2013 ACC Football Helmet Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

ACCThe 2013 ACC Football Helmet Schedule is now available. The schedule, which is in PDF format, features the team helmets, date, and opponent for each ACC team.

Pittsburgh and Syracuse join the ACC for the 2013 season. Pitt will be in the Coastal Division with Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Syracuse was placed in the Atlantic Division, joining Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Maryland, NC State, and Wake Forest.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can save the schedule to your device by using the iBooks application. Simply open the PDF schedule and then press the button that says “Open in iBooks.” The app will automatically save the document to your PDF library.

Download the 2013 ACC Football Helmet Schedule now! Other helmet schedules for the 2013 season are available to download on our Helmet Schedules page.

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Comments (8)

What I noticed about the ACC is that every bloody team plays an FCS school. I sure hope that when the NCAA playoffs start in 2014 that the committee punishes schools who play FCS schools. What a joke!!!

Texas, Ohio St, Penn St, USC, UCLA, and Boise St usually do not schedule FCS opponents, although the in Boise St case that is mostly because their in conference is atrocious compared to the other teams listed. Michigan is another one, with the exception of Appalachian St, which is probably a better opponent than most of the lower level FBS teams at that time. About the only ones who don’t are the big time schools not in the SEC and ACC. However, it is not like these guys are playing big time opponents out of conference anyways.

ALL the FCS schools have a few pansies next year. With teams jumping from conf. to conf. it has made it very difficult to get quality opponents. OSU has teams like Fla. A&M, and Buff. Michigan has Akron and C. Mich, PSU has E Mich and Kent St. Take your blinders off. I am all for the NCAA enforcing a no FBS sked for FCS teams and playing a ten or elevin game sked with a playoff of 12 Team playoff with the top four having a bye but the dollar figure won’t allow it. I’ll defend the ACC and SEC as they do play each other…Bama/VT, Clem vs UGA and USC, FSU/UF.