2009 Florida State football schedule posted

By Kevin Kelley -

We have posted the 2009 Florida State Seminoles Football Schedule. FSU’s schedule includes a non-conference game at home against Maine and games at BYU and Florida.

2009 ACC contests for FSU include home games with Georgia Tech, Maryland, Miami and NC State. The Seminoles will go on the road to face Boston College, Clemson, North Carolina and Wake Forest.

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You hate us because you were never one of us. FSU is a glorious institution and a paradise of a college experience. Go Noles.

Awe take it easy on charlie, he probably went to UF and is jealous of the good looking gals we had at State…

Why won’t FSU come west and play a real team like USC? I think i know the answer – they are scared.

Didnt we have a 2 game series against usc before? I think we beat you twice with your golden boy Carson Palmer.

screw yo charlie we were ranked 1 2 3 or 4 for 14 years straight no other college has done that so just just shut the hell up

Just a thought….Anybody ever seen USC come South to play FSU, Bama, LSU, or Georgia? We have real football every weekend, not just once a year when they get their automatic berth in the Rose Bowl to smack around a Big 10 team that can only run off guard and to mix it up they run off tackle.

Charlie, Interesting that you hate FSU but you were looking at OUR 2009 schedule. You comment indicates you are a very sorry individual, most likely a Gator or Hurricane fan. Stay there, we don’t like fans like you. Gooooo ‘Noles!!!!

Look Charlie lets be real here ok. The ACC and Sec are the best 2 conf. in college football. The other conf. play nobodys all year and we have to hear about the crap all year until we play one of yall in a bowl game or bcs championship and wooooppp dat a$$ everytime. GOOO NOLES!

p.s. dont even comment back man its the facts look them up hotshot

Dont worry freeshoesuni in 2010 and 11 we have oaklahomo then we play your real tuff and scary USC trojan condoms lol
so 2012 we will see how tuff the pac 10 really is.
Honestly who do yall play oregon and cal thats it and thats like FSU playing virgina face it yall are given everything because you earn NOTHING!!!!!

Go Maine. We will kick the crap out of you FSU @#$% down there. Wait until you deal with our “lumberjack” size lines and our “lobsta claw” linebackers who will pick ya running backs off one by one. Then we gonna stuff ya all into a big “@#$%” vault so ya never get the compulsion to “mess’ with Maine again.

FSU played USC a few years ago in home and away games. Beat USC both times. Teams from different conferences, and with a lot of distance, play occasionally, but not frequently. FSU is notorious for playing a tough schedule. That’s how Bobby got his reputation. Don’t worry, eventually, they’ll meet again.
And Maine, if your team is so good, why haven’t we seen you in the BCS. Hey, you’ve got to graduate to a higher level than those Canadian high school teams you practice against. FSU is close to being a dominant factor again,so, beware. Iowa even kicked you butt. But I’m glad you all beat Monmouth,Stony Brook, and Iona,( Where the hell are those teams from ?)But I’m glad you have such good team spirit. Fear the spear.

Looking over the schedule and really giving it some thought… anything less than an 11-1 regular season (only loss to those pesky Gators) and an ACC Championship win in Tampa and BCS Bowl berth will be disappointing in my book…

There’s a real chance to finish 12-2 or even 13-1 and finish in the top 10 for the first time in a long time!!!

And anyone dumb or ignorant enough to talk down to FSU or Bobby Bowden is well… just plain STUPID!!! We know we’ve been mediocre since 2001 and the main reason is the fact that our coaching staff was depleted as big time college schools came in and took some of our best coaches… none more relevant than Mark Richt…

FSU accomplished things other schools can only dream about!!! Please don’t forget that!!! Just as we all realize our current state in college football…

Again anything less than an 11-1 regular season will be disappointing in my book…


Just know FSU gives no “respect” towards the other school cross the tracks… aNd yes im talkin about Florida agriculture and mechanical unviersity aka FAMU… yall always be dogg’n us out… 4wat… yall have the most narrow-minded fanz ever! Yall always trying to put yall selfs higher than famu… All i have to say is just know famu IS a prestisge university. and will get their respect if not now sho nuff in the future

And FAMU needs respect for what reason???? All I know is that Tally would be a better place without FAMU. And as far as prestigious university goes…. learn how to spell university and stop saying things like “4wat” when it is actually spelled “for what”. Show me championships and I’ll show you respect. GO NOLES!!!

