2011 Spring Football Game TV Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

ESPN has released their schedule of 2011 Spring football games that we be televised on ESPN, ESPNU and ESPN3.com. CBS College Sports, CSS, The Big Ten Network and Versus will also televise some games.

Listed below is the Spring football game TV schedule with date, time and channel information:

DateACCTime (ET)Network
Sat, Apr 22:00 p.m.Baylor BearsMYTX-TV
Sat, Apr 22:30 p.m.Virginia CavaliersESPN3.com
Sun, Apr 33:00 p.m.Texas LonghornsESPN/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 911:00 a.m.Florida GatorsSun Sports
Sat, Apr 91:00 p.m.South Carolina GamecocksESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 94:00 p.m.LSU TigersESPN/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 94:00 p.m.Clemson TigersCSS/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 94:55 p.m.Stanford CardinalESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 96:00 p.m.Mississippi State BulldogsCSS/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 910:00 p.m.Purdue (tape delay)Big Ten Network
Sat, Apr 1612:00 p.m.Michigan WolverinesBig Ten Network
Sat, Apr 161:00 p.m.Georgia BulldogsCSS/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 162:00 p.m.Notre Dame Fighting IrishVersus
Sat, Apr 163:00 p.m.Arkansas RazorbacksESPN/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 163:00 p.m.Alabama Crimson TideESPNU/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 163:00 p.m.Auburn TigersCSS/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 164:00 p.m.Florida State SeminolesESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 165:00 p.m.Ole Miss (tape delay)CSS/ESPN3.com
Sat, Apr 169:00 p.m.Penn State (tape delay)Big Ten Network
Sun, Apr 178:00 p.m.Tennessee (tape delay)SportSouth
Mon, Apr 181:00 a.m.Tennessee (tape delay)SportSouth
Mon, Apr 181:00 p.m.Tennessee (tape delay)SportSouth
Fri, Apr 227:00 p.m.Navy MidshipmenCBS Sports Network
Sat, Apr 304:00 p.m.Oregon DucksESPN2/ESPN3.com

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that said….I’ll be watching the UGa game….and where is the coverage for SJSU’s game,espn???

yes….SJSU is my team….ranked 120th last year at 1- 12 and another nasty schedule this year as well

A few corrections need to be made. The Georgia game, while it will be on ESPN3.com, is a CSS game, not an ESPN game. CSS will broadcast 5 spring football games, not just the 1 you have listed. The CSS schedule, as found at their site (http://www.csssports.com/pages/schedules) is this:

Saturday, April 9
4 PM- Clemson
6 PM- Mississippi State

Saturday, April 16
1 PM- Georgia
3 PM- Auburn
5 PM- Ole Miss (tape delayed)

Okay, further research shows the Clemson game is posted as being on ESPN and CSS, but since ESPN sent out a press release confirming they are showing the LSU game, then Clemson could just be a taped game on ESPN or it could be on ESPN2 or ESPNU.

A big correction to be made though is the Virginia game is not on ESPN. It is an ESPN3.com exclusive.

Corrections made to the schedule. Apparently, the initial schedule that ESPN posted was full of errors. Thanks for the assistance!

All CSS games will be available on espn3.com. Here’s a new game not listed. Florida’s Spring Game (Saturday, April 9 at 11 AM) will be available on SUN sports (http://www.gatorsports.com/article/20110308/ARTICLES/110309542).

The name CBS College Sports is no longer applicable. CBS College Sports changed their name to the CBS Sports Network as of April 1 (http://www.dailygazette.com/weblogs/schott/2011/feb/15/cbs-college-sports-becomes-cbs-sports-network/).