2009 Iowa Hawkeyes football schedule posted

By Kevin Kelley -

We have posted the 2009 Iowa Hawkeyes Football Schedule. Their schedule features games against Arizona, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin.

Listed below are links to 2009 Iowa football schedule and future schedules:

Comments (28)

9-3. losses to ohio state, michigan state, and penn state. And then a trip to the outback bowl vs georgia.

UNI may be a div 2 team but they almost took the entire div. I am a hawk fan but I give it up to UNI they are a good team. Iowa will do great this yr tough schedule though

GO HAWKEYES! This is NOT a weak schedule by any means, but if they can get past the Nittany Lions they’ll go 11-1 at the worst! Go Iowa!

hawks goin undefeated this year, they are very underrated, best D line in the big ten for sure, gotta work on spec teams tho.

Hawkeyes suck they almost got beat by UNI div 2 team…….. they will loose this weekend against michigan.

they will lose to michigan huh? if I recall, which I do, Mich. lost to Mich. State and then Iowa. Go hawks!!

So what if Iowa was almost beat by UNI. Almost is the key word. USC did get beat by Washington who didnt win a game last year and look where USC is.

Iowa beat Penn St and Mich in same year not to mention Ariz St they are the best in the Big Ten sorry if you can’t face reality

ooops now we can add Wisc to the list. Haters beware the Hawks are marching on. GO HAWKS!

Hawks are coming out as a dominant team in College football, dont be surprised to see them go to the national championship or at least the rose bowl and win. Just sayin

i was really impressed by the hawkeyes this weekend, coming back and beating us. They definitely are a force to be reckoned with this year. I dont like’em but i’ll be watching them closely to see how they do and if they happen to make it to the championship game then i say “GO HAWKS” but watch out we will get you next year for sure. ;)

i think were going to the rose bowl if we beat msu,were in good shape with osu loss to purdue, if we win out and osu loses to psu and us, we’ll go to pasadena, anybody agree

The only way we wont go to the rose bowl is if osu wins out(conference play), or we loose twice and psu wins out

UNI isnt div. 2. they’re FCS. and they are also one of the best FCS teams in the country. dont forget App. State over Michigan. also dont forget an in-state rival always scouts just as well as a conference rival. “they -explitive- suck.” psh. read.

FCS = formerly the 1-AA. division 2 is below that even. if you’re gonna talk smack and fail at it, you might as well get your facts straight while doing it. at least then you wouldnt look like a complete idiot.

alright, we almost lost to UNI but they have a good team. We are #4 and we are the only 9-0 team in the country and we are tops in the Big 10. Our defense has the most takeaways in the country and we don’t have the easiest schedule. I think we do have a good chance of the BCS Championships if we can pull out a victory over OSU and if Alabama, Texas,or if Florida loses and we go to #1 or #2