2012 Big 12 Football Schedule to be released “in the near future”

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2012 Big 12 football schedule will be released “in the near future” according to Bob Burda, the Big 12 associate commissioner/communications.

The schedule, which includes both TCU and West Virginia, was delivered to the Big 12’s television partners today just before the Feb. 1 deadline. In a statement, the Big 12 said: “The Big 12 Conference has provided a ten-team 2012 football schedule to its television partners and expects to release it publicly in the near future.”

What “near future” won’t mean is Wednesday, Feb. 1. That is National Signing Day for college football recruits and the conference would like to avoid a release on that day.

With West Virginia’s ongoing legal battle with the Big East, the 2012 Big 12 football schedule will probably be released next week. That may be enough time for the two sides to work out a resolution that agrees with all interested parties.

In the mean time, here are the links to our 2012 Big 12 schedules which currently list only non-conference games: