2013 Big East Home/Away Football Schedules Announced

By Kevin Kelley -

Big EastThe Big East has set the home and away football schedules for the 2013 season, conference commissioner Mike Aresco announced today.

The 2013 season will be the first for the conference with a two division format. Cincinnati, Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers, UCF, and USF make up the East Division, while Boise State, Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, SMU, and Temple make up the West Division.

Winners of the East and West Division will meet in the inaugural Big East Football Championship Game. The game will be hosted by one of the teams, presumably by the one with the highest winning percentage in conference play.

“Our new home and away matchups for football in 2013 will create an exciting, competitive, and compelling season, culminating in our first-ever BIG EAST Championship Game,” said Aresco. “I know that our BIG EAST coaches, student-athletes, and fans have been looking forward both to the renewal of traditional rivalries and to great matchups with our newcomers. With games played in some of the nation’s most dynamic college football markets and biggest media centers, we are expecting a season of intense, high-caliber football played on a national stage.”

East Division – 2013 Matchups


  • Home – Boise State, Connecticut, Louisville, UCF
  • Away – Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF


  • Home – Louisville, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF
  • Away – Cincinnati, SMU, Temple, UCF


  • Home – Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, UCF
  • Away – Boise State, Cincinnati, Connecticut, USF


  • Home – Cincinnati, Houston, Temple, USF
  • Away – Boise State, Connecticut, Louisville, UCF


  • Home – Connecticut, Houston, Rutgers, USF
  • Away – Cincinnati, Louisville, SMU, Temple


  • Home – Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, SMU
  • Away – Connecticut, Houston, Rutgers, UCF

West Division2013 Matchups

Boise State

  • Home – Houston, Louisville, Memphis, Rutgers
  • Away – Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU, Temple


  • Home – Memphis, San Diego State, SMU, USF
  • Away – Boise State, Rutgers, Temple, UCF


  • Home – Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU, Temple
  • Away – Boise State, Houston, Louisville, USF

San Diego State

  • Home – Boise State, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple
  • Away – Connecticut, Houston, Louisville, Memphis


  • Home – Boise State, Connecticut, Temple, UCF
  • Away – Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, USF


  • Home – Boise State, Connecticut, Houston, UCF
  • Away – Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, SMU

Comments (3)

Aresco was too nice. I would’ve given both Louisville and Rutgers away games at Boise State AND San Diego State.

You bring up a good point, especially with the Mountain West doing something similar. With that said, Aresco has to be very nervous – if the Catholic (basketball) schools leave, he likely has no conference, even for football.

Oddly enough…..even if this league only lasts one year like this it should be pretty good. BSU is better then Pittsburgh or Syracuse in football, and San Diego State and SMU is about where Syracuse has been the last couple of years. So the quality did go up. They added some duds, don’t get me wrong, but seeing some of these Louisville @ Boise and Boise @ Cincy matches should be highly entertaining!!