and don’t go off playing meaningless independent schedules. You like to pretend that BYU is the second Notre Dame; but the fact is they are nothing close.

BTW Here is the source for TV market size and ranks http://www.sportstvjobs.com/resources/local-tv-market-sizes-dma.html

Cale, the Utes punched their ticket when they got into the Pac-12, or at least they set their table, might be a better way to put it. If they can win at that level, they will get far more of everything, television coverage, money, recruiting talent, than Boise State could ever hope for in the Mt. West or BYU could hope for as an independent. The Utes are on the Red Carpet, they are in the Pac-12. They just have to perform and all good things will come their way.