2012 Preseason AP Top 25 Poll Released

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2012 preseason AP Top 25 College Football Poll has been released and the USC Trojans top the rankings. USC received 25 first place votes and 1,445 total points.

Alabama, the defending BCS National Champion, is second with 17 first place votes and 1,411 points. LSU, Oklahoma, and Oregon round out the Top 5.

The SEC and Big 12 each have six teams in the Top 25 poll. The Big Ten is second with five teams. Listed below is the full conference breakdown:

  • SEC – 6
  • Big 12 – 6
  • Big Ten – 5
  • Pac-12 – 3
  • ACC – 3
  • Big East – 1
  • MWC – 1

The complete AP Top 25 Football Poll is listed below (first place votes; total points):

1. USC (25) 1,445
2. Alabama (17) 1,411
3. LSU (16) 1,402
4. Oklahoma (1) 1,286
5. Oregon 1,274
6. Georgia 1,107
7. Florida State 1,093
8. Michigan (1) 1,000
9. South Carolina 994
10. Arkansas 963
11. West Virginia 856
12. Wisconsin 838
13. Michigan State 742
14. Clemson 615
15. Texas 569
16. Virginia Tech 548
17. Nebraska 485
18. Ohio State 474
19. Oklahoma State 430
20. TCU 397
21. Stanford 383
22. Kansas State 300
23. Florida 214
24. Boise State 212
25. Louisville 105

Others Receiving Votes: Notre Dame 83, Washington 55, Auburn 53, North Carolina 32, Utah 30, Georgia Tech 25, BYU 22, Tennessee 15, South Florida 11, Baylor 9, Texas A&M 5, UCF 4, Cincinnati 3, Missouri 3, N.C. State 3, Houston 1, Louisiana Tech 1, Mississippi St. 1, N. Illinois 1.

What do you think of the poll? Is your team ranked? Let us know in the comments below.

Comments (31)

It’s nice to see Louisville ranked. That can only help my USF Bulls and the BIG EAST in general before the influx of new members happens.

Proof that there really are only five relevant conferences now: SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12, ACC.

This is the same stuff every year. No Sun Belt teams or MAC teams get considered. Nobody don’t need to watch this mess, just wait til the teams play.

Northern Illinois, a MAC team, got 1 vote
Please tell us what Sun Belt team(s) should be considered.

Alabamba ahead of LSU? And why is Oklahoma ahead of Oregon? I could see that because of how many points they each have, but seriously?

Why in the hell is USC ahead of LSU? 1. LSU (30)
2. USC (28)
3. Alabama(2)
4. Oregon
5. Oklahoma
6. Georgia
7. Michigan
8. Florida State
9. Virginia Tech
10. Arkansas
11. South Carolina
12. Clemson
13. Michigan State
14. West Virginia
15. Wisconsin
16. Nebraska
17. Kansas State
18. Stanford
19. Texas
20. Boise State
21. Oklahoma State
22. Ohio State
23. Washington
24. Texas Christian University
25. Louisville

Unlike most people, even though I hate USC, I could really see them at #1 and win a National Championship. Most likely against LSU.

USC will lose to oregon twice because matt barkley will get injerd in the first game.

2011 Louisville 7-6 ranked 25th
2011 Washington 7-6 ranked 23rd
2011 Texas 8-5 ranked 19th

2011 was last year this is 2012 rankings

What is your point?

sorry I was using the coaching poll UDub is 27 in the AP poll and Texas is 15th

still what is your point Gary

Louisiana Tech only got a single vote?

Georgia is ranked 6th? Cripes,SJSU would be ranked 6th if they played a fluffy schedule like the Dawgs do….

so San Jose play Auburn, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Vanderbilt……
You really want to argue that Utah State, UTSA, Texas State, Idaho and New Mexico State match up?
I hate Uga but damn Jinzo get real

sorry Jinzo have you ever watched college football? San Jose State is equal to the University of Georgia? In what?

with your logic Jinzo Kentucky is #1…they play Florida, Georgis, Vanderbilt, Missouri….should I go on are do you get the point? You have no CLUE

Georgia….too much scotch but at least I can admit it and not say San Jose State is in the same league with Georgia. They are not in the same league with Troy or UAB!

Hate seeing my TCU team at 20 here but they got it right with USC #1 they will stay that way all year n win the title. They have too much talent on that team.

Where is Virginia. they deserve to be in the 25? They should take Boise States place because they only play little colleges

Without Moore n his stupid luck to save Boise I see them dropping at lest 3-4 loses this year.

In the Pac-12, everyone is all pipped up about Washington… THAT IS BS! (They are probably #26)

Washington’s can score but oregon and usc will be so good this year. Sorry washington, you can keep dreaming.

Rank all the mountain West teams in the top 25 preseason. Let them beat some nobodies in non-conference (Ole’Miss, Vandy, Duke, Boston College, UTSA, South Alabama, San Jose St, Minnesota, Army), then they will beat each other in conference (where any game you lose means “that team was tough, so you should not drop far” and any game you win means “that game was tough so you should rise more”). And each year whoever comes out will be in the NC guaranteed.