UConn adds Holy Cross to 2017 Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The UConn Huskies have added the Holy Cross Crusaders to their 2017 football schedule, the schools announced today.

UConn will host Holy Cross on September 9, 2017 at Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

“I am pleased to announce our 2017 football game at UConn and I would like to thank Warde Manuel for helping to make this opportunity possible,” said Holy Cross Director of Athletics Nathan Pine. “It is important for our football program and our institution to play on the big stage against top football bowl subdivision competition, and to be able to renew historic rivalries in the region that our fans will enjoy. Holy Cross now has a game against UConn in 2017 and two against Boston College in 2018 and 2020, and we will continue looking for opportunities to showcase Holy Cross and our outstanding student-athletes in 2019 and beyond.”

UConn and Holy Cross have met 28 times on the football field, with the first matchup being played in 1916. The Crusaders lead the overall series 19-8-1, but the Huskies won the last meeting 22-2 in Storrs in 1985.

The Huskies now have two non-conference games set for the 2017 season. UConn is also slated to travel to Virginia on Sept. 16.

Holy Cross also has future football games scheduled against Boston College in 2018 and 2020.

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Comments (12)

After Boise St. And BYU this year, it looks like the schedule is being dumbed down with only Holy
across and the notoriously weak Illini and Indiana-the dregs of the Big 10

Yea except for the home and home with both Virginia and TN. But if you want to bash us I guess those don’t count.

Holy Cross? No No they gave up tackle football! This must be some kind of mistake?

Warde Manuel everyone. Congrats. When UConn should be doing nothing but scheduling p5 and top g5 schools in every slot possible, we now look at Holy Cross. Warde Manuel everyone. Round of applause. I would take BYU, BSU, Buffalo and ODU type OOC every day vs Holy Freaking Cross. Warde Manuel.

This is not a surprise……No part of UConn’s football program makes sense. They play their home games 25 miles from campus. They no longer have natural rivals (SMU?). They add weak FCS schools to their schedule. Demonstrates why schools get labels…..UConn = basketball school.

This is huge for UConn. A home game against Holy Cross is the perfect showcase for Husky football and will prove to the ACC and Big 10 that we are ready and willing to compete at the highest level. The inevitable sellout will spur support for expansion of the Rent which will further help us make our case to the big conferences. UConn should be scheduling more big games like this.

How about other eastern power teams like UMass, Temple, Maine, Vermont, Colgate, New Hampshire, Stonybrook and May Siena or Hofstra? That would really send a message. Not!

Some of you guys are clueless. Makes perfect sense to schedule this game. An additional home game, additional gate revenue. More importantly, should be a W which makes you one win closer to bowl eligibility.

If your goal is to play New Mexico in the “Who the gives a Rats Ass Bowl ” in front of 13,233 fans in Topeka, Kansas 3 days before Christmas then it does make perfect sense. If your goal is something a little more lofty, then these cupcake games along with a weak AAC schedule doesn’t do much for making a name for yourself.

Ummmmm you idi0ts realize that the vaunted Huskies lost by FIFTEEN points to an FCS team last year right? Maybe it’s Holy Cross who should be concerned about playing down to weak competition.

This year (2014) 107 FBS teams play down a division, mostly to regional competition for many different reasons. (mostly $ for both teams) One game of this type does not create concern. It’s the other three non-league games that need upgrades every year.