2010 ESPN Thursday night college football TV schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

On Monday, ESPN released their 2010 Thursday night college football TV schedule. The season opener on September 2 features a doubleheader with Southern Miss traveling to South Carolina and Hawaii hosting USC.

Listed below is the full television schedule (all times Eastern):

DateACCTime (ET)
Thu, Sep 27:30 p.m.Southern Miss at South Carolina
Thu, Sep 211:00 p.m.USC at Hawaii
Thu, Sep 97:30 p.m.Auburn at Mississippi State
Thu, Sep 167:30 p.m.Cincinnati at NC State
Thu, Sep 237:30 p.m.Miami at Pittsburgh
Thu, Sep 307:30 p.m.Texas A&M at Oklahoma State
Thu, Oct 77:30 p.m.Nebraska at Kansas State
Thu, Oct 147:30 p.m.South Florida at West Virginia
Thu, Oct 219:00 p.m.UCLA at Oregon
Thu, Oct 287:30 p.m.Florida State at NC State
Thu, Nov 47:30 p.m.Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech
Thu, Nov 117:30 p.m.Pittsburgh at Connecticut
Thu, Nov 188:00 p.m.UCLA at Washington
Thu, Nov 258:00 p.m.Texas A&M at Texas
Thu, Dec 28:00 p.m.Arizona State at Arizona