Freeshoes has a odd memory. He can remember a few guys getting a pair of free shoes from a 4 buck and hour clerk at the Foot Locker, but doesn’t remember that FSU did play USC in 1997 and 1998. Beat them easily both times. Why would they be scared. We can’t play the same non-conference teams every year.

Famuiam I hope you are not a student at FAMU, because if post would certainly drop the prestige level of the school down a notch or two. FAMU is a fine school, just not in the same league as Florida State in football.

FSU is a great team. They have talent that’s there, but they just aren’t consistent. The 2008 schedule was a joke to start out with, it also had 8 home games. It does baffle me that FSU failed to make the ACC championship last year. They should have had GT beat if they didn’t fumble, and to loose homecoming against BC is pathetic. This years schedule seems to be a little more difficult, and with all these starting freshman going into their second year it might be a good outcome. The key factor is that Ponder needs to step up his game. 14 TDs and 13 ints for a season is not what the team needs to win.

I love FSU, true fans know the Noles were a power house and I believe they will get back to that level.Go Noles win,lose,tie FSU till I die.

FSU is overlooking BYU. BYU has not lost a home game for three straight seasons. LES is a hard place to play for teams from the East. FSU is not used the style of offense that BYU runs and it will pose problems for them, even with their defensive quickness. Should be a good game, but seeing how it is a home game for the Cougars I would have to give my nod to them.

FSU sucks Gator BAlls!!!! NUmber 1 in football. Top Public University in the Southeast. Plus we have the hottest girls, don’t be jealous,, well maybe you should thats why you go to FSU.

Hottest girls? Are you kidding me? You must be in to jort wearing heavy set lesbians. But hey, UF is white trash and there is no way around it.

I’m liking next year’s schedule. Good, strong, tough schedule. Unlike those gators who are playing Charleston Southern, Troy, AND FIU! not to mention the just fantastic teams from the SEC. Starting off with Miami on Labor Day will be a great way to kickoff the season. I can’t wait. GO NOLE’S!!

lmao uf has ugly fat girls and a bunch of asians, yea im so jealous. Uf is probably one of the most boring, backward country places in the country. and its sad that kids that go there think they are the #$%@, because everyone knows they are all a bunch of nerds who wish they had some sort of chance with a girl from fsu.


U anonymous

I’m a hard-core, faithful to the end FSU fan on my 3rd deployment to Iraq with the USMC and taking online courses between deployments to earn my bachelor’s from FSU online while stationed in CA. I admit the last few years for the Noles have been frustrating but we’ll be back and just as good as ever. Fear the Spear!!!

Only one comment about that guy from Maine? Really? That was the funniest thing I’ve ever read. It was like when a midget stands on a step ladder and demands to be taken seriously.

Gainesville is a cow town. I got stuck in that wretched town for a night last year because there was a hurricane between tallahassee and me. If I am ever forced to spend another second in that city I might kill myself. Yes, you have a better over all academic rating, but if you’ve read anything about how to pick universities in the past five years you realize that now adays, the overall ranking of your school doesnt matter as much, the ranking of the program you are in matters most. E.G. I am a creative writing major. FSU is listed top 5 in the country for creative writing. So tell me, what do I have to be jealous about?

Oh and here’s a fun fact. When he was a missionary, Tim Tebow circumcized young boys. This means that it is not untrueto say that Tim Tebow touches young boys penises. He also doesnt have the football (or human) intelligence to play in the NFL (or correctly make a PB&J).

