2012 ACC Football Schedule: Pitt & Syracuse not likely; Georgia Tech may play on Labor Day

By Kevin Kelley -

ACCThe 2012 ACC Football Schedule is set to be released in early February and, as expected, Pittsburgh and Syracuse will likely not be on the schedule.

Both schools announced their intention to leave the Big East and join the ACC in 2014. If the Big East were to unexpectedly release Pittsburgh and Syracuse soon, it would probably be too late to work them into the ACC’s schedule in 2012.

“You never say never, but it’s unlikely there would be major changes once it’s set,” Mike Finn told NewsObserver.com. Finn is the ACC associate commissioner in charge of football communications.

West Virginia is currently in a lawsuit with the Big East over their exit to the Big 12. If the Mountaineers were to win the case or the conference let them go, there would be a precedent that Pittsburgh and Syracuse could use to leave early for the ACC.

In other ACC scheduling news, the AJC reported today that the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are involved in discussions to play their season-opener on Labor Day, perhaps against the Virginia Tech Hokies.

“We’re moderately interested in it, not crazy about it, but it’s got some interest to us,” associate athletic director Wayne Hogan told the AJC Tuesday. “It’s just a question of what makes sense.”

The AJC said the chances of this happening “do not appear good” primarily because Tech doesn’t want to play a Coastal Division game on opening weekend. In addition, the Jackets like to open the season against an FCS team.

The only set games for Georgia Tech on their 2012 football schedule are Middle Tennessee State on Sept. 8 and at Georgia on Nov. 24. The Yellow Jackets are also slated to host BYU and Southeastern Louisiana in non-conference contests.

Comments (3)

I’m interested to see if Pitt finishes their 2012 schedule with FSU, since WVU is trying to get out of playing both teams.

I think the Big East needs to release WVU this year and add the 5 additions. That will give you 12 teams. Boise, SDSU, SMU, Houston, Louisville, Cincy, USF, UCF, Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, and UCONN.

Release Pitt and Syracuse in July of 2013 and add Memphis and Southern Miss from the C*USA. Keep 5 teams.

That gives the Big East 17 basketball schools. SMU, Houston, Louisville, Cincy, USF, UCF, Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, UCONN, Notre Dame, Georgetown, DePaul, Marquette, Seton Hall, St. Johns, Providence. Add another non-football school to balance out at 18. Maybe Xavier.

Memphis and Southern Miss replaces Pitt and Syracuse. The Big East doesn’t fold.

The Big East really had no choice but to wait until 2013 to add those 5 teams. I would release WV Pitt and Cuse at the same time those 5 teams are added