BYU is a tough team. I guess its easy to stay angry when you never get your rocks off. Morman Education, there’s an oxymoron.

And as for the free sneakers university thing, our trouble with the law, I will say one thing. We have a problem, but thank god we are not the Miami Hurricanes. Our players discount sneakers, thier players murder people. I’m willing to bet the miami hurricanes have killed more people than actual hurricanes in the past decade or so.

Florida State University is a proud institution with a recovering football team. Look for us to return to the National Championship within the next five years.

This seems like a rather nice schedule. There are some tricky games at BYU, UNC, and UF of course, but there is no good reason why we shouldn’t have at LEAST a 10-2 regular season (possible UF Loss and slip up at BYU or UNC). If we play well in ALL of our games, the fans should be punching their tickets to the ACCCG in Tampa against VT, most likely. I see a great season coming on!

Florida State is the best team in the nation, just wait for Ponder to develop. I wish our wide receivers could keep from getting kicked of the team. Losing preston parker was a big loss.

Why does everyone on this post keep saying we’re going to for sure lose to the gAYtors?? Since when has ranking defined that game! uh, never? at least hardly ever. Remember 2003 at the Swamp? Nothng makes me sicker than hearing &*^& from UF fans, who first of all have little or no formal education beyond high or usually middle school, certainly did not attend UF, and anyone who mixes blue with orange in their wardrobe is just begging to be laughed at; talk about hideous. And by the way, to the FAMU griper up there: I delivered pizzas to FAM and FSU campuses for years, and guess who never tipped and were the rudest bunch of disrespecting students I’ve ever witnessed? I digress… biggest game early on is USF. We have to destroy them and send them home crying or our in state status could be jeopardized. Go Noles, Scalp ‘EM!!!

Fsu is a great university and has an upcoming football team. So what if we have had a dim past couple of years. We have a young, but more experienced team then last season, and will only improve this year. As for FAMU, how are you all so prestigous when you can not even spell, and as for Maine, I wish I had heard of even a quarter of the teams you guys play. Finally Florida. I hate florida and have grown up not liking them, but I will give you that you have a great program, but do not underestimate us in the next few seasons, as our coaching and player’s performances will only improve with experience. Go Noles.

wanna know what people from uf and fsu have in common?
they all got into fsu

Byu doesnt have a chance they havent lost at home in 3 years but they havent played any powerhouse teams there either i see a battle of unbeatens in gainsville late november but realistically ponder is no tebow and the gators returned their entire defense which this year could be the best ever in college football still 13-1 is not a bad year go noles

Congrats to USC for their recent success, if only everyone could play in a conference that weak they would be successful too. Also I would like to respond to all the bandwagon gators. I would assume they are the same people nobody could find when FSU kicked their ass every year! Hey gator @!#$ enjoy the ride, it’s coming to an end.

Florida may have a great defense this year like they did last year, but they are not going to win the championship again. With all of the teams they blew out INCLUING Florida State, there are going to be some major blemishes on their “perfect” record. Look for FSU to be upset minded. Forever and always, GO NOLES

FSU students are too stupid and incompetant to get accepted at UF. So all the little FSU nerds can do is whine about their third tier tag football team. When in a group setting someone mentions that they are from (as in never graduated) FSU others offer condolences that the claimant had to live in that cesspool city and attend classes on the FSU city dump site. But, I guess when you are an ignorant/incompetant you are too stupid to realize that claiming an association of some sort with FSU is equal to walking around with a dunce hat on. Poor, poor little FSU bed wetting pansies.

even though due to injuries i was not able to attend fsu i have been a loyal fan for many years. that’s one thing you can atleast say about us fsu fans we’re true blue and bleed maroon and gold. unlike that majority of these band wagon gator fans. forget the gators…FEAR THE SPEAR GO FSU SEMINOLES!!!!!

You’re an idiot. Did you even go to college. I’ve been to Gainesville a number of times. The town is crap, the ladies are ugly, the dudes are a bunch of tools, and your bars suck. Tallahassee has hot ladies, great bars, beautiful scenery, and is the State Capital. Enough said.

I believe FSU will continue their resurgence into a power house player in 2009; however, a tough road schedule makes it a possible three loss season. There are still questions on the defense, especially at safety. FSU’s strong suit is the O-line this year (all returning starters). The O-line, as young as they were, were highly rated in 2008. Rick Trickett has put FSU back on the speed and mobility side. I also believe Ponder will step up now that he has the experience under his belt. FSU also had a decent recruiting year. All I have to say is
‘BOUT TIME!!!!!!!!

fsugirl4life i’m on your side here and the fact that you’re a fsu girl already guarantees that you are hot. but you must know that our colors are garnet and gold sweetie.
as for Anonymous your joke about what uf and fsu students have in common is pretty damn faulty considering uf had lower acceptance expectations this year then um idk fsu, unf and somehow even miami.

FSU is the universty ever. Lets do lide we did in 93 and 99. We can count on ponder this year. GO NOLES!!!!!!!! Garnet and Gold for life!!!!

florida state rules, anyone who’s not for fsu,is a loser big time.all other teams are crap.coach b.b.is the bomb when it comes to teaching his team the game.noles are it doesn’t matter how many games they win,there already winners. all other teams are nothing but a bunch of want of be’s.they play good an hard,an always giving there best. that’s better than winning any games.noles are proud of there team an of b.b.an no shame in there game.the one kickass team.go noles.let.s do it again this 09.season.an make the state of florida extra proud this year.an make bobby proud to. your fans are be behind you all the way.

Years ago, Bobby Bowden answered the proverbial question of “Why did the chicken cross the road….to join the ACC!” Bobby ran hysterically away from the SEC.

.. everybody stay outta academic issues and fights and we should have at least a 9-4 season.. fear the spear go noles…

Screw you charlie, why would you comment on a Florida State blog site if your just gonna talk crap? he’s just mad because we have the best pro players in the NFL and the prettiest girls at FSU. GO NOLES!!!


FSU FSU FSU FSU ! their is no better team! good sportsmanship great players and fun as he#* to watch, go smell a fart charlie!!!!

FSU will wipe the mat with Jacksonville, but will lose to BYU. BYU’s defense was amazing against OU and their offense will be tough to shut down due to the many weapons and looks they give. Add to that the high altitude and i’m predicting 1-2 start for Bobby.

all i got to say to all fsu and miami fans the gators rule right now like rickey bobby say if u aint first u last and we are number 1 haha

Every one would be successful to if they played in a conferens that weak like the sec. gaTORS SUCK. GO NOLES.

well we would come out west exept our schedule is set and by the way i beleive ucla beat usc and florida state beat ucla in a bowl game but nice try freeshoeuni. people from out there are so freakin dumb!!!

hey gatorfan for life just so you know myran rolle got a road scholar and i thought you had to be smart for that and only one person can get it every so often??? did anyone from uf get it… No stupid so who is ignorant now crap face. on top of that fsu is the top school for physics in the country which is way more advanced scientifically than anything uf has. next time do the research before you talk crap and dont be jealous cause fsu is a smarter institution with better women and more comradery. and if you wanna think uf is the smartest school in the country why dont you grab a reality check and check out ivy league schools like harvard or yale cause they put everyone to shame in brains.

As I sit here naked drinking a beer and watching college football. I wonder how UF will do next year without Tbow. UF wont be crap and will stay at the bottom while FSU climbs.

P.S. Look at UF’s community college schedule and then look at FSU’s schedule. Its easier to win games when you play high school teams.

the gay-terds are only good because of Tebow and once he`s gone Noles will destroy those wannabes. Tebow is the only decent player they have ever had. eat it gators and you better worry because we are coming for you.

get the hell off the site you damn gator fan how about yall play someone ranked for once…. the florida schedule has 2 ranked teams on it LSU and the #23 georgia who arent even that good without moreno. how about yall play someone at least . yall act like tennessee is this amazing team that yall beat. if the game were played in tennessee yall wouldve lost… sooo for all the cocky gator fans who think there the @!#$…. play someone ranked for once

richard your !@#$ you think the noles are so bad ass why wont they “TRY” to beat the # 1 ranked gators!!!!!!!!!!!! ha

Gator fans need to get a life. The only thing you can say is cuss words. Once gators start losing again, which will be next year without Tebow, all of you will find a new team to like because you are not loyal fans, you just like whoever is doing good at that time, just like GA fans. FSU fans are true fans. We support our team through thick and thin. You gator fans need to go back to school and learn #1 a new vocabulary, #2 respect, and #3 what a “Fan” really is! FSU ALL THE WAY!

Florida State is a school for (edited) who werent smart enough to get into Florida. Everyone knows that the Gators utterly destroy Florida State in academics AND sports and you (edited) are too proud to admit it

and btw, for those of you saying we wont be good without Tebow, i think it takes more than just a QB to win the national championship. The Gator halfbacks, Defense, and Line are some of the best in the nation, and i dont see a single decent player on FSU. And those of you saying that were not loyal fans, im pretty sure that Ben Hill Griffin stadium has been ranked within the top 10 loudest stadiums for pretty damn long. btw, Florida’s schedule is still hard, Tennesse, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, FSU, are all good teams. @#!$ ACC @!#$% ass Basketball conference, SEC IS WHERE ITS AT!!





6 and 1 lets go hurricanes if florida st should have beat miami then why didnt they.had the chance just could not get it done under the the pressure of that o so fast miami defense.give credit were it is do people miami is back

Starting at NoleHaven before Coach Bobby, and having earned several degrees there and having observed the “lean” years, we all can be very thankful for A Legacy that the Real Coach helped provide us all. My daughter earned a B.A there and my Granddaughter is soon to earn another B.A. and is on her direction to Grad School. Ignore the miscreants by all means – they are not worth the time. There is no school that can ever match Florida State University – not one!

Lets go noles we are not doing that good this year, but is k as long that we beat those gators I am be happy. And to that guy that said that Maine would kick our ass, wow I got to said bring it dude and what division is those guys there sucks. LETS GO SEMINOLES.

Hey, Fsu has already lost 5 games. Gators are undefeated! sure, we’ve had easy teams, but we still beat them. But we will see who is better at our game!

Chalie first of all why the he** are u on our site this is FSU football Schedule not gators. GET A LIFE U STUPID GAYTOR FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont even like yall!!!!!!!!

charlie boi yu dnt knw about des florida fans!!!!!! Yu better watch your mouth be 4 i find yu & stick the spear in you f***en mouth!!!!!

FSU can win if UF plays like it does sometimes. Tee’s good but he can’t always carry the team and the rest of the boys are so befuddled sometimes.

Anonymous you are so rite but we do have to give Tebow our props…………………………. wait no the he** we dont bc we are the SEMINOLES and we make the rules(we are just tht good) charlie dont forget ur not welcomed here


u kno what charlie kiss every seminoles ass because i bet u aint talkin all bad with CRYBABY TEBOW(crybaby teBitch) thts yalls savior and yall got yall asses kicked by whoo??????????? ALABAMA——

FreeShoesUni youre funny because USC is a s**t a** team…are you kidding me thinking they could beat an ACC team. Hey why not have USC play a real team and bring it to the south =] I wish Bobby Bowden the BEST of luck in the game & when he leaves. TOO bad NO other team can keep a head coach that long thats dedication so ya be jealous =]

i love FSU there so cool and people who hate them just be hateding them cuze yall will never be like them

USC beat every non-confrence team since 2002 save Kansas St Carroll’s 1st year and Texas in 2005 nat’l Champ Game. That includes a shut out victory AT Auburn. So don’t say USC doesn’t play anybody.